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How Many Citizenships Can a Pakistani Have at One Time?

06 Jun 2024

Are you a Pakistani looking for dual citizenship to earn more while living overseas and want to send money to Pakistan? Getting citizenship is the dream of every immigrant. According to the Overseas Pakistani Foundation, almost 9 million Pakistanis live abroad. In recent years, the number of immigrants has grown twice. In 2022, 765,000 Pakistani people left the country. It includes 92,000 highly educated people. Due to fewer advanced job opportunities in Pakistan, people are moving abroad to practice their skills in developed countries.

The only race of immigrants is to get citizenship so they can spend the rest of their lives in peace. Citizenship means to have a legal identity of a country that shows the status of belonging to a country. There are numerous benefits to getting citizenship, including becoming legally recognized. The state becomes responsible for taking care of your rights, and you can have extra privileges. Also, it permits you to stay in the country for as long as possible. Pakistani government allows multiple citizenship, so let's figure out how many citizenships a Pakistani can get:

Getting Multiple Citizenships as a Pakistani

Every country has different citizenship laws, but Pakistan has made it easier for its immigrants to work abroad. Pakistani who work abroad stay financially connected with their families through making money transfer to Pakistan and look for permanent solutions to expand their stay overseas. Read below to know what dual nationality is and what are policies of Pakistan for it:

Dual Nationality

Dual nationality means holding living permits in 2 different countries. It means that individuals with dual citizenship can connect and choose to stay in any country. In both countries, they are given equal rights as citizens, and they can leave or stay in the country according to their choices. No Pakistani law prohibits any citizen from getting dual nationality. Individuals can get multiple nationalities.

Number of Permitted Citizenship

Pakistanis can obtain citizenship in 21 countries, enabling them to hold multiple nationalities simultaneously. These countries include Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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Pakistan’s Citizenship Law

According to Pakistan citizenship law, Pakistanis can get multiple citizenship statuses only in the countries listed. Individuals must apply to the Pakistan embassy before getting citizenship in any other country. If any Pakistani citizen gets citizenship in any other country, they will have to renounce their Pakistani citizenship or choose one.

Eligibility Criteria to Get Dual Citizenship

Eligibility criteria depend upon the country for which Pakistanis apply for citizenship. Pakistanis must complete the required stay overseas in some countries like the UK and the US. Also, by marrying the citizens of other countries, Pakistani individuals can get the same nationality. Individuals above 18 can apply for citizenship to make their stay permanent and secure a financial future with a safe money transfer.

Limit of Citizenships

Pakistanis can get citizenship in 21 countries at a time without any restrictions from the government. Pakistanis can get multiple citizenship if they choose the countries mentioned in the laws. Pakistani people must fulfill the embassy's requirements to obtain dual or various nationalities from other countries.

Limitations for Dual Nationality Holders 

However, Pakistan doesn't imply any strict policies on dual national holders. The following are some limitations:

  • Dual nationality holders cannot join Pakitan’s army forces.
  • They can not do high-scale government sectors.
  • They must make their travel plan carefully because either country may restrict them from entering any parts.
  • They are also restricted to follow the taxation system of both countries.

Citizenship Renunciation

Citizenship renunciation means giving up your civilian identity in a country. Pakistani citizens can also renounce their citizenship if they want to become the sole citizens of another country. Embassies and immigrant centers can help you define the procedure of citizenship renunciation.

How do I get dual citizenship as a Pakistani?

Getting citizenship in a country other than Pakistan can take time and effort. Individuals need to follow some rules and regulations of foreign governments to get nationality. The following ways will help you get multiple citizenships:

  • As a Pakistani citizen, you can invest in the socio-economic factors of other countries to determine their nationality. You can get a golden visa by sending money abroad and investing in social projects for the country's welfare. This visa will help you gain citizenship quickly.
  • Individuals who are born outside Pakistan can also enjoy dual or multiple citizenship.
  • By fulfilling the legal requirements of a country, like getting permanent residency, learning a fluent native language, and passing citizenship tests, individuals can get multiple nationalities.

Benefits and Challenges of Multiple Citizenships for Pakistanis

Individuals holding multiple citizenship can enjoy numerous benefits. One of the most significant is the ability to make more excellent choices for their future lives.

  • Pakistani people with multiple citizenships can have greater traveling flexibility. They can follow short-term visa procedures to move to other countries. They can plan their stay in any country with citizenship according to their choice.
  • They can work in any country where they find good opportunities and manage their business in any country through making online money transfer to Pakistan.
  • Multiple citizenship can help individuals maintain solid cultural bonds and connections with more than one country.
  • They can enjoy civilian rights and benefits in more countries.
  • People can get legal protection from other countries in case of an emergency.
  • They can plan their future, careers, and properties in any country.
  • Holding citizenship in multiple countries gives individuals access to retirement benefits, pensions, and various insurances.

Challenges of Multiple Citizenships

Individuals with multiple citizenship often confuse associating themselves with one nation. They lack a sense of belonging and suffer from an identity crisis. In contrast to personal challenges, some general challenges for multiple citizenship holders include:

  • Individuals can face government job restrictions. Government institutes only hire people with a few nationalities to prevent security issues and maintain harmony between countries.
  • Individuals have to follow tax requirements for all the nationalities they hold.

Every other Pakistani individual is trying to get dual citizenship in today's world. Most Pakistanis apply for nationality in countries like the US and the UK. It is because such well-developed countries' employment rates and living standards are worth living. When a person is born, he becomes a citizen of the territory in which he is born. Citizenship is a legal permit for a lifetime stay in a specified country. The country's government is responsible for fulfilling that person's basic requirements. But, in this world, it is possible to get citizenship in many countries simultaneously. A Pakistani can get 21 nationalities with countries specified by its government.

Final Thoughts: Multiple Citizenship as a Pakistani

Millions of Pakistanis are living abroad for a better financial future so they can send money online to Pakistan. These Pakistanis are trying to get dual or multiple citizenship so they can live fearlessly overseas as citizens can enjoy numerous benefits from their government. A Pakistani can hold citizenship in 21 countries, which includes  Switzerland, Syria, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, and more. In case a Pakistani tries to get citizenship with a country that is not enlisted, he may have to renounce his Pakistani citizenship.

There are numerous ways to get multiple citizenships, but the criteria vary depending on countries. Individuals must be more than 18 to apply for dual citizenship. Moreover, you can get citizenship in different countries by investing money or completing Chinese requirements like residency, employment, and language learning. However, you also face challenges in managing your identity. You may have to renounce your identity in extreme cases. Selecting one country and planning your future in that country is challenging, but multiple citizenships have numerous perks.


What is meant by citizenship?

Citizenship means a legal permit to live in a country as a citizen. It represents your belonging to the government and reflects your identity. The purpose of citizenship is to give individuals legal human and civil rights.

What is dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship means getting a permit to belong to two countries. A person with dual citizenship can legally stay in any country and associate with people of any culture.

How do I get dual citizenship?

You can obtain citizenship by fulfilling citizenship requirements like buying a property or residency in a country, learning the language, and passing the citizenship test. You can also get citizenship by investing in a country's social welfare programs.

What are the benefits of dual or multiple citizenships?

Individuals with dual or multiple citizenship can have more traveling flexibility. They can move to another country without any visa requirements. They can also find more job opportunities and investment resources to improve their lives.

What challenges can occur in the life of dual nationality holders?

Dual nationality holders may face challenges in selecting a country for permanent residence, paying taxes in both countries, adjusting to restrictions from government job organizations, and figuring out their real identity.

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