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Top 10 Best Travel Destinations for Relaxation and Wellness for Pakistanis

Top 10 Best Travel Destinations for Relaxation and Wellness for Pakistanis

23 Nov 2023

About 9 million Pakistani migrants live in different countries worldwide, a report by Pilot Guides said. It is one of the largest diaspora populations in the world. Most of these migrants leave the country in a bid to find better employment opportunities to earn a reasonable income.


The reason is to send money to Pakistan to offer financial support back home. Pakistani migrants sent back $22.7 billion in inward remittances between July and April of the fiscal year 2022-2023. These remittances declined by a hefty 13% compared to the same period of the last year.


Travelling abroad for tourism or for a brief time is an exciting and thrilling experience but when you leave your family and loved ones for an indefinite time to earn a living in a faraway land, it can be pretty disturbing and can exact a heavy toll on your mental health.


Because, working in a foreign country is, although exciting, this excitement is only temporary. You are exposed to the harsh realities of life once this excitement wears thin.


This can have adverse effects on your health and affect your performance at the workplace, which you cannot afford.

Therefore, it is essential to prioritize your wellness and relaxation when you travel to another country as a Pakistani migrant.

This blog will list the top 10 travel destinations that can offer you mental relaxation and wellness.


But, do you not think that you should cast a glance at some of the core reasons why Pakistanis travel abroad?


Well, knowing this is essential because only after knowing this will you be able to fully appreciate the importance of wellness and relaxation.

Top Reasons Why Pakistanis Travel Abroad

You would revisit your decision to travel abroad even after you have decided if you did not have pressing financial needs.

You can have many reasons to go abroad including education and tourism but one of the most compelling is to seek a better employment opportunity to earn a relatively better income to support your family back home through a money transfer to Pakistan from overseas.

Let’s look at some of the other reasons that trigger migration from Pakistan.

Unemployment and Acute Poverty

Most Pakistanis suffer from unemployment which pushes them into deeper poverty. They are financially cornered to the extent that they fail to put food on the table and become unable to breathe financially.

A Burgeoning Population

A report published by Dawn revealed that the population of Pakistan is about 246.5 million, according to the latest census results. The same report continued to say that about 40 million souls were added to the total headcount of the country since the census exercise of 2017.

The Misery Index

The level of the misery index, which is the sum of unemployment and inflation has gone up from 15.2 to 36.8 in recent months, a report by Dawn quoted a former deputy governor of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) as saying.

The Flailing Economy

In the World Bank’s estimation, the nominal GDP of Pakistan in 2021 was $348.26 billion.

The World Bank estimated that the country’s GDP per capita income in 2021 was $1,505.

All of these reasons prompt travelling from Pakistan to other countries to earn a better living so that you can help your families back home financially and enable them to lead a financially decent life away from poverty because you send money to Pakistan online for this purpose.

Since you wish to earn a living abroad, you must try to travel to and find work in Countries That Pay The Most To Expatriate Workers.

Let’s now list the countries that you can consider for relaxation and wellness.

Top Destinations for Relaxation and Wellness for Pakistani Migrants

The following countries can offer you loads of mental peace and relaxation even if you are on a tight budget.


Nepal is a preferred destination in proximity to Pakistan. It is a financially viable country and offers several activities to the visitors. You can visit historic temples, climb the Himalayas, and shop around in budget-friendly markets.


Thailand is famous for its affordability. It offers a lot of activities for relaxation and leisure. Thailand is a perfect blend of bustling streets, the stunning beaches of Phuket, and the cultural heritage of Chiang Mai.


In Malaysia, you can find what other countries may not offer you. In addition to being a financially friendly country, you will find it to be a mix of several skyscrapers, masterpieces of the latest technology and historical sites.

Sri Lanka

Also known as an island paradise, Sri Lanka is ideal for Pakistani migrants on a budget. Beaches of Bentota, ancient ruins, and tea plantations in cities like Kandy and Colombo offer you all you need to stay relaxed and well.


Turkey is, perhaps, one of the most preferred travel destinations for Pakistanis. It offers a rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. Turkey is also a transcontinental country which adds to its charm and attraction.


This country offers several travel and tourism attractions that are low-cost. Where you find beaches and vibrant culture in Bali, Jakarta offers you a fine blend of modern and traditional attractions.


Egypt is an inexpensive country. Those with a keen interest in architectural marvels and ancient history will find Egypt to be a country designed to offer wellness and relaxation.


With the country’s cuisine and budget-friendly accommodations with an overall friendly living cost, Vietnam is an attractive destination. You can explore the streets of Hanoi and the landscapes of Halong Bay to relax.


Cambodia has a rich history and amazing temples. You can find a fine blend of history, vibrant culture, and markets that can add to your relaxation in a budget-friendly manner.


Bolivia is a hidden gem for Pakistani migrants on a budget. While you work there to earn a living, the country offers you immense opportunities to explore its beautiful landscape and its rich history and culture.

Travelling to any of these countries can help you with your well-being.

The Way Forward

Your online money transfer to Pakistan can challenge your mental health and relaxation, owing to fees, exchange rates, safety, and speed. But not if you do so with ACE Money Transfer which will deliver funds to Pakistan in just 7 seconds with market-competitive exchange rates, safety, and much more for a paltry amount as fees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Pakistani migrants should prioritize wellness and relaxation?

Ans. Pakistani migrants face stress and anxiety due to living and working challenges in a foreign land. It can hurt their mental health. So, prioritizing wellness and relaxation is important to stay productive and healthy.

What are the reasons for travelling abroad for Pakistani migrants?

Ans. Pakistani migrants travel abroad for better employment; higher income; to support their families back home financially; for a better education; and to explore a new culture.

What are the best destinations for Pakistani migrants for wellness?

Ans. The best destinations for Pakistani migrants to relax are Thailand, Nepal, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Indonesia, Egypt, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bolivia.

What to consider when planning a wellness vacation?

Ans. Pakistani migrants should keep their budget, interests, health needs, time of the year for travelling, and the length of their vacation while planning a wellness and relaxation tour.

What are the benefits of travelling for wellness?

Ans. You can enjoy several benefits of travelling for wellness including stress reduction, improved mood, boost in energy levels, improved sleep cycle, weight loss, and self-awareness.

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