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How to Stay Safe While Working Abroad as a Bangladeshi Expat Worker

18 Jul 2023

Are you a Bangladeshi expat worker eager to embark on an international adventure but concerned about your safety while working abroad? What if you could easily ensure a secure and protected journey while maximising your professional opportunities, which would allow you to send money to Bangladesh and support your loved ones?

More than 10 Million Bangladeshis live and work abroad to support their families and boost the Bangladeshi economy by sending remittances. Working as a Bangladeshi expat worker in another country can be a thrilling opportunity, but danger could be lurking a few steps away. 

Taking preventive actions to safeguard oneself is important whether you are in a neighbouring country or halfway around the world.

This blog unveils essential strategies and expert tips for Bangladeshi expat workers to stay safe in their work abroad.

Ensuring Personal Safety Abroad as a Bangladeshi Expat

Researching is the Key

Gathering knowledge of your destination country's culture, customs, laws, and any risks before travelling is essential. Learn the local emergency phone numbers, healthcare facilities, and the location of the nearest embassy or consulate. Keep up to date on the current travel warnings issued by the Bangladeshi government.

Stay Connected with Your Loved Ones

Maintain regular contact with your family, friends, and fellow Bangladeshi expats. Share your contact information and address with people you trust who can help you in an emergency. To keep connected and informed, use online communication platforms such as social media or WhatsApp.

Be Culturally Aware

Respect the host country's conventions, traditions, and norms. Understanding and following their cultural practices will help you in blending in and avoiding avoidable clashes. Dress modestly and observe proper public decorum.

Secure Your Personal Belongings

Always keep your personal belongings safe in a secure place. Invest in a strong lock for your accommodation and utilise it regularly. Handle cash, valuables, and essential documents with caution. Keep backups of your passport, visa, and other identity documents in a secure location.

Take Your Health Seriously

Take the necessary health precautions, such as getting vaccinated and carrying a first aid kit—look out for nearby healthcare facilities and insurance choices. To avoid any type of health emergency, be cautious when consuming food and water. Practising cleanliness as good hygiene often means good health.

Ensuring Financial Security

Choose Reliable Money Transfer Services

Whenever you have to send money to Bangladesh online, use safe and secure remittance-sending services. Online services usually make it simple and quick to send funds back home. Look for trusted firms like ACE that give reasonable exchange rates, affordable fees, and strong security.

You can learn more about the services of ACE Money Transfer for the Bangladeshi economy here.

Thoroughly Research the Financial Firms

Compare various online money transfer platforms to choose the one that best meets your needs. Read customer reviews, assess transfer speeds, and consider usability. Look for providers that enable you to send remittances to your country swiftly and securely online.

Protect Your Financial Information

Be extremely cautious while exchanging financial information online. Use only reputable websites and make sure the URL begins with "https" to ensure a secure connection. Avoid utilising public Wi-Fi networks for financial transactions since they can easily be hacked.

Keep a watch on your bank accounts and online payment systems regularly. Check your transaction history regularly for any questionable activity. Report any unauthorised transactions or anomalies to your bank or money transfer service provider right away.

Establish a Financial Safety Net

Create an emergency fund to cover unforeseen bills or crises. It's a good idea to have some money that you can easily access in times of need. Consider creating a bank account in the country where you will be staying and saving up a percentage each month from your paycheck.

Maintaining Workplace Safety

Understand Workplace Regulations

Become acquainted with your host country's workplace safety rules and requirements. This includes an understanding of safety measures, emergency procedures, and any industry-specific laws. Stay up-to-date about your rights as an employee, and make sure your company follows these rules as well.

Report Safety Concerns

Be proactive in detecting and reporting workplace safety concerns or possible risks. If you observe faulty equipment, unsafe working conditions, or any other safety hazards, immediately notify your supervisor or the proper authority. Prompt reporting can help prevent accidents and make the workplace safer for everyone.

Safety hazards are not always limited to physical danger. If you ever detect fraud or suspicion in your online money transfer to Bangladesh, immediately report it to the concerned authorities.

Attend Safety Training

Participate in any safety training programmes or workshops that your employer offers. These classes will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to detect potential hazards, understand safety procedures, and respond successfully in emergency circumstances. Pay close attention and actively engage in these sessions to maximise your potential to deal with a hazard.

Use Protective Equipment

Always use the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) when working in hazardous situations or handling machinery. Depending on the nature of your profession, this may include safety helmets, goggles, gloves, earplugs, or safety harnesses. To reduce the risk of harm, make sure your PPE fits properly, is in good condition, and is worn consistently.

Keep Workspaces Clean and Organised

A messy or disorganised workspace can increase the probability of accidents and injury. Maintain a clean, debris-free, and well-organized work environment. Make sure that walkways and exits are clear and easy to find. Any potential risks or maintenance issues should be immediately reported to your supervisor.

Proper Lifting Techniques

If your profession requires you to lift or move big goods, you must utilise proper lifting techniques to avoid strains and accidents. Lift using your legs, not your knees, and avoid twisting your torso. When lifting goods that are too heavy or uncomfortable to lift alone, get the help of a co-worker or utilise proper lifting equipment.

Take Breaks and Manage Fatigue

Working long hours or being continuously on the go can cause exhaustion, which can impair your cognition and raise the risk of accidents. Take frequent pauses and get adequate restorative sleep each night. Manage your workload wisely to avoid burnout and keep you awake on the job.

The Way Forward

Safety should always come first for an expat as they are on their own in a foreign land. Make sure to always prioritise yourself and your safety by sticking to these tips and tricks. Use a reliable and trustworthy firm like ACE for every money transfer to Bangladesh for your family. Sign up for free to start sending remittances at unbelievable rates and lightning-fast speed.


How can I send money to Bangladesh swiftly and securely online?

You can utilise the renowned ACE Money Transfer, which provides favourable exchange rates as well as strong security precautions.

What should I do if I come across violations of workplace safety while working abroad?

Report any safety violations to your supervisor or the proper authority as soon as possible.

Is there any personal protective equipment (PPE) required for my industry when working abroad?

The type of PPE necessary will be determined by the nature of your work. For specific PPE requirements, consult your employer or industry guidelines.

How can I deal with weariness as a Bangladeshi expat working long hours?

To avoid burnout and retain alertness, take regular breaks, prioritise adequate sleep, and properly manage your workload. You can also take short walks between your shifts.

Can I access free counselling services or therapists for support with emotional well-being while working abroad?

Yes, many countries offer free counselling services specifically for expat workers. Research local resources or inquire with your employer for available support.

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