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Studying in Europe or Canada - Which Country Offers Better Options for Pakistani Students?

Studying in Europe or Canada - Which Country Offers Better Options for Pakistani Students?

16 Jan 2023

Many students find that studying abroad has changed their lives by introducing them to other cultures and fostering tolerance and understanding. Global participation and exposure may significantly change a student's life throughout their academic career, from elementary to graduate. When examining the more objectively verifiable effects of studying abroad, research reveals that students who travel have better grades, lower attrition rates, and higher employment rates.

More than 50,000 Pakistani students go overseas to study, and Canada and Europe remain their top choices after Australia. Most of them pursue their careers abroad to earn better and send money to Pakistan from Canada to support their families. Are you also a Pakistani student looking to decide whether to go to Europe or Canada to study abroad?

The following guide will help you learn about different aspects of studying in Canada and Europe to let you decide the best destination. Keep reading.

Europe or Canada - Where Should Pakistani Students Go To Study?

Studying abroad offers numerous benefits to every student, especially those from developing countries. Several Pakistani students yearly move abroad to different countries to study and successfully make progressive careers abroad. Some acquire their degrees and return to become entrepreneurs or businessmen in Pakistan.

Deciding on the destination country is always tricky for every student since they are uncertain about the quality of education and career opportunities after completing their degrees. The following comparison between studying in Europe and Canada will help you reach the right choice. Let’s first look at why Pakistani students tend to move abroad to study.

Some Significant Causes of Studying Abroad as a Pakistani Student

The key factors influencing Pakistani students' decision to pursue their education abroad are:

Pakistan lacks internationally renowned educational institutions leading to rising unemployment. An alarming 31% of literate individuals in the country are jobless and struggling to get employed.

Sadly, none of Pakistan's institutions has cracked the top 100 universities in the world. Additionally, there is no worthwhile part-time employment available for students.

Due to a lack of merit-based hiring practices, finding positions at reputable organisations can be extremely hard even after receiving degrees.

The devaluation of the rupee is also a significant factor here. Young people in Pakistan find it intriguing to travel to foreign countries where they may pursue higher education at renowned institutions while still managing to make money. During their education, they work part-time to manage expenses while supporting the family back home. Every money transfer to Pakistan is important, no matter the amount, whether small or big.

Both Canada and Europe have their own significant reasons for opting for study.

Some of them are as follows.

Reasons to Study in Canada for Pakistani Students

Canada is recognised for its devotion and contributions to education. Canada is renowned for providing students with top-quality education on a global scale. Numerous international students travel to the nation each year to pursue higher education.

One of the greatest literacy rates in the world has been noted for the country. In addition to Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, Canada is increasingly a popular study-abroad destination for many foreign students.

Students who are considering furthering their education have become interested in the international rankings of Canadian universities. The nation's educational system, way of life, and career opportunities are famous for their outstanding quality.

For students opting for higher education, Canada offers the whole package for a number of reasons. You may decide to pursue your education in Canada for a variety of reasons, including:

Top-Quality Education:

Canadian educational standards are in no way inferior to those of the United States, Australia, or Britain. The top 50 universities in the world include a number of Canadian institutions.

They also provide a large selection of degree programs in different disciplines. serving the majority of the students in this way.

  • The Canadian government has promised to uphold its standards in the field of education.
  • Canada is now regarded as the world's most educated nation as a result of its status as an intellectual powerhouse.
  • Students who graduate from Canadian universities are highly regarded across the world.


Canada offers a cheaper cost structure than other study-abroad destinations like the UK and the US, making it more affordable for foreign students.

  • Numerous scholarships in several disciplines are available from Canadian institutions.
  • Students from all around the world are eligible to apply to receive the scholarship.

Work Opportunities:

  • Canada is well-known among students for offering various job options in addition to academic pursuits.
  • The Canadian government has made it permissible for students to work many hours on or off campus because not every student can afford to pay for their education without doing so.
  • Among the jobs available to students in addition to their studies are teaching assistant, freelancing, tutoring, and many more.

You can support your families by transferring funds back home through these part-time jobs. ACE Money Transfer is one of the most trusted and credible remittance providers to help you send money to Pakistan online from Canada whenever needed.

Research Possibilities: 

For students seeking out research opportunities, Canada is the best country.

  • The Canadian government has prioritised the field of research and development.
  • They provide space for overseas students to continue their academic research.
  • Information technology, health, agriculture, and other fields are among the main research specialities.

Immigration Possibilities: 

Canada is one of the nations that encourages students to pursue their professions, letting them stay after they complete their studies.

One illustration of this is the post-graduation work visa, which enables students to gain job experience in Canada and pay for their education if they choose to continue their studies.

Cultural Celebration: 

Unlike other nations where being Muslim is frequently regarded as a crime, Canada is one of the only countries where all cultures and religions are equally honoured and cherished. The fact that Justin Trudeau's cabinet extends Eid greetings to Muslims and delivers inspirational speeches to Muslims in Canada proves that racism is nonexistent in Canada.

After a wealth of information about studying in Canada, let’s now look at different aspects of studying in Europe.

Reasons to Study in Europe for Pakistani Students

Most Pakistani students opt to pursue higher education in Europe. But finding the right location to study in Europe is something that many students struggle with.

You create the route for your professional success by studying abroad in Europe. Several European countries also make an effort to attract graduates of foreign universities to stay in their countries after graduation.

This implies that if you choose to study in Europe, there is a strong chance you will receive a job offer and be able to stay for an extended period of time. The following are some significant factors that influence Pakistani students' decisions to pursue higher education in Europe:

Improve Your Career:

You pave the way for career success by studying in Europe. With advanced education and professional training easily available, you can develop a highly professional and progressive approach that guarantees career success in a foreign country. A refined and established personality will ensure getting employed in one of the top-of-the-line firms according to your scope of study and area of expertise. This way, you can better support your family’s financial needs while simultaneously managing your life as an expat in Europe and saving for a secure future. You can do this by making a swift, secure, convenient, and economical online money transfer to Pakistan from Europe via ACE Money Transfer.

Low Tuition Costs: 

Most European universities have relatively affordable tuition costs compared to other international locations like the US, Canada, or Australia. There are sometimes no tuition expenses at European universities—going to school is free!

Additionally, there are various choices for financial help during your education, including several scholarship opportunities.

Some state universities in countries like Germany, Italy, Turkey, etc., have low-cost yet professional degree programs and certificate courses compared to universities in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

Europe Offers the Best Research and Education:

Europe is home to several of the most prestigious universities in the world. Within Europe, cross-border collaboration has developed a powerful worldwide academic community that carries out cutting-edge research. Europe has some of the most advanced and highly developed research institutes for global students, with all the facilities in different fields of study.

Explore European Nations: 

While studying abroad in Europe, take advantage of the opportunity to travel to several different nations. International students with valid student visas may travel the entire continent while attending European universities. It's a fantastic chance for students to experience Europe while finishing their higher education.

You can travel to the most famous European countries, including Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, etc.

Part-Time Job

Many colleges in Europe permit their international students to work up to 20 hours per week while they are enrolled in classes, and they can even work full-time during the semester break.

You can work there part-time with your universities to bear your own expenses and make extra money from which you could support your family for better living standards.

Final Verdict - Which Country Should You Choose?

“Compared to studying in European countries, Pakistani students can obtain citizenship more quickly in Canada. While studying in Europe has the advantage of exploring the whole of Europe with a student visa and low tuition fees as compared to Canadian universities.” Every student has different priorities, so you can decide on a country based on your preferences. Whether you move to Europe or Canada, you have highly progressive and ever-growing employment opportunities to make successful careers. Don’t be worried if you are unaware of how to send money to Pakistan from Canada or Europe; ACE Money Transfer is there to help. It’s one of the largest remittance providers with more than 375,000 payout locations worldwide, services available in 28 sending and above 100 receiving countries, and offering the highest exchange rates yet at the lowest transfer costs.


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