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Travel Planning Guide for Ghanaians when Moving to Australia

15 Feb 2024

Boarding a new journey from Ghana to Australia is thrilling and poses unique challenges, stirring a whirlwind of emotions. Planning to start a life in a different country is essential to turning a fresh page in your life's story. Such a move is more than just a change of scenery; it's about embracing a new chapter altogether. This guide is designed to make your transition smoother, addressing all your essential needs, from clothing and food to finding accommodation and efficiently managing your finances.    

A critical aspect of settling in Australia includes maintaining financial ties with your family back in Ghana. In this blog, we will delve into reliable and efficient methods to money transfer from Australia to Ghana, ensuring you can support your loved ones from afar. So, let’s navigate through this journey, equipping you with all the necessary tools for a successful and stress-free relocation.                  

Essential Tips for Your Journey to Australia

The most important thing is to set your mind for your journey to Australia. Australia is a land of opportunities for people worldwide. It holds 30% of immigrants all over the world. According to the 2016 census, 5,287 Ghanaians were born in Australia. This number is constantly increasing, and more and more Ghanaians are settling in Australia. It is important to ensure that you choose a reliable service to send money online to Ghana from Australia back home for smooth financial planning.                   

Ticket Confirmation         

Avoid packing too early for your flight and wait for ticket confirmation. Make a small bag and place all necessary documents, including CNIC, passport, immigrant letter, job or education letter, visa, bank statements, and all your educational degrees and experience certificates. Bring all your original documents along with photocopies to avoid any mishaps.

Windup Ghanaian Setups

Clear all your things from Ghana before moving to Australia. Convert your bank accounts to international accounts to make transactions if you need to transfer money to Ghana from Australia to support relatives. Clear your properties, rent out your lands, inform all your relatives, and clear your bills and taxes. Make someone responsible for all your financial duties after you.            


Make reservations in Australia for your stay. You can make online hotel reservations or contact the embassy to help you get a studio room or apartment for rent. These reservations are mandatory before landing in Australia. Take screenshots of all the crucial payments and keep receipts with you. Look for rides to drive you from the airport to the specified location. Book a car with a professional and licensed driver.   

Cleaning of House

Clear your house, and pack all the furniture. Empty your refrigerator, and pack clothes according to the season. Try to pack clothes for all 4 seasons. Make a bag with minor accessories, like clips, pins, skin care, first-aid, medicines, chargers, and books. Get all your favorite items, like food items. Most expats must catch up on their country's taste and food items. So pack only dry and packed food.    

Finance Management

Make a list of things to plan your budget finely. Convert your currency and update your credit and debit card. List things that require money during your journey, like transportation and food. Try to get the maximum bank balance to meet your needs effectively. Make a budget plan for the upcoming month according to Australia's rates. Try to make a flexible budget to overcome currency fluctuation.  


Recheck all your stuff one day before moving to Australia. Contact the company and revise the timings of your working schedule. Confirm your accommodations and reservations for your stay. Ensure you are carrying all your documents and health cards. Buy the things you may have skipped and prepare your suitcases. Make them weigh the same as per the limitations of the airport.  

Throw a Get-Together

Before leaving your country, plan a get-together with your family so you can see them all together for the last moment. Make warm-hearted goodbyes and stay strong during this emotional hour. Furthermore, create some ways to stay connected with your family to overcome your homesickness. Choose a reliable service to send money online to Ghana from Australia. Stay determined and try to be more adaptable to adjust to the new environment. Visit the places you love in Ghana to recall and relive your memories. Make as many beautiful moments as possible so you may no longer miss your country.    

Careful Planning of Your Financial Journey in Australia

Before moving to Australia, you need to clear your expenses in Ghana. Consider the following points for effective finance management:  

Make a Budget

Make a budget by considering all your expenses and dividing the money equally into portions for savings and monthly expenses. Specify the amount required for grocery, transportation, healthcare, food, and clothing expenses. Your budgeting depends upon the kind of lifestyle you want to adopt. So, plan it carefully.  

Health Insurance

Make sure to get health insurance. Prioritize your healthcare and get health insurance before landing in Australia to avoid wasting heavy amounts in hospitals. You can get health insurance by connecting to the embassies. You just need to pay that amount at once, and you can get free health services for the rest of some years.  

Tax Implications

If you are moving as an employee, consider tax implications. You may need to pay taxes on both sides. Connect yourself with the fastest remittance services to make online money transfer from Australia to Ghana. You can pay all your taxes in both countries. Stay informed about all the taxes in Australia and include them in your budget plan. Your taxes depend upon your position. If you are going as an expat, you may have to pay a little tax, but there may be no taxes if you travel as a student.         

Planning your trip to Australia requires careful management. Start preparing yourself mentally to overcome homesickness. Learn Australia's cultural values and norms and look for exciting events and celebrations to prepare yourself to adapt to the new environment. Start packing things from your essential documents. Make a separate file or bag and attach all necessary slips and documents. 

Make reservations for accommodations and clubs before moving to Australia. Finish all your stuff in Ghana and avoid leaving property or furniture unattended. Meet with your relatives and manage ways to make reliable transportation.  

Staying Financially Connected To Ghana

If you plan to move to Australia from Ghana, start clearing up your things at least 3 months before your flight. Buy all the necessary things you may need in your journey. Collect all the essential documents like visas, tickets, and passports. Make online reservations for your stay at places and for rides to drop you at your location from the airport.       

Finding ways to financially connect you with Ghana while living in Australia is mandatory. You may need to send money to Ghana from Australia for various purposes like paying your annual taxes, fixing your things, or helping your family deal with financial crises. Find a company with multiple benefits, such as ACE Money Transfer, that benefits both senders and recipients of the remittance.


What are essential documents to take when moving from Ghana to Australia? 

You must bring all your original degrees, CNIC, passport, visa, ticket, bank details and cards, experience letters, and certificates.   

When to start packing for things?

Avoid starting too early, waiting for ticket confirmation, or packing for things at least 2 months before. Start clearing your stuff like property and furniture 2 months before your departure.

Is it mandatory to get health insurance before leaving Ghana?

Your health insurance depends upon your institute. If you are moving to Australia for a study or work visa, paying for your health insurance is sometimes necessary before your ticket confirmation.

Can I make online reservations?

You can make online reservations to restaurants, hotels, and drivers by contacting the Australian embassy.

How does ACE Money Transfer support a trip to Australia from Ghana?  

ACE Money Transfer helps you maintain your financial connection on your trip to Australia from Ghana. You can make unlimited transactions to Ghana to maintain your things.

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