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Learning Through Travel: Immerse Yourself in History and Culture

04 Mar 2024

According to an IOM UN Migration report, over 281 million people work in countries other than their own. The prime motivation is to earn a living and send funds back home to offer financial support through the best money transfer service they can find.  

Travelling abroad is largely understood in the context of finding a job to earn a living. Almost the entire global diaspora population belongs to low- to middle-income countries (LMICs), seeking jobs in developed countries.  

But travelling itself, let alone purpose-driven travelling, offers several other benefits and opportunities.

Do you know what these benefits are?

Well, the most important benefits include learning about the history and different cultures.

This blog will shed light on the benefits of travelling, give tips on how to derive optimal benefits from traveling, and enlist the best travel destinations.  

What is Learning Through Travelling?

Every country has a different culture with different traditions, history, and way of life. What's to say about a different country? Even if you travel to another city in your country, you will find a different way of life, culture, and traditions. Right?     

Therefore, learning through travelling means that you learn while you move from your country to a foreign country. It is regardless of whether their purpose is to seek the best-quality education or to earn a living to support their family back home by sending money.

It means you try to learn more about life, customs, and traditions of a country you are going to and of others en route.  

During long-distance travel, for example, from Asia to Europe, you can move around and get a chance to get preliminary insight into the culture of another country.   

Discover, Learn, Grow: The Power of a Learning Attitude While  Travelling

It is not that you have to travel with a goal to learn that will enable you to learn. It is rather the urge for learning that ensures learning while travelling. If you have a learning attitude, it will come naturally and offer you the following amazing benefits.  

Opening Your Horizon

The prerequisite to travelling is to have an open mind to allow information flow to be synthesised. While you travel with an open mind, you will get a lot of information about different cultures and people, blowing your mind open.  

Building Confidence

Travelling alone is a big challenge. You will understand the challenge's gravity when you travel alone away from your support network. This burden of travelling alone, facing challenges and overcoming them takes your confidence and learning to the next level.  

Learning Another Language(s)  

Travelling allows you to learn another language. You might not feel the urge otherwise if you are not travelling. Learning a new language is important if the purpose is to find a job abroad, earn a living and offer financial support back home through money transfers.   

Learning a new language helps you get a job abroad and ensures your professional growth and development.

Unlocking New Opportunities

Whether for learning or otherwise, travelling ensures that you find several opportunities – may be better than the one you are already travelling abroad for! Therefore, one of the biggest benefits of travelling is that it brightens your prospects of finding newer and better opportunities.   

Tips to Ensure Learning and Immersing Yourself in Foreign Cultures   

Every country has, as mentioned earlier, a different culture with a different way of life, customs and traditions, all of which offer you immense to learn from. But the question is: whether you have all it takes to optimally learn from these learning offers. Have a look below.  

Research in Advance  

Make sure that you research the country you are travelling to in advance. Sifting through the internet will reveal a lot about the culture, customs, traditions, and way of life in your destination country and give you a fair idea about it.     

Venture Beyond Typical Tourist Attractions

The typical tourist destinations in a country are typically flooded with people almost every time. The presence of people restricts your chances of learning to some extent if not completely. Therefore, to appreciate learning through travelling, venture beyond typical tourist attractions.

Do Not Try to Stand Out   

When you travel to another country, you exhibit what you have in terms of your culture and its uniqueness. But in doing so, you subconsciously stand out from the locals. It precludes you from immersing yourself fully. So, make sure that you indulge in the local norms and cultures and interact with the locals. This stems from your research about the concerned country in advance.

Travel by Public Transport  

To fully appreciate the traditions, culture, and way of life of your destination country, make sure to use public transport for commuting, no matter how small the distance is. This will help you explore with little effort.  

Do Not Sit Idle

Naturally, you tend to stay inside your comfort zone. After arriving at your destination country, you create a comfort zone and want to stay inside it. Avoid this. Do not sit idle. Shun your comfort zone and try to be on the move in your free time while living abroad.

These and a few other tips will help you go a long way to exploring the world and different cultures optimally.

Best Places to Visit for Learning Cultures and History in 2024

However, travelling to any country will offer immense opportunities to learn about their history and culture. But your visit to the following few countries will be fascinating given their rich history and culture.  

Unlocking History of The United Kingdom

One of the top countries to visit for travelling for learning is the United Kingdom. The rich history and diverse culture of the country make your presence there an exciting experience. Your every move and moment there is immersed in learning.    

Cultural Tapestry of Canada

Going to Canada offers several benefits apart from learning experiences. The country has a diverse culture and rich history as Canada hosts several migrants worldwide. The diversity of Canada’s culture offers a lot to learn from.  

Australian Diverse Landscape

With a picturesque landscape, diverse culture and rich history, travelling to Australia is worth everything involved, including your time, effort, and money. With a learning attitude, you will return with loads of learning from Australia.    

Historical Landscapes of France

The attraction France has for visitors, tourists and expatriates alike needs no further explanation. The richness of its history, cultural diversity and the beauty of France are all factors that will offer immense learning to you as a traveller in any capacity.

Cultural Odyssey of Europe

The fact that the region consists of several countries makes Europe an amazing tourist destination. The cluster of countries offers you an amazing taste of cultural diversity and extremely rich history. Learning in Europe as a tourist is as diverse as the region itself.

Work, Earn, and Send Money with ACE Money Transfer

Whether you travel to these countries as a tourist or an expatriate to earn a living and send money online to offer financial support back home, your travelling is worth it.

If you are travelling abroad for a long time, why not work and earn while immersing yourself in the culture of your host country?  

And what better way to offer financial support back home than ACE Money Transfer for a seamless online money transfer experience anchored in low fees, speed, safety, and competitive currency exchange rates?


What is learning through travelling?

Travelling abroad is propelled by several purposes. One of the most important purposes is to find a job to earn a living. But another purpose could be to learn through travelling. It means that you learn and expand your horizon every step of your journey and immerse yourself in the culture of your host country.   

What are the benefits of travelling?

Travelling itself is an extremely beneficial experience offering you several benefits and advantages. Some important benefits of travelling are opening your mind to new horizons, building confidence, learning a new language(s), and finding new opportunities.   

How do you immerse yourself in a foreign culture?

Although your host country's culture will offer you many things, you need to know how to benefit from what you are offered optimally. Therefore, you must research in advance, venture beyond typical tourist destinations, use public transport, not sit idle, and avoid standing out from the locals. 

What are the best countries to travel to?

Almost every country you travel to offers you many things to learn from in terms of its culture and history, as every country has its unique culture and history. However, some of the most popular tourist destinations are the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and France.    

Can learning through travelling and work go parallel?

Yes! Learning through travelling and working abroad can go parallel. For example, if you are working in a European country, you will have several opportunities to travel to neighbouring countries to spend holidays and learn about their history and culture in the process.


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