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How to Add Inquiry in ACE Mobile App - A Step-by-Step Guide

18 Apr 2024

In today's interconnected world, international money exchanges have become a massive part of our daily routines. However, it's essential to have the ability to amend provided data in a transaction to guarantee a smooth and error-free money transfer process.

With trillions of dollars being transferred across borders each year, you may need to correct the wrong information while making a transaction. Therefore, when sending funds to loved ones abroad, the ability to amend transaction details is vital for a seamless and reliable money transfer process. This guide provides a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to adding an inquiry on the ACE Mobile App to empower you to send money confidently and accurately.    

Step-By-Step Guide on Adding Inquiry in the ACE Money Transfer Mobile App

The ability to edit transaction details is crucial in today's global economy. The ACE Mobile App offers a six-step process to add an inquiry and ensure accurate money transfers.  

Step 1: Log in to your account

To initiate the process of adding an inquiry in the ACE mobile app, start by logging into your account.

Step 2: Go to History

Once logged in successfully, proceed to the Transaction History section within the app. You can find the history section in the menu below. Whenever you send money online, all those histories are gathered here.   

Step 3: Tap on Inquiry

In the transaction history, tap on the relevant transaction for which you wish to add an inquiry and then select the "Inquiry" option.   

Step 4: Select Inquiry Type

Upon clicking "Inquiry," a new window will appear displaying your inquiry history related to that transaction. If no previous inquiries are linked to the transaction, you will see a message indicating "No Inquiry Found." 

At the bottom of the page, locate and tap the "Add Inquiry" button to proceed. Select the type of inquiry from the drop-down menu and select requesting changes in receiver details. 

Step 5: Enter Details in the Message

After choosing the inquiry type, you will be prompted to enter a detailed description of your concern in the message box. Ensure you have the right details to articulate your inquiry clearly and comprehensively. 

Step 6: Submit Your Inquiry

Once you have elaborated on your inquiry, review the details to ensure accuracy, then proceed by clicking the "Submit" button. This action will successfully add to your inquiry regarding the selected transaction.


Here is a short tutorial video on: How to Add Inquiry in the ACE Mobile App.


By following these six simple steps—logging in, accessing transaction history, tapping on inquiry, selecting the inquiry type, entering details, and submitting your inquiry—you can effectively address concerns within the ACE mobile app. However, remember that you can not add inquiries or amend details regarding mobile top-ups. 

Significance of Inquiry Feature in ACE Mobile App

The inquiry feature within the ACE Mobile App ensures the accuracy and reliability of international money transfers. Two of the most significant benefits of this feature are:

Enhances User Control and Confidence   

The inquiry feature empowers users to take charge of their transactions by providing a straightforward process to address potential concerns. This enhances user confidence and trust in the ACE Mobile App to ensure an efficient money transfer process.

Error Prevention and Resolution

The ACE Mobile App's inquiry feature is a proactive tool for preventing errors by allowing users to add inquiries and request changes as needed. This feature also allows users to resolve any issues that may arise during a transaction right away. This way, ACE maintains the integrity of the transaction and promotes a sense of reliability and security for its users.

Contacting ACE’s Team for Guidance

When seeking guidance or assistance, there are multiple convenient channels through which you can connect with ACE’s dedicated support team.

Via E-mail

You can contact ACE’s customer service by emailing ACE’s team is committed to promptly addressing your inquiries and providing comprehensive guidance via email. 

ACE mobile app makes managing finances easier by enabling users to handle their finances without visiting physical locations. 

Via LiveChat

ACE’s website offers a LiveChat feature, enabling users to communicate with support representatives in real-time. This interactive platform allows you to receive immediate assistance and personalized guidance to address your concerns effectively.

Via Helpline

For direct assistance and immediate guidance, you can contact ACE by calling your country's helpline number provided by ACE Money Transfer. The dedicated customer support team is readily available to address your queries, offer guidance, and ensure a seamless experience with our services. 

Utilizing these channels, you can easily access the expertise and support of ACE’s team to ensure a smooth and seamless experience with ACE Mobile App's services. 

Features That Make ACE Mobile App Standout

With all essential features readily accessible, the ACE Mobile App provides a user-friendly platform comparable to traditional remittance services, delivering added convenience and comfort. 

The intuitive app empowers you to conveniently initiate, track, and finalize online money transfer processes from the comfort of your home to ensure a seamless experience. The following are some of the key features that make the ACE Mobile App stand out:

Easy-to-Use Design 

The ACE Mobile App stands out with its user-friendly design, focusing on practicality and engagement. Visual elements such as colors, images, and typography are carefully incorporated to improve the user experience. 

The app's user-friendly interface allows easy navigation without compromising style or usability. Avoiding unnecessary complexities to prevent user confusion ensures an optimal and enjoyable experience.

Effortless Money Transfer Procedures

The ACE Mobile App makes transfers easy by ensuring all key features are readily available. Customers can effortlessly initiate, track, and finalize transactions from the comfort of their own homes.

The app's design is centered around providing a platform similar to traditional remittance services, offering additional convenience and comfort. ACE mobile app makes managing finances easier by enabling users to handle their finances without visiting physical locations.  

Reliable and Efficient

Ensuring the security of the ACE Mobile App is the top priority. The application focuses on user convenience by arranging content logically, allowing quick access to essential information while maintaining security.  

ACE's commitment to ensuring a safe and dependable user experience distinguishes it in the crowded mobile applications market. Users can rely on the ACE Mobile App to protect their financial transactions and personal information, providing security and peace of mind.


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Continuous Improvement and Innovation 

ACE Mobile App strives for ongoing improvement and innovation. Consistent updates and improvements guarantee that users can take advantage of the newest features and advancements in mobile finance technology. ACE's commitment to innovation is evident in its dedication to providing users with a cutting-edge, future-ready mobile app.

Navigate Money Transfers with Confidence — The Way Forward

ACE Money Transfer empowers users to add inquiries and modify transaction details seamlessly. The platform's dedication to ensuring security and reliability when you send money abroad underscores its mission to foster a safe and convenient user experience.

Choosing ACE Money Transfer guarantees a seamless and secure process and provides access to valuable resources and support. From real-time updates to comprehensive customer assistance, ACE Money Transfer is a reliable partner in facilitating international transfers. With ACE, you can confidently navigate the intricacies of your financial transactions and rest assured that your needs are comprehensively addressed.  


How do I access the ACE Mobile App to add inquiries?

To add inquiries using the ACE Mobile App, simply login to your account and access the transaction history to add inquiries.

Can I modify transaction details using the ACE Mobile App?

Yes, the ACE Mobile App enables you to modify transaction details, providing a seamless and convenient platform to ensure accuracy and reliability in financial transactions.

Is the ACE Mobile App secure for managing financial transactions?

The ACE Mobile App prioritizes security, employing robust measures to safeguard financial transactions and user data, ensuring a secure and reliable user experience.

Is it secure to modify transaction details within the ACE Mobile App?

Yes, the ACE Mobile App maintains a secure environment for modifying transaction details and integrates stringent security protocols to protect the confidentiality and integrity of financial information.

How can I ensure I have the most up-to-date version of the ACE Mobile App?  

To have the latest version of a mobile app, enable automatic updates in your device settings or manually check for updates in the app store.


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