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Top 10 Life-Saving Tips for Filipino Expatriate Workers in Ireland: Secrets Revealed!

25 Aug 2023

Have you ever wondered how the 10+ million-strong Filipino expat community is thriving and conquering the world? Besides living in several other foreign countries, over 16,000 Filipinos live in Ireland, most of whom work, earn and send money to Philippines from Ireland for their loved ones, accounting for 9.31% of the country’s annual GDP.

Are you also yearning to learn the hidden gems of survival and success abroad? Keep reading to revolutionise your expat journey!


10 Tips for Overseas Filipinos in Ireland to Ensure a Successful Expat Life

Carefully Read and Understand Your Employment Contract

Never sign any contract without properly giving it a read, especially if you’re a new expat. Thoroughly read and comprehend all the clauses, including job responsibilities, salary, benefits, and entitlements.

If you find any ambiguous points, ask your employer to clarify them to prevent misunderstandings later on. Knowing your work hours and the scope of your job will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. This way, you can set realistic expectations from the start.

Secure Proper Work Visas and Permits

Never underestimate the significance of proper visas and permits. Make sure that you have obtained the required permit before you leave your country. For example, you cannot get a job on a tourist visa because it can have serious implications. 

If you work without proper authorisation, you can get into serious trouble. It can lead to legal consequences and jeopardise your entire expat experience. Make sure your documents are updated and readily accessible at all times. This is because immigration authorities can conduct checks out of the blue. Staying compliant with visa regulations is important for living a smooth and lawful expat life.

Research and Respect Local Laws

If you wish to avoid unwillingly violating any rules, it is important to learn all the laws and regulations of your host country. This will help in preventing any potential legal troubles while also helping in navigating day-to-day activities.

Furthermore, also consciously be respectful of the local customs and traditions to build a positive reputation within the community. Being culturally sensitive will help you fit in more easily and foster goodwill.

Stay Connected with Family and Friends

There is no doubting the fact that living and working far away from loved ones can be emotionally challenging. To ease the hardship, prioritise regular communication with your family and friends back home.

We live in the digital age where communication is easier than ever. Make use of technology such as video calls and instant messaging to stay connected. Make an online money transfer from Ireland to Philippines to showcase your gratitude and love for your family.

Being vocal about your challenges with them can provide much-needed emotional support during difficult times.

Safeguard Personal Belongings

You have to be extra vigilant when it comes to protecting your personal belongings, especially essential documents like passports and work permits. Store the essentials in a secure and easily accessible location, such as a locked drawer or a safe.

Additionally, practice caution when you are out in public places because pickpocketing and theft are pretty common in big cities. Always stay alert and use preventive measures to lower the risks of losing valuables.

Keep Emergency Contacts at Handy

Immediate access to essential contacts can be lifesaving in times of crisis. It is advisable that, as soon as you land in your host country, create a comprehensive list of emergency contacts, including the nearest Filipino embassy or consulate.

The official agencies can offer vital support during emergencies, including natural disasters or unforeseen legal issues. Also, share this information with your family and close friends back home to ensure quick communication and support in case of unforeseen events.

Prioritise Health and Wellness

Your health is your most significant asset, and keeping it in good condition is important for a wholesome expatriate experience. Schedule regular visits to the doctor for general check-ups and vaccinations to ensure a good physical condition.

Sometimes, it is not easy to access healthcare overseas. That is why it is important to know your health condition. Plus, being proactive about prevention can help you avoid potential health issues. You can significantly enhance your overall well-being by prioritising a balanced diet, regular exercise, and good stress management skills.

It is also recommended to get comprehensive health insurance to cover you in times of need.

Ensuring Financial Security and Remittances

Create a detailed budget to help you manage your finances properly. Add all the living expenditures, savings, and remittances to family members back home. A well-structured budget will keep you on track with your financial goals and guarantee you have enough finances for both immediate requirements and long-term goals.

Trusted firms such as ACE Money Transfer can help you send money to Philippines online from Ireland quickly and securely. Transferring is made simple by the user-friendly software and cheap rates. You can be confident that your hard-earned money will reach your loved ones quickly and safely, giving them the assistance they require and maintaining your financial stability.

Learn more here on how to save money while sending remittances to your loved ones back home.

Attend Cultural Awareness Programs

Cultural awareness is extremely important for successful adaptation to a new nation. It is advisable to regularly take part in cultural awareness programmes or courses given by your workplace or community organisations in your area.

Such events and programs provide valuable insights into local customs, traditions, and societal norms. This assists you in avoiding cultural faux pas and strengthening your interactions with locals. Accepting cultural differences promotes a sense of belonging and respect in your new community.

Build a Professional Network

Do not underestimate the power of networking when it comes to personal and professional growth. A good tip is to attend networking events or join industry-related organisations to expand your professional connections.

You can get numerous new job opportunities through a strong network. Networking also gives you valuable insights into the job market, which eventually guarantees potential career advancements. Active networking also helps you learn from others' experiences and stay updated on industry trends.


The Way Forward

The journey of a Filipino expat worker is pretty exciting and full of new opportunities, growth and difficulties. However, you can ensure a smooth and successful experience while living and working abroad if you follow these life-saving tips.

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How can I effectively manage stress while working abroad?

It is recommended that you engage in regular physical activities, practice mindfulness, and join local support groups to cope with expat-related stress.

How can I learn more through cultural programs?

You can become an active participant and ask questions while engaging with the local community to deepen cultural understanding.

What are some fool-proof ways to build a strong professional network in a new country?

 Some of the most effective methods include attending industry-specific events, seminars, and workshops to meet like-minded professionals.

What are some benefits of opening a local bank account in my host country?

A local bank account lowers transaction fees and streamlines financial transactions for day-to-day living and remittances.

What are some necessary items I should bring with me as an expatriate worker?

Important documents, adaptors, and a basic first-aid kit are among the important items that you should definitely take with you.

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