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The Top 10 Most Popular Destinations For Working Abroad In 2023 For Indian Expats

19 May 2023

Working abroad can help you improve your financial status and lets you help your family back home in India by making an instant money transfer to India whenever needed. As you grow up, You often ask yourself questions like, "Where do you see yourself in a few years?". Where would be your ideal place to work and reside? How will that work be presented? Very few people likely replied with unimaginative, static ideas, preferring to "live the dream in a far-off beach town" or "explore the cities of the world one country at a time" instead.

Living and working abroad can teach you about the world, about yourself, and about what it means to be a global citizen. As the world becomes more connected, more people are looking for work outside of their home country, but choosing where to go can be challenging.

There is a list of the top countries to work abroad to assist you in finding your dream position there. Keep reading to learn more and find the best destination for your career pursuit.

Top Working Abroad Destination Countries that Indians Must Know

The countries that are listed below in no particular order all stand in highly desirable locations to find temporary employment or start a career.


Canada is the first destination on this list because it has a simple and flexible immigration process for Indians. In addition, obtaining a visa in Canada is relatively inexpensive when measured to most other nations. The Express Entry program is the most well-liked immigration scheme to assist you in entering Canada. Other programs exist, though, such as the PNP, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and the Entrepreneur Program.

It is also advantageous to develop your career here due to the impressive skill offerings and high education correlation. You will also be able to benefit from personal security, education, and healthcare. An offer letter from a Canadian employer, a nomination from a province, and a high CRS score are requirements for eligibility. 

The average annual salary in Canada is C$39,000, and the average monthly cost of living is C$4,032. If you succeed in finding a good job with reasonable earnings, the next challenge is to save enough and transfer funds to your loved ones in India from Canada. The best part for you to know is that you can save money on your transfer costs if you use ACE Money Transfer. It is the perfect option for you if you are a Canadian NRI looking for the best ways to transfer funds back home to India. Find more information about such concerns by Clicking Here.


If you're wondering where it's the easiest for Indians to find work, look no further than the United Kingdom (UK). As the continent's economic hub, it provides Indian citizens with a wide range of opportunities. Additionally, the UK offers experts the platform and technical support needed for innovation. There are additional options for the route you can take to enter this country in addition to this. 

For example, you could apply for a professional work visa or a global talent visa. You need to have the employer's letter of acceptance. You must be a qualified IT professional with a background in education and letters of recommendation from authorities in the UK. 

The average monthly cost of living in the UK is £ 241, while the annual average salary is £ 33,295. If you are already working in the UK and want to send money to India, use ACE's mobile app or website for quick, secure, and economical service. 


The Netherlands ranks second on the list of nations that grant straightforward work visas to Indians. You can find a good work-life balance in this nation, which should be your main consideration over others. An additional benefit is the adaptability of the work visa approval procedure. In order to ensure you have the necessary growth option, it has fostered technological research within its borders.

Additionally, the Dutch government has lowered taxes and raised living standards so its citizens can access the best jobs, schools, and medical care. Meet the eligibility requirements, including professional and academic experience, earning at least $6.4 per month, and speaking English fluently. You may be able to obtain a work visa for the Netherlands. 


Singapore is another country that grants Indians simple work visas, regardless of whether they are graduates or self-employed. Additionally, it is home to the most prominent financial centres on earth. Therefore, finding employment in Singapore is simple if you work in the teaching, information technology, or hospitality sectors. 

Another benefit of applying for your visa here is the warm weather. A Short-Term Visit Pass is the simplest way to enter this country. If your higher education program was recently completed, you could apply for this pass, extending your stay in this nation by 30 to 90 days. This qualifies you for the Long-Term Visit Pass and grants you permission to stay for an additional year.

Work visas are also available, such as the S-Pass for mid-skilled labourers with a 2-year grant, the Entre-Pass for entrepreneurs, and the Employment Pass for managers, executives, and professionals. In Singapore, you can expect to make an average monthly salary of S$2,140. However, the average monthly cost of living is S$1,100.


Australia is among the best nations where you can quickly obtain a work visa if you want to launch a global career that will grow exponentially. Additionally, since this nation's skilled worker quota was reduced, it is now a viable option for candidates with strong test scores. Solid citizenship rights, secure surroundings, a high standard of living, and an ideal climate are all available in this nation.

For entry into Australia, you can apply for a Resident Return Visa, Permanent Resident Visa, Confirmatory Resident Return Visa, or Special Category Visa. But to be eligible for it, you must meet the requirements. Many Indians already work here and support their families by transferring funds from abroad. And when it comes to making a swift, secure, and economical online money transfer to India, there’s no better choice than ACE Money Transfer.

New Zealand

Because of its simple visa process and few requirements, New Zealand has established itself as one of the top nations that grant accessible work permits to Indians. If you work here, you can take advantage of both the natural surroundings and the advantages of a first-world country. 

Additionally, the love of sports and active outdoor lifestyle among the populace make it the ideal location for raising children. One of the most significant advantages you can get is staying in New Zealand for up to 12 months using a working holiday visa. You have two options when applying for a work visa in New Zealand: the skilled immigrant or entrepreneurial work visa. 

However, there are some requirements to fulfil: a specific field's expertise and experience, on the scale of points for visas, at least 160 points; you must have a thorough business plan if you apply for an Entrepreneur Work Visa. The average cost of living (excluding rent) is $1,400 NZD per month, while the typical salary you can expect to earn is NZ$ 97,300 per year.

Work and travel abroad to realise your full potential. Consider what you hope to gain from the experience and why it will be so rewarding before searching for countries with employment opportunities for foreigners. While still earning a living, you'll immerse yourself in various cultures, pick up new languages, meet interesting people, and take in breathtaking sights. 

If you're living abroad and searching for the best ways to send money to India, it's better to avail of ACE Money Transfer Services. 

Bottom Line 

To begin your career abroad, obtaining a work visa can be challenging. It is, therefore, preferable to select a nation where there is a minimum eligibility requirement and a simple visa application process. Selecting a destination country can be challenging; you may consider one of the listed countries and start looking for jobs. Finding a job and getting hired is recommended before you finally move abroad from India. Once you settle in a foreign country, send money to India online via ACE Money Transfer and benefit from the best exchange rates, the lowest transfer costs, and the most secure services.


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