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Win Big with ACE Money Transfer and Nagad: Your Gateway to Dream Prizes!

26 Apr 2024

ACE Money Transfer and Nagad have brought a remarkable opportunity for Bangladeshi expats who send money to Bangladesh from overseas. Until June 30th, every transaction not only helps you support your loved ones but also enters you into a thrilling lucky draw. Stand a chance to win spectacular prizes including land in Dhaka, an SUV, smart gadgets, and much more. Let’s dive into how you can participate and potentially transform your standard remittance into an extraordinary reward!

What’s on Offer by ACE Money Transfer and Nagad?

The current offer brings enticing rewards for both senders and recipients of remittances. Here are the details of the prizes included in the campaign:

Grand Prize - Land in Dhaka for Remittance Senders

Secure a future investment or dream home site with the grand prize of valuable land in one of Asia’s burgeoning cities - Dhaka. Every Bangladeshi expat stands a chance to win Land in Dhaka if they send money home via ACE Money Transfer to any Nagad account in Bangladesh.

Why Land in Dhaka?

In Dhaka, a city bursting at the seams, owning land transcends bricks and mortar. It's a coveted piece of security. For many Bangladeshis, it's the difference between renting a cramped room and having a roof that truly feels like their own. Land signifies stability, a hard-won patch of permanence in a metropolis defined by flux. It's a legacy to build upon, a foundation for future generations.

Prizes for Remittance Recipients in Bangladesh Worth Up to BDT 20 Crore:

Recipients aren’t left behind in this exciting reward campaign. Below are the grand prizes for remittance recipients, who receive funds via any Nagad account following the policies implemented by the two partner institutions.

1 - Adventure Awaits on an SUV

A top-of-the-line SUV is on the list, perfect for family adventures or cruising through cityscapes in style. An SUV in Bangladesh isn't just a car; it's an adventure waiting to happen. It conquers rough roads, navigates occasional floods, and seats the whole family for weekend getaways. It's the freedom to explore beyond the city limits, discover hidden waterfalls or reach ancestral villages. 

For some, it's a business tool, hauling supplies or navigating challenging terrain. An SUV is a symbol of resilience, a testament to Bangladeshi adaptability. It's a way to break free from the daily routine, embrace the unexpected, and create memories that last a lifetime.

2 - Smart TV: Smart TV: A Window to the World

A Smart TV in a Bangladeshi household isn't just entertainment; it's a window to the world. Beyond the familiar channels, it unlocks a universe of knowledge and connection. Cricket matches streamed live, educational apps for curious minds, and video calls connecting families across continents - Smart TV bridges the gap between a local life and global experiences. It's a shared entertainment center, a source of learning, and a portal to a world beyond the bustling streets.

How about winning a Smart TV in this campaign? Yes, the good news is that, every money transfer to Bangladesh via ACE Money Transfer from abroad, which is received through Nagad account in Bangladesh enters the lucky draw for a chance to win a free Smart TV.

3 - Smartphone: Power in Your Pocket

One of the most essential needs for everyone today - Smartphone - is also on the list of prizes for remittance recipients in this joint promotion by ACE Money Transfer and Nagad.

In Bangladesh, a smartphone isn't a luxury, it's a lifeline. It's a mobile bank, a digital marketplace, and a connection to essential services. With a few taps, you can pay bills, access government resources, or call for help. It's a camera capturing life's moments, a map guiding you through unfamiliar streets, and a classroom in your pocket. A smartphone empowers Bangladeshis to navigate the modern world, stay informed, and build a brighter future.

4 - Motorcycle: Freedom on Two Wheels

A Motorcycle is yet another essential that helps every individual in everyday life; ACE Money Transfer and Nagad have also offered a brand new motorcycle for remittance recipients. in their joint reward campaign.

A motorcycle in Bangladesh isn't just a mode of transport, it's freedom. It weaves through traffic jams, reaches remote villages, and carries dreams. For many, it's a source of income, a reliable workhorse for deliveries or commutes. It allows families to explore their country, students to reach distant schools, and young entrepreneurs to chase opportunity. The rumble of a motorcycle signifies movement, ambition, and the indomitable spirit of a nation on the go.

5 - Up to 100% Cash Bonus: A Safety Net

The most fascinating prize on the list of rewards in this campaign is the cash bonus up to 100% (exclusive of the government incentives). Undoubtedly, money matters the most for every individual in managing several household, domestic, personal, and professional needs.

A cash bonus in Bangladesh isn't just a windfall, it's a safety net. It can mean repairing a damaged roof, sending a child to school, or starting a small business. It's a buffer against unexpected emergencies, a chance to invest in the future, or simply a breath of relief.  A cash bonus acknowledges hard work, provides peace of mind, and empowers Bangladeshis to build a more secure tomorrow.

Reading and understanding this campaign’s Terms and Conditions is recommended so you can participate with maximum chances of winning.

How to Participate in this Campaign?

Here comes the most critical part; how to participate in this promotion and win rewards. Worry not as the process to participate in the lucky draw is super-easy. Read below to learn more:

Participation Process for Remittance Senders

Bangladeshi expats and individuals living across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland can participate in this promotion. They simply need to send money to Bangladesh online via ACE Money Transfer to any Nagad account of their recipients until the 30th of June, 2024.

Minimum Requirement for Participation as a Remittance Sender:

Each remittance of at least 5,000 BDT sent via ACE Money Transfer automatically qualifies for the lucky draw. There’s now maximum boundary for entry to the lucky draw; however, amounts less than 5,000 BDT won’t qualify for the competition.

Unlimited Entries - The Gateway to Exciting Rewards:

The more transactions you make, the greater your chances to win. Each qualifying transaction counts as a separate entry as long as it’s made on different days (or to different recipients if several transactions are made on the same day).

Participation Process for Remittance Recipients in Bangladesh

Remittance recipients in Bangladesh can also participate without any complex processes in this campaign. They just need to receive their remittances from abroad through Nagad accounts sent via ACE Money Transfer.

Minimum Requirement for Remittance Receipts to Qualify for the Lucky Draws: 

Recipients must receive at least 5,000 BDT through Nagad in Bangladesh to qualify. Any amount less than 5,000 BDT or received in accounts other than Nagad won’t qualify for this campaign.


The Entry Process for Remittance Recipients: 

Each qualifying receipt is automatically entered into the draw. The recipients don’t need to do anything extra or follow any special procedures to mark their entries for the lucky draws.

Why Choose ACE Money Transfer?

Do you wonder why should you choose ACE Money Transfer? Find your answers below:

Efficiency and Reliability

Enjoy seamless and swift transactions with ACE Money Transfer, coupled with the local convenience offered by Nagad and many other payout partners across Bangladesh.

Low Transfer Fees and Competitive Exchange Rates

Transfer costs and exchange rates are the top two critical factors that every expatriate must consider when sending money home. ACE Money Transfer is best known for its low cost money transfer services and competitive exchange rates for expats that add more value to their hard-earned money.

Enhanced Security

Transact with peace of mind thanks to robust security measures safeguarding every transfer. Each transfer made via ACE Money Transfer is protected with advanced end-to-end encryption so you don’t need to worry about data breach.

24/7 Availability of the Service

Whether it’s weekend, bank holiday, or non-banking hour, you don’t need to panic when ACE Money Transfer is your financial partner. You can send money to your loved ones 24/7 from abroad via ACE’s mobile app or website.

Dedicated Support

Our customer service teams are always on standby to assist you, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory remittance experience - no matter the distance, time, and the difference in time zones.

The Gateway to Exciting Rewards - Act Now!

With ACE Money Transfer and Nagad, not only do you get the convenience and security of fast international online money transfers to Bangladesh, but now you also have the chance to win incredible prizes. Whether you’re dreaming of new land, a new ride, or just enjoying the thrill of the draw, this promotion is designed to make your remittance experience truly rewarding.

Don’t wait! Start sending or receiving money with ACE Money Transfer and Nagad today, and secure your chance to win big in our exciting lucky draw. Visit our website or contact our support for more details and get started now!


Who is eligible to participate in the draw?

Anyone across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, or Switzerland, using ACE Money Transfer to send at least 5,000 BDT and recipients receiving the same amount through Nagad in Bangladesh are eligible.

How are the winners selected and informed?

Winners are chosen through a series of lucky draws. Winners will be notified directly by the two partners via contact details provided during the transaction.

Can I win more than one prize?

One winner can win only once in this promotion to ensure transparency and equal chances of winning for all.

What are the steps to claim a prize?

Winners will receive detailed instructions via phone or email on how to claim their prizes safely and securely.

Are there any fees associated with prize collection?

Winners will be responsible for any taxes or duties applied on the rewards. There are no additional fees for claiming your prizes. All prizes are awarded free of any hidden charges. You may read campaign’s terms and conditions to learn more or contact customer supports of ACE Money Transfer and Nagad.


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