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The Influence of Music and Dance in Ghanian Society

06 Jun 2024

If you are a Ghanaian, you must be proud of your unique and prestigious cultural customs, including dances and music. Ghanaians who move abroad to earn a financially stable life and send money to Ghana to their families often feel lonely. They miss their cultural values because they significantly impact their lives. Music and dance are standard life practices for Ghanaian people, powerfully influencing their lives and personalities. With each day, the music market of Ghana grows. In 2024, the music event market will reach up to US$3.53m.

Key highlights of the article:

  • Music and dance are significant in bringing positivity to society, promoting economic growth, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 
  • These traditional and cultural trends highlight the importance of expressing Ghanaian identity to the world.
  • It represents Ghanaian culture and is the source of preservation of its ethnicity, ideology, and spiritual personalities.

Ghana's musical and dance traditions are deep-rooted in the hearts of Ghanaians. These traditions influence their lives and ideologies and impact their personalities. Musicals and dance performances significantly influence Ghana's everyday life and social events. In the coming years, the number of Ghanaian music consumers will increase to 443.5k. In rural Ghana, music and dance accompany daily activities, reflecting a sense of unity and shared purpose. Let's discuss music and dance practice and its impact on Ghanaian people.

Impact of Traditional Ghanaian Music and Dances on Local People

Since the beginning of the universe, humans have had a deep connection with music and its instruments. People play music at weddings, birthdays, and mourning and death rituals. A person feels associated with his cultural heritage and by learning of such traditional customs. People get an identity, and a sense of belonging is nourished within individuals. When people move away to different countries to earn and help families by money transfer to Ghana, they feel disconnected from the outside world.

History of Ghanaian Culture

The history of Ghana's culture is ancient and enriching. Ghanaian people perform various types of dances and music. They commonly play four types of music: traditional, Gospel, Imported, and Contemporary. They use different instruments like drums, xylophones, and flutes. Dances are also associated with a variety of music. The traditional dances of Ghana include Borborbor, Adzogbo, Kple, Kpanlogo, Adowa, Bamaya, and Agbadza. Read the cultural association and purposes of such dances below:

Adzogbo- The War Winning Dance

Initially, it was a war dance. People performed it usually after winning the war. Women and men perform it collaboratively with hand and arm taps. It shows their strength and arm power.

Borborbo - Traditional Dance of Ghana

In Ghana, there is a tribal system. So, the Borborbo dance is a custom of one of the famous southern Ghanaian tribes. Women from the Borborbo tribe perform it using long and beautiful clothes. It can be performed in different rituals to express happiness.

Kple - The Religious Dance

Kple is a religious dance performed by Ghanaians on special religious occasions. Religious heads and priests perform it at shrines. It represents the identity and belonging of Ghanaians to a particular religion.

Unification of Ghanaians - Shared Values

Cultural dance and musical performances represent social unity and promote solidarity. Traditional dance and music connect people and bind them with norms. During events like marriages, people celebrate happiness together, reflecting a shared social bond and relationship between each person and Ghanaian culture. Each Ghanaian who can sing traditional folklore and dance to traditional music feels connected with the community. People living abroad may feel disconnected because they become busy earning and sending money to their loved ones.

Promotes Shared Ghanian Identity

As music and dances are communal activities, they strengthen bonds. It raises the spirit of responsibilities and duties. Participating in such activities brings people closer, and they recognize themselves with those actions. Music and dance build people's mindsets on how a nation should behave. Whether a Ghanaian is living abroad, he will be addicted to Ghanaian music and dance performance and will reflect his real identity through his culturally embedded actions.

Fostering Moral Lessons and Values

Ghanaian music plays a crucial role in shaping individual personalities. It promotes mind sharpening and involves learning cultural knowledge and terms. Kpanlogo dance is one of the famous Ghanaian dances. People present it to express social manipulation, political corruption, and social issues. This means a person who knows the dance values of Kpanlogo must be aware of social crises. It transfers the historical incidents in folklore and dances from one generation to another. It tells people about the way of living life as a pure Ghanaian.

Economic and Industrial Impact

One of the primary significances of dance and music is that they empower Ghana's economy. Every year, many tourists come to witness Ghanaians' cultural heritage and dance performances. With the promotion of tourism, the economy grows. The music industry of Ghana is increasing significantly, and employment is provided to people. Moreover, Ghanaians who live abroad are also uplifting its economy by transfer money to Ghana

Emotional and Psychological Impact

Engaging in musical and dance performances makes one happy and stress-free. It promotes a peaceful life without mental depression as people find their loved ones closer to them. It maintains harmony in society, and people feel they have robust cultural support. It's like catharsis relieves pent-up emotions, and individuals behave actively in society.

Influence of Ghanaian Music and Dance on the Modernist World

Ghanaian music and dances are continuously evolving and positively impacting youth. The number of musical events in Ghana is increasing; musical revenue is US$8.69 per user. With the rise of technology and social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok, Ghanaians have a platform to showcase their talents and earn money. Ghanaian expats and students who maintain a strong sense of association can use such platforms effectively to showcase their cultural roots. They can earn a lot and use any money transfer service to send money home. Many countries have adopted Ghana's cultural celebrations, such as Italy, due to their attractive and persuasive nature. 

Read more: 5 Ghanaian cultural festivals that are celebrated in Italy.

In every country, culture plays a significant role. Ghanaians are culturally enriched people with an ancient history of outstanding dances and music. Their performances are known for representing moral values, ethics, deep and dark history, political discussions, and human narratives. These cultural practices are the center of attraction for tourists who want to come and witness the essence of Ghanaian culture and attend events like weddings, birthdays, and religious, spiritual, and seasonal celebrations. With the advancement of technology, Ghanaian cultures are getting attention, which has become a good source of earning for Ghanaians. They can preserve their customs while uplifting their economies.

From Wedding Joy to Spiritual Connection: Ghanaian Dance Traditions

Ghanaian people perform various dances depending on the occasion. For example, Adowa dances are performed in wedding ceremonies, and Kple is a religious dance performed at shrines to communicate with God. All these types of dances and music have unique and different significance. Each custom plays a role in bringing people closer emotionally and physically. It gives people a source of joy where they meet and greet their loved ones and celebrate life. It reduces stress and promotes a healthy environment.

Moreover, musical performances convey cultural norms to newborns. People get recognition for who they are and share a common identity, which makes them admire their community. Such customs keep the people connected even if they live far away. Ghanaians who live abroad can also feel the same connectivity with their religion and culture. With modernization, the Ghanaian community has a platform to show the world their cultural and musical taste. They can earn and make an online money transfer to Ghana to invest in growing their economies.


What are the common types of music in Ghana?

Four types of music are expected in Ghana: traditional, contemporary, gospel, and imported. Modern music was introduced in the 1990s and includes hip-hop, imitating the American lifestyle. Traditional music includes playing music for different rituals, gospel music is religious music, and imported styles were adopted from the nearest locations of Ghana.

What are Ghana's famous dance performances?

Famous dances include Borborbor, Adzogbo, Kple, Kpanlogo, Adowa, Bamaya, and Agbadza. Each dance has special significance and is performed based on the occasion.

How do Ghanaian cultural musical and dance performances affect people?

It fosters a positive environment in Ghana by strengthening the bond between people. People feel connected, and rather than isolating, they like to socialize. It promotes a healthy and growing environment.

Is the Ghanaian music market famous?

The Ghanaian music market is rapidly gaining popularity. It is expected to reach US$3.53 million by 2020. Moreover, social media platforms have made it easier for Ghanaians to promote their musical skills.

How can Ghanaians receive money from abroad?

Ghanaians can receive money from abroad using ACE Money Transfer. It is connected with numerous Ghanaian banks, so you can reach any branch to collect your money.

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