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Rapid and Easy Solutions for Remittance to Pakistan - Guide 2024

01 Aug 2023

With ACE Money Transfer, making money transfer to Pakistan is simpler, faster, and more secure than ever. Remittances continue to be a source of survival for millions of Pakistani households, who can make ends meet thanks to every payment made to them by family members who are employed abroad. Speed, security, and cost are the three main factors every expat customer considers when sending money abroad. Due to the development of digital technologies and fintech alliances, the market has become more inventive and competitive. 


In the past, few options were available when choosing a money transfer company, but today, many money transfer companies offer a wide range of services, meeting all needs. The fastest way to send money to Pakistan from Europe is described here. Modern digital remittance providers have significantly increased the money sent to Pakistan.


Top Ways to Send Money to Pakistan

Depending on your preferred payment method, how you want your money to be received, and how quickly you need it to get there, you can choose the most efficient way to send money to Pakistan.


Online Money Transfer service

Money transfer companies frequently provide better rates and lower fees when buying pounds or Pakistani rupees than a local bank.


Cash Pickup

Cash pickup allows your recipient to pick up the money you've sent from their agent location in Pakistan and receive it immediately if you need it to arrive quickly.


Transferring Money via a Bank

Bank transfers are a simple way to send money to Pakistan, but they come with a fee and are frequently slower than other options—UK banks generally markup exchange rates by 3% to 6%.


Prepaid phone credit

Prepaid phone credit is used to top off a recipient's prepaid mobile phone plan and is typically added instantly or quickly.


Mobile wallet

Mobile wallets, essentially electronic wallet services, let users send, receive, and store certain currencies using their phones—often at a cost. This is the best and quick way to send money to Pakistan online.


Fastest Way To Send Money To Pakistan 

Transfers to Pakistan can be made quickly through many online providers, but you'll probably have to pay more for the convenience. Here is one of the quickest typical transfer speeds to Pakistan:


ACE Money Transfer - Within minutes

The amount being transferred, the method of payment, and the currency all impact how long it takes to get money to Pakistan from anywhere in the world. Customers can send and receive money using various methods with ACE, a reputable provider of international money transfers, which provides competitive rates without any additional fees. 

With ACE, customers can complete same-day transfers for significantly less money than they would pay with banks, which can be expensive and time-consuming.


How Does ACE Help You Send Money to Pakistan?

With ACE, a top international money transfer service, you can send money to Pakistan quickly, securely, and confidently using various currencies available for purchase. When working with ACE, you can be sure your money will arrive at its destination quickly and securely. How to send money to Pakistan using ACE is as follows:

Register for ACE. 

You must download the app or create an account on the website before using ACE. Your name, address, and phone number will be requested. After finishing this step, you can begin sending money right away.

Start your transfer by deciding the recipient and the currency type to send. 

The Pakistani Rupee (PKR), among other currencies, is an option. Then, choose Pakistan as the destination nation and enter the money you wish to send.

View ACE's competitive prices and clear costs. 

Examine ACE's competitive exchange rates and clear fees before confirming your transaction so that you will be aware of the total cost of your transfer. Any currency pair's rates, including the EUR to PKR (Euro to Pakistani Rupee) rate, can be viewed.

Stay updated. 

Send money to Pakistan and get updates from ACE so you know how the transfer is going. Once everything is verified, enter your payment information and click "send." By receiving updates from ACE, you can follow the development of your transaction, giving you confidence that your money is being transferred safely.

Transfers sent through the ACE Money Transfer service typically arrive in Pakistan within one to four days. However, depending on when they are sent, many transfers are finished the same day or even instantly.


The Difficulties of Sending Money to Pakistan

If you must use the correct procedures, making an online money transfer to Pakistan can be difficult. Banks are available in Pakistan, but many people outside the country's largest cities need access to banking services. This can be particularly challenging when money is needed immediately or if the recipient lives in a remote area with little banking services.

  • Finding a suitable payment method is a significant challenge. While some digital payment services might not be accessible in Pakistan, traditional methods like wire transfers are frequently expensive and time-consuming. Additionally, some techniques might need extra paperwork or authentication steps, which can delay things.
  • Making sure the transaction is secure is the second difficulty. Although most digital payments are safe, there is always a chance of fraud or theft when sending money abroad. It is crucial to perform due diligence on the business you choose to use to ensure that its customer service team and infrastructure can support you in case of a problem.
  • Third, when sending money to Pakistan, there may be problems due to fluctuating exchange rates. This means keeping an eye on exchange rates to get the most for your money when transferring funds is critical. When determining how much money will arrive at its destination, you must also account for the fees occasionally involved with international transactions.

Why should you choose ACE for Sending Money To Pakistan? 

ACE Money Transfer is the best option for sending money to Pakistan because it has several advantages. 


No Additional Fees 

ACE Money Transfer, for starters, has no additional costs. You know exactly how much you're paying for each transfer because you can be sure that all your transactions are open and secure. This simplifies planning your budget for transfers and guarantees you're getting the most for your money.


Maximum Security

When sending money to banks in Pakistan, using ACE Money Transfer is usually safer than using a bank. Your data is protected by the platform's high-security technology from hackers and other bad actors, ensuring that your money is kept secure throughout the entire transaction.


Always Accessible

If any problems arise during the transfer process, it also has a customer service team on call around the clock. You can learn everything about ACE Money Transfer's 7-Second Money Transfer to Pakistan from abroad.


Trustworthy and Reliable

Finally, you can rest easy knowing that over 120,000 people, including those sending money to Pakistan, use ACE's service every month to send money abroad. With that many people trusting this method, you can too. Additionally, it's simple to find a payment method that suits you best because many payment options are available, including bank transfers and debit cards.

ACE offers a simple method for sending money securely and quickly into bank accounts in Pakistan. This enables them to send money with the assurance that their funds will arrive safely without any hidden fees or delays. 


Bottom Line 

You can send money to Pakistan quickly and pleasantly with the help of robust, creative, and sophisticated applications. You get the quickest, most cost-effective, and safest transactions by using ACE's remittance solutions to send money to Pakistan online, giving you complete peace of mind. Download the app now or create an account on the website to send money to Pakistan instantly using ACE Money Transfer.




How Do I Pay For My Transfer To Pakistan?

Your money transfer to Pakistan can be paid for in various ways. The three most popular payment options are bank transfers, credit cards, and debit cards. When choosing, consider both the cost of your transfer and how quickly your Pakistani rupees will arrive.


What Information Is Required To Send Money To Pakistan?

A driver's license, passport, or other form of British government-issued identification is typically required by service providers. The provider's services will determine your options for payment. Cash, debit or credit cards and transfers between bank accounts are standard payment options.

Information about the recipient: 

You'll need their name (as it appears on their ID) and contact information. The account number, SWIFT, and branch information are required if sent to a Pakistani bank account.

What Are The Requirements For Receiving Money In Pakistan?


Transfer ID: 

The reference number is also called a PIN, MTCN, or tracking number.

Official identification:

A government-issued ID, such as a Pakistani passport or license.

Transferred Amount

Be aware of how much has been sent, typically within 10% of the overall amount.

The Sender's name 

Name, address, and nation of origin of the Sender are all included.

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