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Overcome Expatriate Challenges: A Lifesaving Toolkit for Global Nepalese Workers in Ireland

Overcome Expatriate Challenges: A Lifesaving Toolkit for Global Nepalese Workers in Ireland

07 Nov 2023

A report by MIDEQ revealed that approximately 3.5 million Nepalese, accounting for about 14% of the country’s total population, are working abroad. These Nepalese migrants work abroad to earn a living because they cannot find reasonable jobs in their native country due to the country’s flailing economy. Thus they send money to Nepal from abroad to offer financial support to their families back home. Their contribution to the country’s economy. According to the World Bank, the Nepali diaspora sent back $9.29 billion in inward remittances in 2022.


In another report published by the Nepal Ireland Society, it was stated that about 2,500 Nepalese are living in Ireland and working in different sectors, such as the hospitality sector, with some of the Nepalese owning restaurants. In addition, these Nepalese have a significant presence in other sectors such as Medical, IT, Accounting, and so on.


The presence of Nepalese in Ireland has increased significantly in the recent past because in Ireland, finding a job is relatively easy for job-seeking expatriates due to the country’s robust economy. Ireland’s thriving and expansive job market can accommodate job hunters in several sectors, some of which are listed above.


Being pressed by acute poverty and unemployment, coming to Ireland becomes a natural choice for the Nepalese so that they can find employment opportunities with better prospects and send money to Nepal online from Ireland to offer financial aid back home. So far, so good! All sounds perfect and seems smooth. Right?


But do you know that going abroad to earn a living is not as simple and easy as it seems? Your journey from the start till the time you arrive in a foreign country is fraught with several challenges that you have to face and overcome by yourself alone.

So, do you know what those challenges are? And even if you know these challenges, do you know how to overcome them?

Well, answering both questions in the affirmative is unlikely and keeping this in view, this blog aims to provide you with some insights about the challenges you are likely to face as a Nepalese migrant working in Ireland.


But before shedding light on the challenges and how to overcome them, let’s first understand the reasons that make Ireland a big appeal for you as a Nepalese migrant.

Why do Nepalese Travel to Ireland for Employment Opportunities?

The fact that several multinational companies are housed in Ireland makes this European country a big attraction for job-seeking expatriates.


A bunch of other reasons, however, are also discussed as follows, which you can consider while moving to Ireland.

Hiring at Entry-Level Positions

One of the biggest challenges you face in a foreign country at the time of applying for a job is your experience. But you can get a job in Ireland with little experience because Ireland is home to over 1,000 IT, Pharma, Social Media, and Finance companies. These companies hire you based on your communication skills and multilingualism rather than your experience.

The Only English-speaking country in the EU

Ireland, surprisingly, is the only English-speaking country in the European Union. Therefore, if you have command over the language and wish to work in an English-speaking environment, then Ireland is the best choice for you to work, earn a living and send money from Ireland to Nepal to offer financial support back home.


Getting high exchange rates on your international money transfers is a big challenge. Right? But learn here about getting the highest exchange rates while sending money to Nepal from overseas.

Ireland Offers the 3rd Highest Pay in the EU

Ireland offers the third-highest wages across the European Union after Luxembourg and the Netherlands. A report by Statista said that in 2020, the average annual wage in Ireland was 49,000 Euros.

Promotions are Easy

Finding qualified multilingual staff is a grave challenge for several companies in Ireland. Therefore, the companies try to retain such staff after finding them. It results in the staff’s easy and quick promotions, which are primarily aimed at retaining employees.

The Robust Irish Economy

  • A World Bank report said that the nominal GDP of Ireland in 2022 was $529.24 billion.
  • Another World Bank report said that the GDP per capita income of Ireland in 2022 was $104,038.9.

All these factors together pull Nepalese migrants to Ireland. But remember that earning big does not mean you should be careless about your money transfers back home. Regardless of your earnings, make sure to find the cheapest way to send money to Nepal from Ireland.

Let’s now look at the challenges you face as a migrant and how to overcome them.

What Challenges Do Nepali Migrants Face While Working in Ireland?

Living abroad is an exciting experience, but it comes with following few common challenges.

Understanding New Culture and Fitting In

The first challenge is to understand the new culture and absorb the cultural shock. The best way to deal with it is to accept it as it comes and also try to understand the culture of your host country through the internet well before arriving there.

Struggling With the Language Barrier

It is the second challenge you face. It is not so big a challenge if you go to an English-speaking country like Ireland. Because English is, well, a language, you essentially know the basics of it. Right? But it becomes a grave challenge when you travel to a non-English country.

Worrying About Housing and Living-Cost

It is another grave challenge because you are going to another country for the first time, and although you can search the internet for it, the ground realities will not be the same as what the internet tells you. Therefore, talk to people who have been to the country you are planning to go to and join certain expatriate forums to get first-hand knowledge about these areas.

Worrying About Financial Management

Managing finances alone in a foreign country is another grave challenge. It also includes how to send money to Nepal because of the costs involved in the process. Therefore exercise caution and care while managing your money as a migrant and finding a reasonable service provider for your money transfers back to Nepal.

Loneliness and Homesickness

You are away from your loved ones, family, friends, and support network. It all takes a heavy toll on your psychological health, leading to physical health complications. Try, therefore, to stay in touch with your family regularly and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

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Why should I consider Ireland for work abroad?

You should consider Ireland for jobs because the country has a robust economy and an expansive job market. In addition, there are over a thousand multinational companies that hire you based on your communication skills and bilingualism rather than experience.

Why do I face challenges in a foreign country?

You face challenges in a foreign country because you come to a new environment where your family, friends, and support network all suddenly disappear, and you have to navigate your way ahead alone. This breeds immense challenges.

What type of challenges do I face while living in Ireland?

The most common types of challenges you face include understanding the new culture, fitting in, dealing with the language barrier, worrying about accommodation, finances and living costs, and dealing with loneliness and homesickness. 

How do I counter the challenges that come with my expatriate life?

You can counter these challenges by getting information beforehand, joining expatriate forums, using financial management tools, finding a shared accommodation, socialising with the locals, living a healthy life, exercising, and staying in touch with your family.

Can I find a way for an instant money transfer to Nepal?

Yes. You can find a service provider that offers you an instant money transfer back to Nepal but for this, you will have to search several companies and draw comparisons between their service features to find the best deal for your money transfers.

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