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5 Ghanaian Cultural Festivals That Are Celebrated in Italy

18 Mar 2024

Can you enjoy Ghana's cultural festivals while living in Italy? Every expat suffers from homesickness at least once in their journey. Expats miss their living routines, family members, and cultural practices of their homeland. You can have a home-like experience in Italy by celebrating your cultural events there. Moreover, you can send money to Ghana from Italy to stay connected and support your family at these events.

Almost 50,000 Ghanaian people are living in Italy. Most of the Ghanaians are either students or working in Italy. In 2017, Italy sent nearly $151 million in remittances to Ghana. Italy stands in fourth place for sending money to Ghana through remittances. Italy is a diverse cultural land, and it welcomes the Ghanaian expat to celebrate their culture while living in Italy. Ghanaians are known best for their food, cuisine, enrichment of cultural values, and celebrations.  

The religion of almost 60% of Ghanaians is Christianity, and many Christianity-related cultures are celebrated in Italy. In this article, you will learn the ways to stay connected with your family on special occasions along with five commonly celebrated Ghanaian festivals:   

5 Commonly Celebrating Ghanaian Festivals in Italy

Every year, many cultural festivals are celebrated in Ghana. These celebrations unite people to celebrate their culture, traditions, and ancestors. The Homowo Celebration has lively drumming and dancing, while the Akwasidae Celebration has solemn customs. Both events show the culture and traditions of Ghana. Expats may not attend all these events, but they can send money online to Ghana from Italy as a gift or to contribute to their financial part. Sending this money will be a source of happiness for your family, and you will feel a sense of association with your culture.   

Although, in Italy, various Ghanaian cultural aspects are celebrated. These festivals are mostly organized by the Ghanaian community or the Ghanaian embassy in Italy. Let's explore the five commonly celebrated Ghanaian festivals: 

1. Ghanaian Food Cuisine

Ghanaian food is famous worldwide because of its outstanding taste and mouthwatering dishes. Every dish is cooked with supreme ingredients. Italy welcomes diverse cultural cuisines warmly and every year holds events where many Ghanaian stalls have been set up. They serve dishes like joll of rice, Banku with tilapia, Fufu with soup, and Kelewele. You can rediscover the taste of your homeland in Italy by participating in such events.  

2. Literary Events Uniting Communities

Literary events include celebrations of language and literature festivals. It presents histories and the preservation of cultures. People of the same language come together to celebrate their cultural ethnicity. The official language of Ghana is English, including other regional languages. Italy also values people of the English language, and literary events are held to promote cultural values. Language reflects your identity. Moreover, attending literary events will help you understand the moral values of Italian culture.        

3. Traditional Arts & Crafts Festivals  

Adinkra is a Ghanaian international art and craft festival. It includes art, crafts, home decorations, jewelry, and textile items showcased for sharing ideas and inspiration. Missing your family on Adinkra? Worry not! You can always make a money transfer from Italy to Ghana to your family members so they can display their arts and crafts to promote their civilization.   

4. Cultural Fusion on Fair Festivals    

Many fair festivals are celebrated in Italy, including cultural exhibitions where people of different cultures are honored to display their cultural things. Carnival is one of Italy's most famous festivals where diverse cultures interact. It includes music, dance, art, and food celebrations. In Ghana, many cultural festivals are celebrated with other names, but they are similar to carnivals. In Ghana, festivals like Chale Wote Street Art Festival are celebrated, identical to the Carnival.   

5. Harvest Culture: Ghana's Homowo and Italy's Palio di Siena  

Both Ghana and Italy celebrate harvest culture. It is celebrated when farmers finish gathering their crops and is like an appreciation festival for farmers. In Ghana, harvest culture is known as Homowo, where people come to dance, sing, act, and celebrate. In Italy, it is called Palio di Siena. It is celebrated at the end of harvest seasons with the same enthusiasm.

Significance of Attending Cultural Celebrations while Living in Italy   

Cultural celebrations hold great importance in the life of any individual. Expats often need to catch up on their living styles and family get-togethers. Attending cultural events in Italy can be a source of happiness, prosperity, and mental satisfaction for expats. It brings diverse cultures close to each other. Have a look at the following points to know the worth of attending cultural events:       

Expanding Horizon with Knowledge

When you collaborate with more people, you get different perspectives. It helps you to gain a deeper understanding and enhances your knowledge. You learn new cultures and their values. You seek knowledge of multiple languages and make new relations with those around you. You can utilize this knowledge to get better job opportunities. It offers immense opportunities to earn and make online money transfers from Italy to Ghana.    

Cultures represent our identity. It reflects our norms and values. For every person, their culture has a special place in their heart. Expats often miss their cultural and religious celebrations in their new lands. But you can always adopt alternative solutions. Ghanaian expats in Italy can enjoy the same events as Ghana in Italy. Many Ghanaian events and festivals are celebrated in Italy, often under different names. As a Ghanaian, you can feel the same joy in Italy. Moreover, you can also participate in the cultural celebration of Ghana by sending money to your loved ones as a token of charm or reward on special eves.     

Helps to Maintain Cultural Roots   

When you celebrate events similar to Ghana in Italy, you will revive your culture and stay connected with the roots of your cultural civilization. Ghana is an enriched cultural country that celebrates multiple events. So, attending the events in Italy will help you make more memories, and you will uniquely experience your cultural celebration.      

Social Connections  

Attending cultural festivals helps increase your social connections. You can find better ways of earning and living, which helps you find the best ways to send money to Ghana from Italy. It offers you a chance to come closer to people of other cultures and meet people of your own. It will give you a sense of association and will lower your homesickness and anxiety. To overcome these issues, you can travel to the top 5 places every Gambian must visit in Italy.     

Insights and Final Reflections  

Italy is renowned for its beautiful landscapes, cultural events, and unique food tastes. Many Ghanaians are moving to Italy for various things like jobs, education, or for travel. Many Ghanaian expats and students in Italy often miss their family members and cultural events. So, the best way to stay connected with your roots is to attend cultural events in Italy. Italy holds a variety of events every year. It includes festivals in Italy and international events.  

Festivals like carnivals are celebrated at a very grand level. Different activities are performed, like singing, dancing, acting, and mimicking. Many stalls display other historical things, handmade stuff, and multiple food stalls. Attending these events promotes a healthy environment. It makes you feel connected with your country. You meet different people and make new relations that open your door to a better future.    

Moreover, you can also take part in Ghana's cultural events while living in Italy by creating an instant money transfer from Italy to Ghana. Your family members can utilize this money to display a food or art stall at the event. You can see the pictures and videos on social media, making you a real-time part of Ghanaian events.  


Which Ghanaian events are commonly celebrated in Italy?

Events like social nights, harvest culture, literary events, and arts and craft festivals are commonly celebrated in Ghanaian cultures. In both countries, these cultures are known by different names. 

What are some cultural tips for Ghanaian expats living in Italy?

As a Ghanaian expat, you must attend cultural events and festivals in Italy to enhance your social circle. Create new bonds and explore different places. Moreover, specify a company or bank account for making consecutive remittance transfers.   

How do you send money to Ghana from Italy?

You can send money to Ghana through many ways, like banks or online remittance transfer companies. You can make payments through credit cards or pay through mobile wallets.

What is the most renowned culture of Italy?  

Carnival is the most celebrated event in Italy. The traditions of Carnival reflect Italy's rich cultural heritage and history, making it an iconic event that captures people's imagination.

How does ACE Money Transfer promote money transfer to Ghana from Italy?  

ACE Money Transfer allows Ghanaian expats to make instant money transfer from Italy to Ghana at low cost and affordable exchange rates. You can make transactions at any time of day without any time restrictions.

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