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Top 5 Cheapest Weekend Activities for Indian Expats in Italy

28 Jun 2024

Enjoying Weekends in Italy Cost-Effectively as an Indian Migrant

However, your stay in a developed country like Italy is centered around doing a job to earn money. But do you think confining yourself to your job is justified? Should you not be pushing your boundaries in exploring the country and earning a living?

Whether in Italy or elsewhere, working abroad is a major challenge. Because you alone have to navigate your way through the obstacles. Therefore, if your life abroad remains confined to earning a living alone and doing nothing else, then you will:

·       Begin to lose productivity

·       Be less creative

·       Get bored and tired with the same monotonous routine

Therefore, when you are working in Italy as an Indian migrant, you will need to spend your weekends doing activities that a) refresh you and b) help you enjoy your time without having to spend much to seek entertainment. This freshness and entertainment will help you be more productive at your workplace, which you need the most if you wish to earn a reasonable income and send money to India online from Italy to offer more significant financial support back home.

Enjoy Wine in Tuscany on Taste-First and Drink-Later Basis

One weekend activity you can do in Italy as an Indian migrant is to enjoy your red wine and Italian pasta under the setting sun. Your trip to the rural vineyard makes this possible. If you visit the wineries in the Tuscan countryside, you will learn about the process of making wines. It is a pleasant experience costing you nothing. The best time to visit is the summer months, between April and September.

Make your reservations in advance as most wineries in Tuscany accept bookings in advance only. This will allow you to visit the vineyard and see the process of making wines instead of just going there for your food and drink.

You can also pay a visit to the wonderful Castle of Vicchiomaggio sitting on the top of a hill in Chianti. It is surrounded by vineyards. You should also visit San Gimignano, which is a famous medieval town in the heart of Chianti, having the finest vineyards in the whole of Italy.

Enjoy the Sunshine on the Amalfi Coast

A weekend on the Amalfi coast is an ideal option for beach lovers. It is a mesmerizing and picturesque stretch of the coastline spanning over 50 KM along the Western coast of Italy. You will find innumerable secluded beaches, fishing villages, and several cliff tops.

It is an ideal place to visit to enjoy your weekends. Swimming enthusiasts, beachcombers, and culture enthusiasts can benefit from this place equally. Prepare an Amalfi coast itinerary to enjoy your visit optimally. The best time to visit is summer, between May and August.

If you are motion sick, take your tablets with you during the visit, as the tight turns and high cliffs will churn your stomach! Moreover, do not forget to visit Positano, which is famous for its pebbled beachfront, a 13th-century church, and boutique-lined streets.

Visiting these areas does not cost anything, so the financial support you send back home through every money transfer from Italy to India will not be affected financially, should you be worrying about it!

Enjoy the Awe-Inspiring Cinque Terre

Pack your bags to visit the Cinque Terre if you are a walk enthusiast and nature lover. It is a picture-perfect area. It is made up of several Italian seaside villages located on the Italian Riviera coastline. Every village is linked by the hiking trails running along the Sentiero Azzurro cliffside. The best time for visiting this area is in summer between May and September.

Take to the walking trails early in the morning to avoid crowds and the scorching midday sun. Do not forget to take plenty of water with you to drink. To have access to all the trails, purchase a Cinque Terre pass. The Blue Path trail is the ultimate route for a walking enthusiast as it spans all five Cinque Terre villages.

Spend a Weekend in the Italian Lake District

The Italian Lake District is located in the north of Italy. It is home to five mesmerizing clear-water lakes. These lakes are Maggiore, Lugano, Como, Iseo, and Garda. Each lake offers awe-inspiring scenes where you can enjoy your time optimally.

Your visit to the Italian Lake District is a must while living in Italy. You will have boat rides and lakeside wines while also visiting the villages. The best time to visit the district is between April and October. Thoroughly and repeatedly check your departure time and day while getting a ferry across lakes, as there is a subtle difference between midweek and weekend rides.

While visiting these places in Italy to enjoy your weekends cost-effectively is a must, it also allows you to learn immensely. Learn HERE about how to learn through traveling to and within a foreign country.

Visit the Milan Cathedral and Admire the Gothic Agriculture

Milan Cathedral is located at the heart of Milan and is locally known as Duomo di  Milano. It is an amazing Gothic Cathedral. It is the city’s most iconic attraction. Visiting it is a must to admire the building’s grandeur and pure architecture.

The fact that this magnificent structure took six centuries to complete is enough to blow your mind away! The best time to visit it is at the onset of winter between September and October. You can enjoy the tour alone and quiz your guide on several things. Moreover, the visit to the Cathedral is free but a ticket is required to visit the treasury, crypt, or the Duomo roof.

But this ticket is not expensive. Therefore, visiting any of these places in Italy is worth it. Every place listed here gives you immense opportunities to enjoy your time on the weekends without spending much money.

Send Funds Back Home Cost-Effectively and Enjoy the Process

The way you look for cheap weekend activities to save money but enjoy optimally, you should also look for a cost-effective way to make online money transfer from Italy to India to save money but also enjoy the process.

Therefore, find a service provider that charges you a low fee and offers live and market-competitive currency exchange rates. The reason is that these rates will likely compensate you for the cost you pay for the transaction(s). Moreover, the speed of transactions and the more comprehensive service access and availability of your service provider will turn your transactions into fun.


Why do Indians work abroad?

Millions of Indians work in developed countries because the country’s burgeoning population burdens the economy beyond its strength. This leads to high unemployment rates, which further leads to acute poverty. Therefore, Indians travel to developed countries to find sustainable jobs abroad.

What are the significant benefits of working in Italy?

If you choose Italy as an Indian migrant for your job, it will offer you several benefits. The robust Italian economy offers you jobs in every professional field. There are many job and employment opportunities with high wages and low cost of living. Moreover, the work environment is highly flexible and accommodating to employees. 

What are the cheapest weekend activities in Italy?

You will find several irresistible attractions in Italy and can choose any of the attractions to enjoy your time. Some of the most cost-effective weekend activities, however, are enjoying wine in Tuscany, sunbathing on the Amalfi Coast, visiting Cinque Terre, exploring the Italian Lake District, and visiting Milan Cathedral.

What happens if I do not enjoy my weekends?

If you do not enjoy your weekends in Italy as an Indian migrant, you will likely be less productive. The same tiring and monotonous routine can cause boredom, decreasing your creativity. Conversely, when you move around to explore new places, you enjoy your time and temporarily break from your hectic routine, which can refresh you.

How do I save money on my online money transfers?

You must look to save money on your international money transfers as you repeatedly send money to India from Italy to offer financial support back home. This incurs costs whose repetitive payment can be a challenge. Therefore, find a service provider that not only charges a low fee but also offers live and market-competitive currency exchange rates, which will likely compensate you for your fee.


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