Online Money Transfer to Nepal Via ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer provides excellent remittance services at the best currency rates for online money transfer to Nepal and other countries abroad.

We have collaborated with worldwide authorised money transfer service providers like Checkout, Bambora, Trustly, etc. to assist our clients in cross-border money transactions.

Become a part of ACE Money Transfer and get the best money transfer rates to Nepal with the most convenient and secure transfer methods.

A simple procedural follow-up at ACE will enable you to avail the best and the easiest ways for the Online Money Transfer to Nepal.

Send money to Nepal online
Transfer Money toNepal

How to send money to Nepal Online in (Easy Steps)

If you are wondering how to send money to Nepal online, follow these fast, convenient, safe, and secure steps to transfer money to Nepal:


Initially, you need to register online via simple sign-up and provide necessary account details on the ACE Money Transfer website.

It's a simple and straightforward procedure that doesn't take much time for new users to register.

Add Recipient Details

To transfer money to a recipient in Nepal, you need to add the bank account details of the person that you wish to send money.

Send Money

After registration and provision of necessary details, you can securely transfer money to Nepal online by entering the desired amount.

The Best Ways to Send Money to Nepal

ACE Money Transfer ensures the best money transfer services to Nepal.

Multiple remittance options have been designed to fulfil customers' needs in terms of ease of money transfer and convenience of receiving at beneficiaries' end.

Our customers never worry about the methods of money transfer since ACE provides them with easy and the best ways to send money to Nepal.

So, if you are searching for the best ways to transfer money to Nepal, go through the following information and figure out the easiest money transfer method.

Online Transfer

The online portal at ACE Money Transfer's website enables you to transfer money to any place in Nepal by simply using your laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or any other gadget through which you can easily access our portal.

Use ACE Money Transfer's Mobile App

You can use ACE Money Transfer's Mobile App to send money to Nepal instantly. The mobile app has made the international money transfer method even more convenient for all the users especially for those having little or no knowledge of internet-based solutions.

Direct Bank Transfer

To use the direct bank transfer method, you simply need to get registered and provide details of the receiving person's account.

After registration is completed, you can send the desired amount to your loved ones easily. ACE will transfer the assigned amount and will ensure the easiest and most convenient cash pickup for the receiver.

Nepal money transfer

Receiving Method in Nepal

Through ACE Money Transfer, your beneficiaries would be able to receive cash from any of the linked bank partners in Nepal.

Instant Cash Pickups

If your beneficiary or receiver needs immediate money pickup, you can opt for our service of instant cash pickup facility.

ACE has built a direct connection with numerous banks across Nepal that allow the receiver to pick money on the spot by visiting any of the following bank branches.

Araniko Development Bank Ltd Nepal
Century Commercial Bank Limited Nepal
Siddhartha Bank Nepal
Best Remit Nepal
Citizens Bank International Ltd Nepal
Mega Bank Nepal

Using a quick cash pickup facility, the receiver will get a 14-digit pin code. The receiver will need to take the 14-digit pin to any of our partner banks with original CNIC to pick up cash payments.

Mobile Top-Up

Advancements in technology have provided great ease for daily activities. Now you can top up directly into the prepaid mobile account of your loved ones with ACE Money Transfer's mobile top-up facility.

Bank Transfer

ACE Money Transfer continues to serve its customers with the best features they want to use when they need to send money to Nepal. Now, your beneficiaries in Nepal can receive money directly in their Bank Accounts.

Airtime Topup

Showing real-time care for your loved ones back in Nepal is no longer a dream. Now, you can send a top-up to family and friends in Nepal through ACE Money Transfer.

Choose ACE Money Transfer to get best money transfer rates to Nepal

ACE Money Transfer provides best money transfer rates to Nepal and secure Online Payments

At ACE Money Transfer, we keep in mind the safety concerns of our clients and work to fulfil our foremost goal of simple, swift, and secure money transfers.

Therefore, you need not worry anymore about sending or receiving money in Nepal.

Modernized and Efficient Money Transfer to Nepal

We ensure to use innovative and technologically defined, fast, and secure methods to solve your financial transaction problems.

Apart from a direct bank account transfer, you can also adopt modern methods of funds transfer through ACE Money Transfer.

Our app, fastidious cash pickups, and online transfer methods help you securely transfer money to the receiving party in Nepal.

Security and Assurance for Money Transaction

At ACE Money Transfer, the whole process has been eased out to make online transactions to any part of Nepal without worry or doubt of fraud. So, let the ACE Money Transfer team handle all your money transfer concerns with your desired solutions.

Reliable Money Transfer with Best Currency Ratings

ACE provides multiple, fast, and secure money transfer methods for Nepal. We offer the best currency rates in Nepal with the lowest possible money transfer charges.

This measure enables our clients to send or receive money without worrying about the side costs and exchange rates linked to money transfers in Nepal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the queries below for more information.

ACE has made it easier to transfer money to Nepal online for your complete peace of mind. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Create an account using our website or mobile app.
  2. Complete your profile with basic details and required documents.
  3. Choose Nepal as destination, desired payout option, and enter the receiver’s details.
  4. Pay for the transaction using your Debit/Credit Card or your Bank Account.

Do you want to see how these steps work?
Click the button below:

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Forgot your password? Worry not! Simply follow these steps to reset your password:

  1. Go to Reset Page:
  2. Enter your registered email and click Continue
  3. Choose a new password and enter the verification code received on the registered email
  4. Click Reset Password

Please follow the same procedure on our Mobile App if you want to change your password.

If you want to transfer money to Nepal using a Debit Card or Credit Card, most transactions are completed in minutes.

If sending money using the Online Bank Transfer method, transactions are completed within 1-2 banking days.

Note: Following factors may also affect delivery times:

• Accuracy of Information (both personal data and beneficiary details)
• Difference in time- zones
• Difference in operational working hours (unavailability of banks on weekends and local holidays)
• Additional information needs to be collected from you to ensure the security and safety of your transaction
• Uncontrollable circumstances, such as a rare instance of downtime affecting one of our business partners

We may require any of the following documents from you to complete the process of money transfer to Nepal:

Proof of ID
• Colored picture of passport
• Colored picture of driving license (Except Germany and Spain)
• Colored picture of EU member state ID card with photo

Proof of address
• Utility bill
• Bank statement
• Bank letter
• Employment letter
• Credit card statement
• NHS letter/GP card
• Official letter from any Government body

Proof of funds: As per declared Source
• Pay/wage slips
• Credit card statement
(Document must contain identification such as name and account number)
• Solicitor Letter, House sale receipt, car sale receipt, etc.
• Bank loan documents (including mortgages)
• P60 or P21(Annual Tax Returns)
• Self-assessment

(Compliance reserve the right to ask for any additional documents/reject payment)

You can send money to Nepal online using:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Online Bank Transfer via Trustly (Except UK)
  • Ecospend Only from UK for Online Bank Transfer method
  • Giropay (Germany only)
  • Bancontact (Belgium only)
  • iDeal (Netherlands only)
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Here are the methods to receive money in Nepal from abroad:

Cash Pickup
Instant cash transactions are available to collect from branches of our associated partner banks in Nepal.

Bank Deposits
The payment can be transferred immediately into the receiver's bank account.

Mobile Wallet
You can send money online to mobile wallets in Nepal through ACE Money Transfer

Airtime Topup
Showing real-time care for your loved ones back in Nepal is no longer a dream. Now, you can send a top-up to family and friends in Nepal through ACE Money Transfer.

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