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Faster Remittances to India from the UK via the ACE Mobile App

03 May 2024

Ensuring that their funds are delivered swiftly back to India from the UK is what the 1764000 Indian migrants working in the UK dearly want when they send money online to India from UK to offer financial assistance.

If you look closely, you will have two major concerns about online money transfers. One is the safety of your hard-earned money. The other is the speed at which you deliver funds. An even deeper analysis will reveal that the speed will only add to the security of your funds and the transaction itself.

ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app helps you send funds to India from the UK instantly.

Let’s know the details together.

ACE Money Transfer’s Mobile App – A Fast and Efficient Tool To Deliver Funds Across Borders

Time is money, they say!

What it implies is that you live in an era where you can put your every single moment to maximum use and productivity.

This is in the general context.

Now imagine you are living in a developed country like the UK and hail from a country like India. Can you measure the difference between how fast life is in the UK compared to India?

Well, the difference is astronomical.

Therefore, on realising this, ACE Money Transfer has designed its online money transfer mobile app in a way that makes it easy, convenient and fast to transfer funds to India from the UK in a matter of a few minutes only.

One of the best features of this mobile app is the speed in its different dimensions, such as:

·       Speed to install the app

·       Speed to set it up on your mobile phone

·       Speed to initiate the transaction and fill in the required credentials

·       The speed at which you can seamlessly send money to India from UK

These features are speed-centric and make ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app the best choice for swift and speedy transactions. But this is not the only reason why you should choose this app. A detailed set of reasons is provided in the next section.

Why is Speed Important in Online Money Transfers?

You travel to another country and leave your family and friends behind to earn a living to offer financial support back home. Right? But then have you ever thought about the need to send funds back home in an emergency urgently?

Although, sending money is a routine activity and you properly schedule it every month. But what if an emergency arises back home for which you have to send funds in an instant to help your family attend to that emergency financially?

Does the scenario not seem scary?

Therefore, you cannot ignore the importance of speed in your online money transfers.

Impact of Delay in Delivering Funds to the Recipient

On the flip side of speedy transactions, you need to also understand the other scenario in which the funds are delayed and delivered later than you have anticipated and planned. How does this delay impact households and businesses?

A look at a few areas in this context will also help you better understand the importance of speed in every money transfer from UK to India.

Keep reading.

Financial Emergencies can Potentially Aggravate

If you find yourself in the middle of an emergency which requires immediate financial assistance, whose lack can aggravate the situation, what would you do? You would either let the emergency aggravate while awaiting financial help or get it quickly to address the issue.

Therefore, speed in online money transfers holds immense importance.

You can Miss Out on Investment Opportunities

An opportunity knocks on your door once and if you do not answer it quickly, it walks away! Imagine an opportunity emerges in India which you can grab easily if you have the amount required, but you are unable to afford it. It simply means you cannot answer the knock. So, if you can get the money swiftly, there is no reason you should miss out on such an opportunity.

Delays in Delivery can Lead to a Financial Mess

You move abroad from India to earn a living to support your family financially. Right? It means that financial constraints lie at the heart of your travelling abroad. So, if these constraints are not addressed timely, they can lead to a financial loss exacerbating the financial situation and the chances are more in families with limited means.

What can Cause the Dealy or Slow Down the Speed of Online Financial Transactions?

Although ACE Mony Transfer’s mobile app allows you to send money back to India from the UK in an instant, you must consider some of the factors that can slow the speed down to a large extent. These factors are beyond human control.

·       When digital traffic spikes on the internet, it slows the speed down because too many people visit a certain site

·       When safety protocols are too strict, a delay is caused in the verification process

·       If intermediary institutions are involved, which is normally the case with banks, a delay is likely to occur

ACE Money Transfer’s Mobile App Beyond Lightening Transaction Speed

By now you must be wondering about anything else that you can get by using ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app while transferring funds from the UK to India. Right? You are justified in thinking along these lines and the ‘why’ is answered below.

·       Using ACE’s mobile app will give you a smooth, efficient and fast money transfer experience as fewer clicks are required to initiate and complete a transaction

·       You only have to select the recipient and the amount while the app will fill in the required credentials

·       You get an ATN through which you can track your transaction which is less needed given the speed of the transaction

·       You can set up your custom dashboard and also switch to dark mode to relieve your sight of the screentime stress and strain

·       The app guides you about its usage through video tutorials

·       The app also engages you with stories the users have to share

·       You can also set up personalised filters for certain amounts to be auto-selected

·       The app also allows you to select a method of transferring funds from the list of options. Also you can request to add a new method if one is not available already

·       You can also request the latest currency exchange rates

·       The app also allows you to add a new country if one is not listed already

ACE Money Transfer’s App Offers Speed and Multiple Financial Benefits to You

ACE Money Transfer is the befitting response to speedy money transfers should you choose to make offline or online money transfer from UK to India given that time is of the essence.

The speed at which you can deliver funds in India offers a strong protection layer in addition to several other safety protocols which make your money and transactions breach-proof. Furthermore, you will have to pay a small fee for your transactions only if the amount you are sending reaches a certain limit below which you are likely to enjoy as many fee-free transactions as possible.

The best part is that you can get all of the benefits listed above from just one stop in over 100 countries all over the world!


What is transaction speed?

Transaction speed refers to the time a transaction takes to deliver funds to the destination country which is India in this case. It means the time a transaction takes between you initiating it from the UK and the recipient confirming the receipt of the transaction.

Why is transaction speed important?

Speed in online money transfers nowadays is critically important. It is because through speedy transactions you can easily help your family attend to financial emergencies and needs which require your immediate financial response.

What factors can cause delays in an online money transfer?

Some of the factors that can cause a delay in the delivery of funds back to India from the UK are the traffic load on the internet and strict safety protocols requiring a long time to verify and authenticate a transaction. This also includes the presence of intermediary institutions which mostly happens with banks, and interruption in power supply and the internet issues.

What happens if a transaction is delayed?

If your transaction is delayed it can have severe consequences for your family or the recipient back home. Delays in online money transfers can aggravate financial emergencies, lead to missing out on multiple opportunities, and can also create a financial mess.

What are the benefits I can get by using ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app?

By using ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app you can deliver funds instantly to your family in India from the UK and get live and market-competitive currency exchange rates. You can also set up a custom dashboard on the app, send funds with fewer clicks, pay little fees, access the firm’s services 24/7 in over 100 countries worldwide, and so on.


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