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Tailored For You: ACE Money Transfer's Personalised Features for Remittances to Nepal from Ireland

Tailored For You: ACE Money Transfer's Personalised Features for Remittances to Nepal from Ireland

19 Oct 2023

The trend of sending money to your family while working abroad is not new. People have been working in foreign countries and feeding their families in their home countries for centuries. In old times, sending money to your loved ones was quite scary because of the high chances of fraud, money loss, and looting. But now, there has been a global revolution known as international mobile remittance or digital remittance that has taken over the money transfer industry wholly.


According to research, more than 69% of smartphone users would rather send money to a person through a mobile app than a website.


Now, you can send money to Nepal without any risks and negative thoughts. Money transfer companies like ACE Money Transfer have made their remittance features so transparent and super reliable for their users that they can't help send money through it. This article will dive into the ACE Money Transfer’s personalized features for remittances to Nepal from Ireland, and you will see why it is the user’s top choice.

Why Should You Choose ACE Money Transfer for Sending Money to Nepal from Ireland?

ACE Money Transfer is the most advanced and superior way of transferring money. People who are living in Ireland must know how hard is the typical method of sending money to Nepal. You have to make multiple visits to the bank to carry out a single transfer. People these days have no time to go out of their routines just to send money to Nepal.


ACE Money Transfer has solved this problem by providing the luxury of transferring money from your mobile. You can now send money to any part of the world while sitting on your couch. All you have to do is download the ACE Money Transfer mobile app on your mobile and register with them. All these luxuries and unmatched facilities attract users to use the platform of ACE Money Transfer.

ACE Money Transfer's Personalised Features for Remittances to Nepal from Ireland

Since the advancement of the digital remittance industry, sending money to your loved ones has already become very easy. But if you transfer via ACE Money Transfer’s online platform, it is more straightforward than ever. You can send money to your loved ones anytime at the hour of need. You can take care of their finances through ACE Money Transfer by sending money to them in a few taps only. 


ACE Money Transfer has certain features and remittance services, making it different and superior to other digital remittance industries. A few of them are described below.

Simple To Use

ACE Money Transfer has made its platform in such a way that almost everyone can get an advantage from its services. It is very simple to use. It is not only easy to operate, but it also makes the process of sending and receiving money easy. You can still send money to Nepal online or receive money if there is no ATM or bank nearby. There is availability of a complete virtual transfer. Apart from that, it is super straightforward to operate. Anyone can use the app and do money transfers. It is super easy to understand.

Accessible To Everyone

ACE Money Transfer is a secure platform easily accessible to everyone. Rural areas are deprived of services in typical bank transfers and money transfer companies. But ACE Money Transfer has constructed almost everything in its app. You just need internet service and a mobile phone and are financially connected to almost every part of the world. 


This feature of ACE has particularly benefited businesses that are also operated in rural areas. People now do their transactions while sitting in their homes and do not have to travel miles only to send money. You can send money to almost every location in Nepal through the ACE app without effort.

Provides Safe and Secure Money Transfers

One of the biggest advantages of sending money to Nepal through ACE Money Transfer is that it has a 3D security network, which is unbreakable. You do not have to worry about cyber scams and fraud when sending money through ACE. One of its salient features is that you have complete access and visibility of your funds throughout the transfers. You can track your funds when the transfer is being done. This increases the customer’s trust in the company, and they feel safe while sending money to their loved ones through ACE. 


Security and transparency of funds is why online money transfer is the way to go for expat worker.

Fast, Vivid, and Quick Remittance Transfers

Another feature distinguishing ACE Money Transfer from other remittance companies is that it works 24/7. In most remittance companies, if you send money on the weekend, you have to wait for working days for your money transfer to get completed. ACE Money Transfer has already found the solution to this problem. You can do your money transfers to Nepal at any time. The transfer will take seconds to complete. The availability of ACE’s platform in the hour of need gives it a whip hand, and people prefer using it.

Facilitates Economic Growth of Underdeveloped Countries

A significant part of the GDP of underdeveloped countries relies on remittance from developed countries. ACE Money Transfer realizes it and facilitates remittance transfers to underdeveloped countries like Nepal. For this purpose, the company comes up with numerous schemes and lucky draws so that people are attracted more and more towards the money transfers. Moreover, it has also made money transfers fees-free and gives the best exchange rates that motivate people to do more money transfers.


Thanks to the availability of mobile apps, ACE Money Transfer is available in almost every key part of the world. People are now able to send money to Nepal without any financial pressure. This practice significantly facilitates the economic growth of underdeveloped countries like Nepal.

What Advantages Do You Get if You Send Money Through the ACE Money Transfer Mobile App?

In this digital era, you cannot imagine your life without smartphones. It will be like cutting off the world. The same goes when it comes to the remittance industry. If you are not using your smartphone for daily remittance transfers, you are keeping yourself away from the million benefits and luxuries. It is not wrong to say that you might be living in the stone age.


Thanks to mobile apps, sending money to your loved ones has become easier than ever. You can send money to any part of the world through a few taps without moving from your location. Let us look into some other benefits that you get if you send money using the mobile application of ACE Money Transfer. 


  • You can verify your recipient, which keeps you away from doing wrong transfers
  • You can send money to Nepal without going outside
  • You get the luxury of sending money to your loved ones at any time of the day, even on holidays
  • You can win exciting prizes if you invite your friends and family to use this app for money transfers
  • Money transfers are completed in 7 seconds
  • You have the option of using multiple payment methods of your choice
  • You get the best online exchange rates compared to the market rates
  • You can avail fee-free transfer opportunities
  • ACE Money Transfer mobile app also helps you to manage your finances

Bottom Line

For people and families who depend on money transfers to support their loved ones in Nepal and other countries, remittance fraud is a major source of worry. Vulnerable populations may be in danger of losing their hard-earned money to scammers and fraudsters due to the high cost of sending money and the lack of transparency in some transfer services. Being a reliable provider of remittance services, ACE is dedicated to assisting its clients in sending money securely to their family members.


People can experience the simplicity, security, and efficiency of sending money to Nepal while preserving financial control using an app like ACE Money Transfer. Take charge of your finances and make international transactions with confidence and convenience via ACE. Sign up on ACE for free to make a money transfer to Nepal at unbelievable exchange rates and the lowest transaction fees whenever you transfer funds back home.


What is ACE in remittance?

ACE Money Transfer provides remittance services from 23 sending countries to over 100 receiving countries. Over one million customers rely on its platform's efficiency, security, and speed to send funds to friends and family worldwide.

How do I transfer money to my remittance account?

You can transfer money to your remittance account by visiting your bank and requesting a wire or ACH transfer. Or, you can send it using a money transfer service specializing in domestic and international transfers. You can use an app like PayPal to send a remittance to another country. The best among all is the platform ACE Money Transfer, which makes your money transfers hurdle-free.

What bank details are required for remittance?

To make a wire transfer, you should ensure you have the recipient's correct account number, address, email ID, and contact number. You should also have the SWIFT code of the corresponding bank.

What are two types of remittance?

Remittance is one of the important sources of revenue for a country and plays a vital role in its economic growth and development. There are two types of remittance: Inward Remittance and Outward Remittance

Does ACE Money Transfer work in Pakistan?

Yes, ACE Money Transfer works in Pakistan. In fact, with ACE Money Transfer, making money transfers to Pakistan is simpler, faster, and more secure than ever. Remittances continue to be a source of survival for millions of Pakistani households, who can make ends meet thanks to every payment made to them by family members who are employed abroad.


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