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What's Life in Denmark Be Like for Expats - All You Need to Know

What's Life in Denmark Be Like for Expats - All You Need to Know

16 Jan 2023

Denmark fosters happy foreign citizens. A recent study reveals that 90% of expats in Denmark are happy with their lives or are extremely pleased. Balancing work and life is the most crucial consideration when accepting a job in Denmark, followed closely by chance to advance one's professional and personal development.

With a population of 770,397, expats make up 13.3 per cent of the entire Danish population. With a great work-life balance, expats prefer Denmark to be the place where they make money transfers back home for their families.

Oxford Research's Expat Study 2020 investigates how foreign nationals who live and work in Denmark see their personal and professional life. In summary, most people are extremely happy with their decision to live and work in Denmark.

Quick Facts About Denmark 

  • 5.8 million people call Denmark home overall.
  • Copenhagen is Denmark's capital and biggest city (other major cities include Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg).
  • The country's currency is the Danish krone (DKK or KR).
  • Denmark's landmass is 42,933 sq. km. However, the total kingdom is 2,220,930 sq. km.
  • Danish is the primary language. However, English, as well as some French and German, are also extensively spoken.
  • The climate is usually pleasant in the country. The average temperature in July is 63°F (17°C), whereas the average temperature in February is 32°F (0°C).
  • The total number of expats, as per 2018 government statistics, 770,397 Danes, are of "foreign heritage." About 10,000 of them are citizens of the United States, 15,000 are from the United Kingdom, and slightly under 3,000 are from Australia.

Pros of Living in Denmark as an Expat

So why is it so appealing for a foreigner to live in Denmark? What makes life in Denmark as an expat so great when so many other nations are willing to accept expats wishing to live and work abroad?

The High Standard of Living is One of its Main Attractions for Several Reasons.

Denmark ranks second in the world in terms of happiness. Citizens, expatriates, and visitors alike comment on how happy the people of Denmark are, as you can read in almost every published article on Danes and the advantages and disadvantages of living in Denmark.

Denmark's way of life is very focused on people, with a strong emphasis on culture, education, and social initiatives. All of these elements combine to give Denmark an extremely high standard of living that makes other countries envious.

Denmark has 16 restaurants with Michelin stars, a thriving music and arts scene, notably in Copenhagen, and many possibilities to enjoy a vibrant, cosmopolitan city life. Denmark can be a good choice if you plan to move abroad to earn and send money back home for financial support.

The advantages of living in Denmark, however, also include a wealth of stunning natural locations where you can spend some quiet time camping, hiking, or relaxing by the sea. The waterways near Copenhagen are so pristine that they have attained the highly sought-after "blue" rating for cleanliness.

Many citizens of Copenhagen enjoy a pre- or post-work workout by swimming laps in the harbour. Good physical and mental well-being can be prioritised when deciding whether to immigrate to Denmark because it is a country known for its cycling culture and pedestrian-friendly streets.

The Danish government and people are justifiably proud of their commitment to environmental sustainability, which prioritises human and environmental considerations when making urban design decisions.

Satisfaction in Professional Life 

8 out of 10 foreign workers reported being satisfied or extremely satisfied with their jobs from both a personal and professional standpoint. While 66% claimed that Denmark offers strong career chances that allow them to send money online to their families back home.

Expats cite career chances as being crucial reasons for accepting a job in Denmark, particularly for those with a high degree of education.

Taxes are High but Well-Returned

In Denmark, taxes guarantee that everyone has access to free pre-kindergarten through university education, free healthcare, extensive parental leave for both parents, and a safety net for employed people and the unemployed.

66% of people are either extremely satisfied or satisfied with how taxes and welfare payments are distributed. Only 10% of people are unhappy.

57% of people in Denmark are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the ratio between personal income after taxes and living expenses.

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Work Culture is One of the Best in all of Europe.

The working culture in Denmark is notably different from that of most English-speaking countries, which is one of the biggest shocks for newly immigrated expats. The Danes take great pride in the flat management system that respects all employees and emphasises teamwork.

Employee forums are the norm, where every employee can voice his or her opinion on the majority of choices. All employees and management address one another by their first names.

Given this amount of empowerment and such a high sense of freedom in the workplace, it is perhaps not surprising that employees in Denmark are among the most productive and diligent globally.

Employees feel secure because they won't be abruptly fired if they get sick or run across another obstacle that interferes with their ability to work.

The fact that income inequality in Denmark is among the lowest in the OECD countries may come as a surprise to new immigrants residing there.

How to Send Money Back Home from Denmark?

People living in Denmark have very convenient global money transfer options to transfer funds back home. However, it is still recommended to do thorough research before making a final decision, as bank transfers in Denmark can be costly. Seasoned expats suggest using online money transfers for affordability, security, and speed.

ACE Money Transfer Offers the Most Affordable Remittance-Sending Service

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Denmark is undoubtedly one of the most favourable places for foreign workers. It provides good education, healthcare, career opportunities, social life, and remittance-sending options. Sign up on ACE for free to make unlimited global money transfers from Denmark at unbelievable rates.


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