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Top 5 Cheap Flights for International Travel from Nepal in 2024

28 Jun 2024

Key Highlights:

·   Top 5 cheapest airlines for international traveling from Nepal

·   Factors impacting airfares

·   Brief tips for booking cheap flights for international travel from Nepal

According to the Official Portal of the Government of Nepal, around 1.5 million Nepalese are working in foreign countries. The purpose is to earn a living and offer financial aid back home by making money transfer to Nepal.

While you are all set to travel abroad from Nepal, you look for cheap international flights that offer you everything that an expensive flight will do. Right? But the question is: do you know which airlines offer cost-effective international flights? What factors do you need to consider while booking your international flight from Nepal? This blog addresses these concerns at length.

Top Airlines Offering Cheap International Air Travel from Nepal to Foreign Countries

If you look closely, you will realize that finding cost-effective international flights is central to why you are traveling abroad in the first place. You are in financial trouble because you need help finding sustainable jobs in Nepal and travel abroad.

As mentioned, the purpose is to earn a living and offer financial support. In such a scenario, can you afford to book a flight that is not cheap? Well, the answer is pretty obvious. Therefore, the top 5 airlines in Asia are listed below that offer you cheap international flights. Although these airlines are based in Asia, their connectivity is worldwide, with flights accessing Europe, America, Canada, Australia, etc.

Traveling Internationally with AirAsia

AirAsia is a Malaysian airline that operates internationally. It is headquartered near Kuala Lumpur. It is considered the largest airline in Malaysia by its fleet size and destinations. This airline has scheduled domestic and international flights to over 166 destinations in around 25 countries.

Even though the airline operates internationally, its airfare could be much higher. The best part of traveling with AirAsia is that you get every facility while traveling with it by paying a low cost. Therefore, if you book a flight with AirAsia to travel to, for example, the UK to earn a living and offer financial aid through every online money transfer to Nepal, you will find AirAsia cheap.

Traveling with Scoot Internationally

Next on the list is Scoot. It is a Singaporean airline with flight operations that have global reach and access. Scoot is a subsidiary owned entirely by Singapore Airlines. Scoot began its operations on June 4th, 2012.

Scoot’s official slogan is ‘Escape the Ordinary,’ and when you travel with Scoot, you realize that the airline literally means it. The airline has excellent service quality and offers much more than expected. With the low airfare, you will pay Scoot for your international air travel from Nepal.

Traveling Internationally with IndiGo

IndiGo is an Indian airline headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, and is known as InterGlobe Aviation Limited. It is a low-cost airline and is the largest airline in India by its fleet size and the number of passengers it carries.

Booking a flight with IndiGo to anywhere from Nepal will give you a pleasant experience. Firstly, you will enjoy cost-effective international travel. Secondly, the low-cost air travel with IndiGo has nothing to do with the top-notch service quality the airline offers you.

Traveling Globally with Citilink

Citilink is an Indonesian airline. It is known as PT Citilink Indonesia and is headquartered in Jakarta. It was established in July 2001 and has been operating since. It has served millions of air travelers both domestically and internationally.

Citilink Airlines is a cost-effective mode of air travel. It has been operating in several countries worldwide and offers the best air travel services despite being cost-effective. Your traveling with Citilink from Nepal is a financially pleasant experience.

International Travel with Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is Turkey’s flag carrier and the biggest airline in the country. It has a broad operational presence. However, despite being an international airline, its airfare is surprisingly low, and its service quality is uncompromised.

It has scheduled services to around 272 destinations across Europe, Asia, Oceania, the Americas, and Africa. If you think Europe is a suitable place for you to travel to for a job to earn a living and send money online to Nepal then Turkish Airlines is the best cost-effective travel option for you.

Top Factors Affecting Airfares Around the World

You may wonder why airfares to some of the popular destinations from Nepal should be mentioned while discussing airlines. Well, it is useless as airfares fluctuate due to several factors. Some of the most critical factors are discussed briefly below.

Your Season of Travelling

The season you choose to travel abroad plays a significant role in determining airfare. For example, airfare during summer vacations and winter holidays witnesses a spike. As soon as these seasons are off, the prices drop significantly.

·       Travel during off-peak seasons for cheap flights

·       Choose midweek flights

·       Choose early-morning or red-eye flights for international travelling

Competition Between Different Airlines

If your airline takes a popular travel route, your airfare will be less than a less-traversed route. The reason? The less-traveled route means that it is dominated by only a few airlines. This monopoly over the routes pushes the prices up.

Therefore, more competition between different airlines will mean low airfare. If the competition between airlines is low or does not exist, in the first place, it would drive the airfares up significantly.

·       Look for competition on a particular route

·       Compare airfares offered by different airlines

·       Select the best traveling route that corresponds to your needs

While you are traveling abroad from Nepal to earn a living and support your family financially, do you know which countries will pay you the most as an expatriate? Well, click HERE to get all the essential details.

Fuel Prices in the International Market

Fuel prices have a significant impact on airfares. According to surveys and reports, fuel prices account for about a quarter or between 25% and 35% of an airline’s operational expenses. Even though it is a significant factor, no one can control it. But to be on the safe side, you should keep a closer eye on the international fuel prices around the time of booking your flight from Nepal.

Time of Booking Your Flight

The time you choose to book your flight impacts airfare significantly. Every airline uses specialized algorithms in their systems that drive the prices and airfare up as the departure date draws closer.

·       Plan your trip and book early

·       Book your flight on a weekday

·       You should book your international flight at least 6-8 weeks in advance

Global, Economic, and Political Factors

Certain factors of macro level and global magnitude also impact airfare profoundly. For example, political upheaval in your destination country, or even your country, for that matter, can drive air ticket prices up. Some of these factors are:

·       Natural Disasters

·       Inclement Weather

·       Political and Economic Instability

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Why is finding a cheap airline necessary for international travel?

Finding a cheap airline to travel abroad is essential. When you are traveling abroad from Nepal, your objective is to earn a living and support your family financially back home. Therefore, finding a cheap airline for your international journey is essential to save money. But while going for cheap airlines, make sure not to compromise on service quality.

What are the top cheapest airlines to travel abroad from Nepal?

Several cheap airlines offer you low airfare for traveling internationally from Nepal. Although these airlines offer cheap airfare, their service quality remains high. Some of the best airlines, however, are AirAsia, Scoot, IndiGo, Citilink, and Turkish Airlines. These airlines are based in Asia but have comprehensive international connectivity and service availability.

What factors affect airfares?

Much like bus fare, airfare never remains static and fixed. It fluctuates. Several factors push airfares upward or downward. Some of the most important factors are your season of traveling, the level of competition between airlines, the fuel prices in the international market, the time of booking your flights, and economic and political factors of global significance.

What should be considered while choosing an airline?

While choosing an airline, you must consider some essential factors. These factors are the transit and layover time, layover location and layout, flight performance, airports designated for departure and arrival, the type of economy, airline reputation, baggage allowance, passport, visa and vaccination requirements, etc.

Why do Nepalese travel abroad?

The people of Nepal travel to foreign countries because they cannot find sustainable jobs in their native country. This renders them unemployed and leads to poverty. Therefore, they travel to foreign countries to find sustainable employment and earn a reasonable income. They then support their families financially through online money transfers from abroad.


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