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How to be safe in the online remittance transfer world?

How to be safe in the online remittance transfer world?

18 Aug 2022

Are you afraid of becoming a victim of scams while transferring remittances online?

A massive chunk of the talented lot from underdeveloped countries travels to the developed world every year, searching for better livelihood options. These expatriates stay in the host country for years and stay away from their families for long periods. Expats like Ghanaians require a reliable and trustworthy remittance sending service to send money to Ghana for their families. However, most individuals would refrain from trusting third party money transfer apps due to a fear of getting scammed.

It is no surprise that the Internet can be pretty scary for scams. Still, it is also undeniable that sending money online is highly convenient, whether you are paying taxes, a parking ticket or paying for food. You only need to be concerned about the security of your money when sending it online. 

Despite the severe Internet-wide security problem, avoiding financial transactions online is becoming more complex. Anyone attempting to send money online faces various risks, but a long list of common-sense safeguards is available to anyone who understands what to look for. If you plan to send money online, you must follow the safety measures to avoid scams. 

ACE Money Transfer is one of the safest sites to send money online globally. ACE keeps your information secure and hidden. You can easily send money to Ghana through ACE with convenience and ease. 

How to ensure safety while transferring remittances?

Here are some tips for sticking by while using third party money transfer apps to send remittances to your home country. 

Double-check your device before proceeding with the transaction.

Hackers are present on your computer, laptop, or phone without your knowledge. They enter your devices through malicious links or emails. Avoid using such sites that are not authentic and look like a scam. Before you even consider the transaction, you must first check that your computer or mobile device is secure. If you are using a standard computer, make sure you use the most recent version of Windows, OS X, or any other operating system.

For Windows users, simply configure the updates to install automatically. When you are confident that you are using the most current operating system and browser version, you are ready to proceed. Always keep antivirus on your devices.

The most excellent anti-virus software has a specific money feature that compares payment websites to a list of trusted sites. It's also becoming apparent that criminals are targeting the Android platform, particularly financial malware. When you perform money transfer to Ghana or any other country, the apps usually ask for authentication. Use the right money transfer apps before giving them your personal information. 

Make sure you are using a secure medium to transfer funds.

After you have secured your computer, check to see if the mediums you're using are secure. The apparent first measure is to avoid using illegal money transfer services. Aside from that, keep an eye out for unusual advertising promotions that may be adware and seek to steal information from your browser sessions.

This is why it is critical to select a reputable payment service. Whichever site you are using, establish some type of two-factor authentication. You will have to validate any logins using an SMS or email-based security code. It has two functions: it raises entry barriers into your account and notifies you if someone attempts to access your account.

Always check your company’s reliability.

The only requirement for online money transfer is the company's safety and reliability. Online money transfers are processed with the assistance of a corporation. So, you must determine whether the company is new or has been in operation for several years.

If the company is new, with only a few staff members, you should be aware that there is no assurance of reliability and security. It is not advisable to transfer more significant amounts to such companies, particularly when sending money to Ghana, Bangladesh, or other developing nations. Instead, you can send a smaller amount if the situation is urgent. Always use a reputable money transfer provider with a large customer base. 

Track your money transfer app 

Some Online Money Transfer services allow you to trace your funds. This will assist you in locating your money while sitting on your couch. You can also call the customer service department of a bank. A few apps offer this feature to assist you with online money transfers.

What to do if you sense that you have become a victim of online theft?

The first thing you should do is contact your bank or financial institution. Inform them of the problem and inquire whether you can get your money back after being scammed online. Make sure to cancel any future billing and consider freezing any compromised accounts.

It's also a good idea to update your passwords on your accounts, including social media. Contact the police if you believe your identity has been stolen as well. You can also report the scams to the appropriate authorities in your country.

ACE is the safest online remittance transfer company

ACE enables you to send money anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes. ACE is one of the most convenient and trustworthy places to send money online. It offers a quick and secure service using a variety of foreign currencies. You can trust ACE and proceed with your transactions to send money to Ghana.

ACE provides some of the lowest transfer fees and the most competitive exchange rates. They have made the entire process of transferring money to Ghana online much more superficial. ACE money transfer is reliable and does not bring any virus with it. You can check its reliability through the testimonials of thousands of users.

The best way to transfer money to Ghana safely and securely is through ACE Money Transfer. Sign up now to become a valued user of the most trusted remittance sending service globally. 

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