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Looking for The Lowest Transfer Fee to Send Money to the Philippines? Here's Your Solution.

Looking for The Lowest Transfer Fee to Send Money to the Philippines? Here's Your Solution.

28 Dec 2022

The Philippines is a Southeast Asian archipelago of over 7,000 islands scattered across the Pacific Ocean. Major travel publications have consistently named several Philippine islands and beaches as the best in the world. But the Philippines is more than just an idyllic tropical destination for island hopping and beach adventures. Despite these fascinations, several Filipinos live and work in foreign countries to send money to Philppines for financial support. Do you know why these Filipinos move overseas?

Unique cuisine, vibrant festivals that showcase its colourful culture, and friendly locals regarded as some of the happiest in the world can all be found in the Philippines. Nevertheless, many Filipinos cannot sufficiently provide for their families due to a lack of reasonable employment, growing expenses, natural disasters, and an inflation crisis.

When sending money home from overseas, an expat worker must consider several factors like the transfer cost, exchange rates, speed, and security of the transfers. Let’s help you find the best way to send money to the Philippines from overseas with all the benefits under one roof.

Sending Money to the Philippines at the Lowest Transfer Fee from Overseas

Though it seems far-fetched, you can still have the option to help you transfer money to your loved ones with ZERO fees yet at the highest exchange rates. Can’t believe it, right?

ACE Money Transfer, one of the most trusted remittance providers, has waived the transfer cost for Filipino customers across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland. So, you can transfer funds to your family in the Philippines without any fees and still at the highest exchange rates in the market.

Although you have got the right solution here, you must still read on to learn about various factors that you must consider to ensure the safest, fastest, and most affordable global money transfers.

Knowing various methods to choose the best one for your monetary needs is critical. Here’s an overview of some famous methods for a money transfer to Philippines that expat workers typically use.

Different Ways of Sending Money

The remittance transfer market has grown rapidly, and most firms have turned digital since internet-based solutions have become the need of the day. Nevertheless, several conventional methods are still in practice, as many people trust them. Below are some commonly famous money transfer methods among global expat workers.

Wire Transfer

A wire transfer is a method of sending money to another bank, either domestically or internationally, using a service like the Federal Reserve Wire Network. Because banks generally charge outgoing wire transfer fees, wire transfers are one of the most expensive ways to transfer money.

Some banks and accounts may even charge incoming wire transfers. Domestic outgoing wire transfer fees average around $26, while international outgoing wire transfer fees average $44. A wire transfer allows you to send money to the Philippines without handing over cash or writing a cheque, but you have to pay the transfer costs.

You're transferring money electronically from your bank account to the intended recipient's. Although the service is usually quick and convenient, many banks charge a fee for sending money this way. The cost varies by the financial institution, and a bank may charge a different price for sending wire transfers than receiving them.

Cheques for Individuals

Another option is to write a cheque and deposit it into another account, hand it to another person, or mail it to a recipient in a different city or state.

When sending checks internationally, things become more complicated. Sending a check written in US dollars overseas often causes delays in cashing the check while the bank verifies the deposit, and some banks may not accept foreign checks at all.

The recipient of the check may also be required to pay a cashing fee and the exchange rate to convert the funds into local currency.

Email Transfers

This type of money transfer works similarly to an electronic check. Although the transaction is initiated by email, and the recipient is notified by email that the funds are available, the funds are not physically transferred by email. The senders must first open an online banking account to use the email money transfer (EMT). They can open such an account with any bank or remittance service provider using a desktop or mobile application. Making an online money transfer to Philippines via a trusted provider like ACE Money Transfer is always recommended.

When using EMT, the recipient's bank account number is not required, but a security question is usually needed to identify the recipient before they can retrieve the funds. Transferring funds via email money transfer usually incurs a small fee of a couple of dollars. This service takes several days to reach the recipient.

What’s the Cheapest Way to Send Money to the Philippines?

The cheapest way to send money to the Philippines is almost always to use a specialist money transfer provider to make an international bank transfer to a local bank account in the Philippines, which you can pay for with a debit card or a local bank transfer.

ACE Money Transfer is the best example of such a solution. Sending money to the Philippines with ACE Money Transfer is free of cost. It will be far cheaper than making an international bank transfer to the Philippines through your bank or through PayPal. It will incur higher fees and take a significant margin on the exchange rate when converting your money into Philippine pesos.

ACE Money Transfer offers remittance services to many countries. Every idea, service, and product their team develops revolves around the needs and desires of customers. They have created a joyful yet professional working environment in which the employees are eager to come to work and thrive every day, yet they do not compromise on quality.

Switch to ACE Money Transfer and send money to Philippines online without any costs yet at the highest exchange rates and the fastest processing speed. When you enter the ACE family of millions of existing users, you become eligible to participate in several promotions by the firm that allows you to win exciting rewards.


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