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Top 5 Job Opportunities in France that Gambians Can Apply For

15 Feb 2024

Are you looking for high-career job opportunities in France? Everyone is trying to take a step forward for a better future in this era. However, brace yourself for a myriad of challenges in the job market. It is essential to grasp the maximum field knowledge, polish your soft skills, and apply at maximum companies. So, if you want to make high earnings in France and support your family in Gambia by making money transfers to Gambia from France, explore the article.          

If getting a job is challenging, maintaining your rank or position in a certain organization can also be a daunting task. There's one thing that can save you in both situations, and that is your abilities and skills. Ensure to get a degree or specialisation in the most advanced and required fields. Practice your skills and apply them to the relevant companies.       

France is a developed country that offers jobs for professionals from around the world every year. Look for the following categories that are highly paid and come with heavy scope in France. Now, you can make your mark in France by embracing your skills and getting your dream job in dreamland:         

5 Top Most Successful Job Opportunities in France   

According to the National Statistics Bureau of France, the employment rate in France was 67.30% in 2021. It indicates that numerous job opportunities are available in France for international expats. In October 2023, there were 331.20 thousand job vacancies available in France. 

The following are the top-most demanding career opportunities in France:   

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

CEO is one of the most highly paid careers in France. You can find numerous jobs for CEOs. But you need a worthy degree and a few years of professional experience to get this rank and enjoy the facilities. A CEO position can help you earn and make a living better so you can send money to Gambia from France and build your assets.      

Almost all companies need at least one or more CEOs for the balanced functioning of their companies. A CEO is responsible for conducting meetings, planning effective strategies, and maintaining the company's equilibrium. They are responsible for all the functional management of the organization. The age specification for this designation is up to 50 years, and they enjoy a salary of $170,000. 


Another high-in-demand job in France is the designation of academic facilitator, especially at the university level. You must hold a reputed degree equivalent to a Ph.D. or M.Phil. A little experience is also required to get a better position. Most language professionals are required to teach in France.      

You can have a degree in any science, technology, or language field. Almost every academic institute offers subjects related to the departments mentioned above. You must have excellent communication and teaching skills. A highly qualified professor can earn up to $98,000 yearly.

IT (Information Technology) Manager   

Information Technology, or simply IT, is one of the most demanding fields of this century. Its scope is high in almost all countries, including France. Different designations related to IT and computers are in high demand. To get a job as an IT professional, you must secure a good IT or CS degree and have professional skills.

IT jobs are available in all industrial setups and software houses. All organizations require the IT department to run their software system. You can quickly secure jobs like network administrator and data analyst. The average salary for IT professionals is a minimum of $52,356.88.      

Marketing Manager  

Last but not least, marketing is the top-most career in demand. Nowadays, every sale is proportional to the marketing strategies. The better you can advertise, the better you can make sales. If you can promote marketing, France is the best place for you. Grasp the field of marketing and business so you can earn and take your family along with you by making an instant money transfer to Gambia.     

Numerous industries seek marketing managers to uplift sales by developing appropriate marketing strategies. To get a job as a marketing manager, you must have some good skills and some experience. A marketing manager can make up to $45,000 in France.  

Medical Experts

The medical field is the top-rated field of any country. Getting a qualified medical degree is difficult but has outstanding benefits and outcomes. Many medical departments in France offer jobs and accept foreigners from around the world, including Gambia, to utilize their skills and improve their lives by making online money transfers to Gambia from France.     

In France, almost 2989 medical centers offer multiple medical opportunities to medical professionals worldwide to explore and practice their skills. You can get a job in nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy, hospital administration, surgery, or medicine. A doctor can earn up to $45000 in France.  

5 Ways to Get a Job in France for Gambians

If you want to make your future better by making a living in France, you need to consider the following key points to help you get a job in France:

Learn French Language

Learning a language plays a vital role in securing a job in any country. Most countries require language tests, especially for English language tests. But, to get a job in France, you must learn French. It will remove the language barriers, and you can address your queries.

Create a Professional CV

A CV is like your reflection that presents your first impression to any company. Try to make an attractive CV by following CV formats available online. Add your qualifications, interests, and personal details; you must add some experience to adhere to the HR.

Add a cover letter with your CV to describe your perspective about the job and how you can perform your role in the company. A strong CV can help you secure a job, and you will be able to make your future in France and send money to Gambia from France.

Explore the French Job Market

Researching the job market in France and looking for high-demand career opportunities is essential. Seek the skills that are most required and highly paid. You can find all the related information on different websites.

Moreover, you must attend events, seminars, and workshops to expand your professional network. Consult with job agencies to help you in getting a job in France. You must be looking for more top job opportunities for global nomads & expatriates.

To make your space in France, you must have the skills that are highly in demand in France. Though every skill is good, a skill in high demand in the job market comes with numerous rewards. Teaching, medical, engineering, marketing, and IT professionals are the most demanding careers in France. If you have a degree in any of the above-mentioned fields, you can quickly get a job just by having a little experience in Gambia. 

You must have some field experience in Gambia to make your CV strong. Moreover, your skills, confidence, qualifications, and language contribute a lot to getting you a highly-reputed job in France.

Bottom Line

As a Gambian, you need not worry about making your space in France. If you are a good teacher, IT professional, medicine expert, marketing manager, or good at managing the overall activities, that means CEO. You can earn a good amount of money through all these career opportunities that will not only improve your living standard, but you will be able to help your people in Gambia by making an online money transfer to Gambia from France.

France is a developed country and the center of attention for expats worldwide. It has a high employment ratio and vacancies for national and international professionals. It welcomes experts and surgeons to explore and make their experience by serving in France. If you have a good degree in any of the fields mentioned above, nobody can stop you from making your career advancements in France.


What are the top most demanding careers in France?

France's top most in-demand careers are medical, engineering, teaching, business marketing, and CEOs.  

How to get a job in France?

You can get a job in France by learning French, making a presentable CV, and contacting French job agencies.

Is it mandatory to learn French?

Yes, it is mandatory to learn French because it removes all the communication gaps. Also, many companies make it a compulsory requirement for international expats.

How to secure a job in France without consulting any agency?

You can research for a job in France by exploring French websites. Also, you can directly connect to French companies through LinkedIn or other websites.

How do you make money transfers to Gambia from France?

You can transfer money to Gambia through banks, digital wallets, or remittance services like ACE Money Transfer.

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