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Steps to Get a Remittance Certificate in the ACE Mobile App

18 Apr 2024

Are you seeking step-by-step guidance on obtaining a remittance certificate through the ACE mobile app? In today's globalised world, as the need for money transfers has become integral, remittance certificates have increased more than ever. These certificates are often required whether you need to provide proof of funds transfer or for tax purposes.

Understanding the precise steps in this process can help facilitate online money transfers and ensure compliance with legal and financial requirements. Therefore, the ACE Mobile App offers a convenient solution for obtaining this critical document. This article will walk you through a step-by-step guide on obtaining a remittance certificate to ensure you have all the necessary documentation.   

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get a Remittance Certificate in the ACE Mobile App

To obtain a remittance certificate through the ACE Mobile App, follow these step-by-step instructions:


Step # 01: Log in to Your ACE Account

Open the ACE Mobile App and log in to your account using your credentials to access your account dashboard.


Step # 02: Go to More

Navigate to the "More" tab in the bar at the bottom of the screen. This tab, typically in the lower right corner, provides access to various features and settings related to your ACE money transfer service mobile app.


Step # 03: Locate the Remittance Certificate Option

Scroll down to locate the "Remittance Certificate" option. This specific feature enables users to generate remittance certificates for their transactions.


Step # 04: Select the Date Range and Remittance Receiver

Upon selecting the "Remittance Certificate" option, a new window will appear, asking you to input the date range for the certificate. Here, you will have to specify the start and end dates.

Then, you must choose the remittance receiver’s account for whom you require the certificate. Once you’ve selected the receiver, tap on “Proceed.”


Step # 05: Tap on Generate

Now, tap on the "Generate" button. This action will prompt the ACE Mobile App to generate the remittance certificate based on the specified date range and receiver.

By following these steps, you can conveniently and immediately obtain a remittance certificate through the ACE Mobile App, which will be available as a downloadable PDF.

Here is a short tutorial video on: How to Get a Remittance Certificate in the ACE Mobile App.   

Significance of Remittance Certificates in Mobile App

Remittance certificates serve as documented evidence of financial transactions crucial for various purposes. Getting these certificates in the ACE Mobile App gives users comprehensive documentation and compliance measures whenever they send money.


Facilitating Financial Compliance  

Remittance certificates are fundamental in ensuring adherence to financial regulations and documentation requirements. By providing a verified record of the money transfer process, these certificates contribute to establishing a compliant and transparent financial transaction.


Proof of Transactions for Diverse Needs

These certificates cater to various needs, including proof of fund transfers, tax documentation, and other administrative requirements. ACE commits to providing its users with a clear and reliable record and effectively fulfilling the diverse documentation they might need.

How Should You Proceed if You Don’t Get a Remittance Certificate?

If you have yet to receive a remittance certificate after you send money through the ACE Mobile App, the appropriate action is to seek assistance from ACE's esteemed customer support. Here’s how you can get in touch with ACE’s customer support.


Contact ACE Customer Support

Directly reach out to ACE's dedicated customer support. Upon contact, you can promptly address the concern and seek guidance on obtaining the necessary documentation for your remittance transaction.


Provide Transaction Details

When contacting customer support, ensure you can provide specific transaction details, such as the date and recipient information, to facilitate a swift resolution. This allows the customer support representative to accurately identify the transaction and initiate the necessary steps to assist you in obtaining the missing remittance certificate.

Moreover, the ACE mobile app also allows you to track your money transfer and ensure it reaches the recipient safely. This way, you can have all the info regarding the transaction.

Benefits of Using the ACE Mobile App  

The ACE Money Transfer Mobile App provides a range of features for expats who want to send money abroad. So, when you want to send a remittance back home, explore these compelling reasons ACE mobile app offers:  


Time-Saving Process

When transferring money, physical facilities may inconvenience you by closing for holidays or emergencies, potentially clashing with your deadlines. 

However, with the ACE Money Transfer app, sending money online from the comfort of your home is seamless. You just need to provide your information in the comfort of your home. 


24/7 Functional

Accessible on both iOS and Android devices, the app empowers you to create transactions at any time with an internet connection. Regardless of bank holidays or non-banking hours, you can seamlessly send money 24/7 through the ACE mobile app from anywhere. 

Your recipient will swiftly access the transferred funds with simple steps. Moreover, the ACE mobile app also allows you to track your money transfer and ensure it reaches the recipient safely.

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Competitive Rates

Using traditional bank accounts or other money transfer methods often incurs high fees, making money transfer apps a more cost-effective choice.

Meanwhile, the ACE Money Transfer app precisely addresses these needs and ensures the best deal for the recipient. ACE offers competitive exchange rates to maximise savings. 

ACE Mobile App — Your One-Stop Solution to All Banking Needs

Amidst the saturation of global money transfer service providers, ACE Money Transfer distinguishes itself through reliability, transfer speed, security, fees, and competitive exchange rates. Instead of approaching financial matters dispassionately, the up-to-date ACE Mobile App empowers users to handle their financial tasks efficiently and joyfully. 

With its user-friendly interface, the ACE Mobile App provides robust account management, budgeting, and time-saving capabilities, all while bolstering security measures. ACE Money Transfer is the ideal choice for a single platform encompassing all these essential features. Take control of your global money transfer processes by downloading the ACE Mobile App from the App Store.  


How do I access the ACE Mobile App to obtain a remittance certificate?

To access the ACE Mobile App for a remittance certificate, log in, navigate to the "More" tab, select "Remittance Certificate," and follow the prompts.

What information do I need to provide when generating a remittance certificate through the ACE Mobile App?

When generating a remittance certificate, you must provide the date range and select the specific recipient.

Can I customise the date range for the remittance certificate in the ACE Mobile App?

Yes, the ACE Mobile App allows you to customize the date for the remittance certificate to meet your specific requirements.

Is the remittance certificate downloadable as a PDF through the ACE Mobile App?

Upon completion, the remittance certificate is available for easy download as a PDF through the ACE Mobile App.

Are specific recipient details required when generating a remittance certificate via the ACE Mobile App?

When generating a remittance certificate, specific recipient details, such as the receiver's account, are required to complete the process.


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