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How ACE Money Transfer Supports Bangladeshi Diasporas to Uplift Remittance Inflows to Bangladesh

23 May 2023

Have you ever wondered how Bangladeshi diasporas manage to send money to Bangladesh from abroad to their loved ones back home? More than 2.4 million Bangladeshis live and work abroad and add great value to the country’s foreign reserves by sending remittances, which make up almost 5.33% of its GDP. When it comes to transferring funds to Bangladesh from overseas, ACE Money Transfer is a key player in this equation. In this article, we'll explore how the firm helps uplift remittance inflows to Bangladesh.


Let’s first look at why Bangladesh's people must leave their homeland and move abroad. 

Understanding the Bangladeshi Expatriates

The Bangladeshi expatriates are spread across the world, from the Middle East to North America. These hardworking individuals often leave their homeland in search of better economic opportunities, but they continue to support their families back home through remittances.


These remittances hold critical value for several households in Bangladesh and the country’s foreign reserves. Any decline in these inflows can severely impact people’s lives and Bangladesh’s economy. 

The Importance of Remittances in Bangladesh

These remittances play a significant role in the Bangladeshi economy. They help families meet daily needs, invest in small businesses, and contribute to economic growth. So how does ACE Money Transfer fit into this picture? 

An Overview of ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer is a global financial services company facilitating money transfers to multiple countries, including Bangladesh. They're known for their security, reliability, and speed. 

The Role of ACE in Supporting Bangladeshi Diaspora

ACE Money Transfer supports Bangladeshi expatriates manifold, and a brief overview of their services for these expats is given below.


Facilitating Remittances to Bangladesh

ACE Money Transfer makes it easy for the diaspora to send money to Bangladesh online. With a few clicks on their digital platform, users can send money securely and swiftly from their homes, comfort zones, or on the go. 

Ensuring Security and Reliability

ACE puts a premium on security. They employ advanced encryption technology to ensure each transaction is protected from any potential threats. 

The Impact of Digital Platforms

ACE's digital platforms have made money transfers more accessible and convenient. ACE Money Transfer’s interactive website and user-friendly mobile app enable customers to transfer funds across borders 24/7 at the lowest transfer fees yet at the highest exchange rates. They've essentially brought the service to the pockets of users. 

Advantages of Using ACE Money Transfer

Customers can benefit from several exceptional features that the firm offers. Here are some of the most prominent and considerable features of ACE Money Transfer that you must know. 

Convenient and Fast Transfers

ACE provides a user-friendly platform that allows for quick money transfers. This is especially important for those who need to send money urgently. 

Economical Transfer Fees

One of the many benefits of using ACE is its lowest transfer rates, which it always keeps transparent for customers. They aim to provide the most value for each transfer, making them a go-to choice for many Bangladeshi expatriates. 

Competitive Exchange Rates

The exchange rate is always the most critical aspect of transferring funds across borders since it decides the amount your recipient will receive. ACE Money Transfer lets you check live exchange rates on its Exchange Rate Calculator, linked to the interbank currency rates. It allows you to monitor the market exchange rate fluctuations and transfer funds when you see a desirable rate. ACE Money Transfer ensures that its customers get the highest possible exchange rates in the market. 

Robust Customer Service

ACE Money Transfer also stands out with its customer-centric approach. They have a dedicated customer service team ready to assist users with any issues they may encounter during the transfer process. You can always contact customer support and seek help if you find any trouble in making a money transfer to Bangladesh from overseas.


How ACE's Innovations Boost Remittances to Bangladesh

ACE Money Transfer understands the critical value of remittances to Bangladesh and other low-to-middle-income countries. Therefore, it ensures the best service features to help expatriates transfer funds securely and swiftly to increase remittance inflows to their native countries. Out of many, below are the two chief contributing factors from ACE Money Transfer to boost remittance inflows to Bangladesh and other countries.

Technological Advancements

In the modern era, technology plays a crucial role in financial transactions. ACE continually updates its platforms, incorporating the latest technological advancements to ensure smoother, faster, and more secure transactions. 

Partnership and Collaborations

ACE's collaborations with local and international banks in Bangladesh make transfers more seamless. Their strong network allows for quick and efficient distribution of remittances across the country.


Conclusion and Future Outlook

ACE Money Transfer's commitment to providing easy, reliable, and affordable money transfer services has undoubtedly made a significant impact on the Bangladeshi diaspora's ability to send remittances back home. With their continuous improvements and user-focused approach, they are set to continue playing a vital role in supporting Bangladesh's economy. The firm ensures that every online money transfer to Bangladesh made by overseas Bangladeshi reaches the destination safely, securely, swiftly, and with the utmost benefits for customers and the receiving country’s economy.




1. How secure is ACE Money Transfer?

ACE Money Transfer employs advanced encryption technology to secure each transaction, ensuring your money is always protected.


2. How fast can ACE Money Transfer send money to Bangladesh?

ACE offers fast transfers, often completing transactions within minutes. However, transfer time may vary depending on the receiving bank and the payment method.


3. Are there any fees associated with sending money to Bangladesh through ACE?

ACE provides competitive exchange rates and the lowest transfer fees. Any fees associated with sending money will be made clear during the transaction process.


4. Can I send money to Bangladesh from any country using ACE Money Transfer?

Yes, ACE offers global services. However, availability may vary based on local regulations and partnerships with banks.


5. Does ACE have a customer service line for assistance?

Yes, ACE has a dedicated customer service team ready to assist users with any issues or inquiries.


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