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We enable you to send money online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that too from the comfort of your home. For the fast, convenient and safe online money transfer, follow the following convenient steps:

  • Choose a country
  • Add your amount
  • Add the details of your recipient
  • Send money

Trusted Worldwide

ACE Money Transfer meets global remittance demands to help beneficiaries receive their payment within the promised time.

Moreover, our round-the-clock service ensures you can send money quickly and conveniently


ACE Money Transfer has been providing FAST and SECURE International Money Transfer service to beneficiaries in 53 countries..
Additionally, we keep on adding new currencies in our setup to bring you and your loved ones closer.


Safe & Secure

We keep the safety of your money with the industry’s highest standard security protocols. Send your cash safely with our state-of-the-art and advanced technology.


100% Satisfaction

Right in-line backed by 5000 five-star reviews, we have a quicker way to send money abroad

Send money internationally easily and swiftly

We provide our service to an extensive number of different destinations around the world to send money online:

Choose a country from the following list, where you want to transfer your money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the queries below for more information.

ACE has made Sending Money easier for your complete peace of mind. Just follow these simple steps

1. Create an account using our website portal or app.

2. Complete your profile with basic details and identification documents.

3. Choose destination country, desired payout option and enter receivers details.

4. Pay for the transaction using your Debit/Credit Card or your Bank Account.

You can pay for your online transactions using:

1. Debit Card

2. Credit Card

3. Online Bank Transfer via Trustly

To place the transaction, you need to Login your account and once the dash board opens follow these simple steps:

1.Click on send money

2.Choose Destination Country

3.Select payout option i.e. Cash Pick up or Bank Deposit

4.Select payout location

5.Enter amount

6.Create or choose Beneficiary

7.Confirm Bank details (For bank deposit only)

8.Select payment method

9.Confirm the Payment

We may acquire any of the following documents as proof of identity for a transfer:

1.Proof of ID

2.Colored picture of passport

3.Colored picture of driving license

4.Colored picture of EU member state ID card with photo

5.Proof of address

6.Utility bill

7.Bank statement

8.Bank letter

9.Employment letter

10.Credit card statement

11.NHS letter/GP card

12.Official letter from any Government body

13.Proof of funds: As per declared Source

14.Pay/wage slips

15.Credit card statement (Document must contain identification such as name and account number)

16.Solicitor Letter, House sale receipt, car sale receipt, etc.

17.Bank loan documents (including mortgages)

18.P60 or P21(Annual Tax Returns)


Note: Compliance reserve the right to ask for any additional documents/reject payment

1.If you are sending money using a Debit card or Credit card, then mostly transactions are completed in minutes.

2.If sending money using Online Bank Transfer method, then transactions are completed within 1-2 banking days.

Following factors may also affect delivery times:

1.Accuracy of Information (both your personal data and beneficiary details)

2.Difference in time- zones

3.Operational working hours (unavailability of banks on weekends and local holidays)

4.Additional information needs to be collected from you to ensure the security and safety of your transaction

5.Uncontrollable circumstances, such as a rare instance of downtime affecting one of our business partners

On our website, click on “Tracker” option from the header and enter your transaction code to check the status.

If you wish to cancel a transaction you have made, please follow the following steps: 1.Please Login to your ACE account and go to My Transactions. 2.Click on the transaction you want to cancel and scroll down. 3.In Inquiry, click on “Request Cancellation” and submit after entering the reason of cancellation

For payment collection, the receiver needs to provide the following details:Transaction number (also known as payment number, PIN or pin code)Beneficiary’s valid National ID Card of the destination country

Online Bank Transfer via Trustly takes 1-2 working days to clear with ACE Money Transfer.

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