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Win Exciting Rewards Just By Inviting Your Friends To Use ACE Money Transfer

Win Exciting Rewards Just By Inviting Your Friends To Use ACE Money Transfer

13 Aug 2022

ACE Money Transfer is always there to support its customers with trusted remittance solutions. Your peace of mind further increases when you have the chance to win exciting prizes along with smooth and secure money transfers. 

Now you can win incredible rewards by inviting your friends to use ACE Money Transfer. You will get your bonus with every invited friend who completes a transaction on ACE’s website or mobile app. After every three successful referrals, you will receive 50GBP in your account. The bonus amount will be equal to 100GBP if you use ACE’s services in Australia.

Do you know what is more fascinating in this “Invite a Friend reward offer?” You not only get prize money on successful referrals, but you can also win different prizes for leading conversions.

It is pretty straightforward and fast to make an international money transfer to over 100+ countries to a bank account, for cash pickup, or even a mobile wallet in multiple destinations. To participate in ACE’s Invite Friend Offer, you must understand the terms and conditions given below in this article.

Invite Your Friends To Make International Money Transfer With ACE To Win Prizes 

Eligibility Criteria 

Customers of ACE Money Transfer can participate in the “Invite a Friend” program. All existing and new customers will automatically enter this program once they start inviting their friends. Following are some prerequisites for this offer:

  • The transaction must be at least 200 GBP if you send money home from the UK.
  • If the transaction takes place in Europe, it must be worth 200 EUR.
  • The transaction must be at least AUD 200 if you made a money transfer from Australia.
  • The transaction must be worth at least 1000 PLN if initiated in Poland.
  • If the transaction is initiated from Canada, it must be worth at least 350 Canadian dollars (CAD).
  • If the money transfer is initiated from Norway, the minimum amount is 2,000 NOK.
  • If you send money from Sweden, the minimum decided amount is 2000 SEK.
  • If the transaction is made from Denmark, the minimum amount is 1500 DKK.
  • The transfer must be worth at least 1200 RON if initiated from Romania.
  • The transaction must be worth at least 250 CHF if initiated from Switzerland.
  • If the transaction is started in Hungary, the amount must be at least 85000 HUF.

Policy To Use Reward Prizes

The top three ACE customers with a minimum of 12 conversions will qualify to receive the grand prizes. The amount earned through this referral program will be transferred to the customer's available credit in the 'My Rewards’ option on both Mobile App and Web portal.

Customers can use their available credits to complete transactions with ACE Money Transfer. They can use up to 50% of their transaction amount from available credits in a single transaction. 

How Will The Top Three Winners Be Chosen To Receive The Prizes? 

This competition validates referrals made by a customer. The top three customers with a minimum of 12 conversions will qualify to receive the prize, but who will actually win? Customers who will do the highest number of invites with converted users will receive the prize.

Moreover, as detailed below, there will be no lucky draw or random selection because the top three contestants with maximum referrals and conversions will receive a reward.


  1. The first prize is a 128 GB iPhone 13 Mini.
  2. The second prize is an Apple Watch Series 7 – Cellular + GPS.
  3. The third winner will receive AirPods Pro.

This is a monthly competition, with a winner revealed each month. The table will be reset to zero at the beginning of each month, and referrals from the previous month will not be included in the next month.

Referred customers' sign-up date and month will be recognised as referral months for this competition. The previous month's winner will be eligible to participate and may win the following month again. For more information, check out the Terms and Conditions page.

Invite a Friend Program in a Nutshell 

Customers will receive a fixed amount if they successfully convert THREE new users. The total will be doubled if there are six referred users (2x). And on 9 converted users, the award will be tripled (3x), and so on.

Referees with more than 12 converted referrals will be added to ACE Leader Board and will be eligible for one of the rewards listed above.

The top three participants with more than 12 conversions will be chosen first. Don't wait further; send money to your loved ones, and invite your friends to use ACE Money Transfer to participate and win rewards in this promotion.

Leader Board 

On the leader board, you may track the progress of your offer. The top three winners and the overall number of invitees and converted customers will be displayed on the leader board. Friends who accepted your invitation and completed particular transactions in the manner described above are referred to as converted customers. 

About ACE Money Transfer 

Since 2002, ACE Money Transfer has been operating across Europe, providing the safest and best way to transfer money internationally to over 100 countries. Low fees and favourable exchange rates save you money when you use its services to send money home from abroad.

Most online money transfer services only accept bank transfers. But with ACE Money Transfer, you can pay by bank account, credit, or debit card. You can also have your money delivered to your recipient via cash pickup, bank account, or mobile wallet.

There are no minimum or maximum transfer limits, and with various payment and sending options, it could be a viable alternative to using a bank.

ACE Money Transfer continues to take initiatives to help its customers financially. The “Invite a Friend” offer is valid for a whole year for ACE's customers who choose it for their international money transfers. 

Be a part of a growing family at ACE Money Transfer and ease your life while living abroad. You can instantly send money home from several countries across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Hungary, and other parts of the world. Using ACE’s services allows you to win tremendous rewards through various promotions, and “Invite a Friend” is one of such offers. So, what are you waiting for? Join ACE Money Transfer today!

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