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Top Job Opportunities for Global Nomads & Expatriates

Top Job Opportunities for Global Nomads & Expatriates

08 Aug 2022

Have you ever fantasized about living or working as a global nomad or expatriate in another country?

Some people prefer remote working alternatives over their regular 8-hour corporate desk jobs in their home nation. Many places of the world require expatriate workers with specific skills and experience in different industries. Such jobs offer competitive salaries and awesome perks so that the expatriate can send money to Ghana or their home country for the family to enjoy. 

A carefree life of international travel and steady income raises one central question; what career options exist for a global nomad? With the advancement of technology, the number of remote jobs available to global nomads has increased dramatically. 2022 appears to be an excellent year to relocate and begin exploring all of the exciting foreign career options. Most expatriates try to find job opportunities in countries where they can easily earn and send money to their home country. Sending money back to the family is a primary concern for expats. Expatriates require a reliable and affordable money transfer service to help the family back at home. ACE Money Transfer (visit website) is the leading remittance sending service trusted by thousands of expatriates.

Opportunities for global nomads

Several Opportunities are available worldwide for Global Nomads and Expatriates. However, it is crucial to stick to the correct skill and find an opportunity that matches your expertise. There's a wide world out there full of adventure and interesting people to discover. Some people manage to get out of the rat race, whether for a short time or permanently. Global nomads have discovered methods to work in ideal jobs for a globe-trotting lifestyle. Let’s look at the finest jobs and opportunities for global nomads.

Make use of your business mind.

One possibility is to start your own company and sell items online. Spend some time to find the ideal vendors and investors. Create the perfect business plan and follow that for success. Several people possess a business mindset that they can best utilise after moving to a foreign land with optimum facilities to cater to their business needs. After successfully setting up and running a business, it becomes essential to transfer money online to ghana or any other country to support the family’s needs.

Work as a freelancer.

Freelancing is an excellent opportunity in the foreign as you can earn without facing the troubles associated with hard labour. You can work as a freelancer and provide services like writing, coding, graphic design, video editing, or any other field according to your interest and expertise. If you cannot find any skill, you can always become a language tutor and teach your native language in a foreign land. It’s particularly helpful for the students studying abroad to work as freelancers and earn money to meet the expenses and help the family back home.

Land in the corporate world 

Every country has some top-notch corporations that run the business world. If you have the right degree and skills, you can land yourself a job in one of these corporations. These jobs are usually very highly paid but also hard to get. In today’s digitised world, it has become easier for everyone to get equipped with the professional skillset required to secure a handsome job in the corporate world.

Become an English teacher

English teachers have always been high in demand. Consider teaching English while also acquiring a second language from your students. Teaching overseas is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your teaching skills. Several expatriates choose to either teach online or in-campus in their destination country, where they continue to add tremendous value to their career and financial strength. For instance, countless ghananian expatriates live and teach abroad who improve their quality of life in a foreign country and help elevate the living standards of their families when they send money to Ghana online.

Enjoy the perks of working in the tourism sector.

A career in tourism will be ideal for you because it will allow you to travel the world. Working in the tourism sector includes the opportunity to work at hotels, resorts, or tourist attractions sites, as a tour guide for a travel firm, and much more. Whatever is your job title, you will undoubtedly receive significant hands-on experience in this industry. The tourism industry isn’t only fun to work in; it enables you to explore various cultures and living styles worldwide. In today’s digitised world, it’s convenient for tour operators to transfer money online to their families from anywhere in the world using online remittance services.

Learn web developing

You can do this job from anywhere globally if you have a good internet connection and the necessary expertise. You don't need a college diploma to be a great web developer. With an ever-increasing number of websites being launched every day, the demand for developers appears to be on the rise. If you want to work as a nomadic developer, you'll need to find a company that allows you to work from home.

Dwell into the excitement of digital marketing 

The number of people hired for digital marketing jobs increased by roughly 33% year over year. In Europe and Asia, marketing and public relations employment are widespread. You might be able to get work in another country even if you only know English. Every firm requires a marketing expert to assist with corporate development and commercial objectives.

Become a programmer

Programmers are in charge of writing the codes for apps, websites, and software. They know how to communicate with a digital interface by using computer languages. The demand for skilled programmers is growing in tandem with the digital world's expansion. A programmer can work from anywhere globally, and they are frequently in demand.


Nursing is on the country's long-term skill shortage list. It is one of the finest careers for foreigners in New Zealand. Many causes, including an ageing population, are driving the demand. Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system, and they're in high demand as the world recovers from the pandemic's deadliest days. However, these jobs are not exclusive to hospitals. Nurses are needed in long-term care facilities, schools, urgent care centres, and other settings.

Become an Instagram influencer or blogger

Blogging has opened various doors for global nomads, making it one of the most influential and gratifying careers available. Direct adverts, affiliate marketing, and sponsored content are all things that bloggers do. They provide information, films, and visuals to promote a specific market. Blogging has grown into a multimillion-dollar business as part of the content development industry.

Money transfer has become easy now.

People worldwide are constantly trying to make more money by moving to various nations and acquiring different opportunities. The majority of global nomads and expats leave their home nations to provide for their families. They work in other countries and send money home through various channels. Services like this offer the most feasible and smooth international transactions. Refrain from using expensive and time taking wire transfers and switch to ACE to send money to Ghana. It provides unmatchable exchange rates along with a quick service. Sending money has become easy now; that is why people are choosing to shift abroad and seek job opportunities. 

Wherever you go in the world, go with complete peace of mind. 

It can be challenging to move to another country. But you can take one thing off your mind no matter where you go; you have to be well prepared for yourself and your family. Before you move, make sure you know how to send money or where to find a trustworthy service. Numerous chances are waiting for you worldwide; all you have to do is prepare and believe in yourself.


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