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Tips for Maintaining Relationships with Friends and Family Back Home from Overseas

21 Sep 2023

To stay connected and promote a sense of belonging when an expat is living abroad, keeping connections with friends and family back home is essential. Despite the geographical separation, technological advances and international money transfer services have made it simpler than ever to maintain these connections across borders. When an expatriate move abroad for international education or to work earn and send money back home, homesickness and missing the loved ones is the foremost challenge they face. Let’s look at helpful advice for expats on keeping in touch with family while living abroad.

Tips to Stay Connected and Maintain Relationships with Family and Friends from Overseas


Embrace Communication Technology

In the digital era, there are many instruments for communication that may help close friends and family members who are separated by distance communicate. Utilise tools like social media, video calls, and messaging services to remain in touch with your loved ones back home. Plan regular virtual get-togethers so you can talk, exchange experiences, and even celebrate key milestones together. You may maintain a close relationship despite the distance between you by taking advantage of these advances in technology.

Display Empathy and Active Interest

Relationships involve work on the part of both sides. By paying attention to what your loved ones are saying and genuinely caring about them, you may demonstrate empathy. Make an effort to recognise and celebrate milestones, important anniversaries, and events, even if you are not present. Small acts of kindness, such as sending handwritten notes, presents, or flowers, may have a big impact and serve as a constant reminder to your loved ones that they are in your thoughts.

Plan Regular Visits

While communication technology is a useful tool, in-person contacts are still preferable. To spend meaningful time with your loved ones, schedule frequent trips back home. These get-togethers may reinforce security, produce enduring memories, and offer a chance to catch up on one another's lives. 

Though, visiting back home from overseas frequently isn’t a piece of cake since it involves several challenges, high expenses being the top one. Look around for deals and promotions that can help you manage travel tickets reasonably. For instance, reliable providers like ACE Money Transfer often come up with promotions for customers who send money online to their families from abroad using their services. These firms offer rewards, which can help you manage your travel expenses.

Financial Assistance with Online Money Transfers

Sometimes it's vital to provide financial support to help your loved ones back home. Online money transfers can offer a practical answer for any kind of spending, including those for emergencies, education, or routine outlays. You may send money internationally fast and securely with ACE Money Transfer's safe and effective platform. By using ACE Money Transfer, you can make sure that your loved ones receive financial assistance when they most need it, deepening your relationship.

ACE Money Transfer for Swift and Fast Services

To guarantee that transfers are handled swiftly and effectively, the company makes use of cutting-edge technology and a large partner network. Customers of ACE Money Transfer may send money to friends, family, or business associates in a timely way while enjoying a smooth experience.

  • Customers often have a variety of options when starting a transfer with ACE Money Transfer, including online platforms or mobile applications. Typically, the procedure is opening an account, giving the recipient's information as requested, and indicating the amount to be given. The transaction is then facilitated by ACE Money Transfer, which makes sure the money gets to the target recipient quickly.
  • Additionally, ACE Money Transfer is dedicated to protecting the transactions of its clients. To preserve sensitive information and guard against unauthorised access, they use encryption and other security measures. Due to their commitment to security, clients may feel confident using their service, knowing that their money is being sent safely and reliably.
  • A quick and reliable solution for transferring funds internationally is provided by ACE Money Transfer. They aim to give their clients a seamless experience by putting a strong emphasis on speed, security, and customer happiness. For anyone looking for quick and dependable international money transfer services, whether for personal or business transfers, ACE Money Transfer is a dependable choice.

Wrap Up

Expats may strengthen relationships and help their loved ones from a distance by using communication technologies, organising trips, sharing experiences, demonstrating empathy, and using online money transfer services like ACE Money Transfer. To maintain connections, keep in mind that distance is no longer an obstacle. With the correct tools and techniques, you can remain in touch with your loved ones wherever you are in the globe.

A pro tip for expatriates who move abroad specifically to earn and transfer funds back home is to use ACE Money Transfer for a quick, secure, and economical online money transfer. Using such a credible and reliable provider helps you avoid hefty transfer costs that can negatively impact your budget.



How can I maintain effective communication with loved ones when living abroad?

Schedule regular video or voice calls using apps like Zoom or Skype, and stay connected through instant messaging and social media platforms. Managing time zones effectively is crucial, so create a schedule that accommodates everyone's availability.

Can maintaining relationships from overseas become overwhelming?

Yes, managing relationships from abroad can be challenging due to differences in time zones, schedules, and lifestyles. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, prioritize your most important relationships, set clear boundaries, and communicate your availability openly and honestly with loved ones.

How can I nurture my relationships when I can’t physically be there for important occasions?

Send thoughtful messages, gifts, or cards during significant events or milestones. Also, utilize technology to attend events virtually and share in the experiences of your loved ones. Consistently showing love and support, even from a distance, strengthens bonds.

Does living overseas impact the intimacy and closeness of relationships with friends and family?

Living abroad can impact relationships due to the lack of physical presence and shared experiences. However, maintaining regular, meaningful communication and making an effort to stay involved in each other's lives can help in sustaining intimacy and closeness in relationships.

How do I deal with feelings of guilt for being away from friends and family?

Acknowledge your feelings and communicate openly with your loved ones about your experiences and challenges. Focus on the positive aspects of your overseas living, like personal growth and new experiences, and share them with your friends and family. Regular visits, when possible, and actively participating in the lives of your loved ones can also alleviate feelings of guilt.

What is the process of ACE Money Transfer?

You may send money overseas to your loved ones via the online portal ACE Money Transfer. By registering for an account on the ACE Money Transfer website or mobile app, you can begin a transfer. 

How can ACE Money Transfer help customers trace the funds that transfer?

You may trace the development of your money transfer using the handy tracking function offered by ACE Money Transfer. After starting a transfer, you will be given a tracking ID or a transaction reference number.

What are the ACE Money Transfer costs and money rates?

The goal of ACE Money Transfer is to provide its clients with affordable rates and minimal expenses. Based on variables, including the destination countries, the transfer amount, and the chosen payment and payout methods, the precise costs and exchange rates can change.

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