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How Can Pakistani Students Stay Safe While Studying Abroad - A Brief Guide

How Can Pakistani Students Stay Safe While Studying Abroad - A Brief Guide

21 Nov 2023

Are you a Pakistani student eagerly preparing to embark on an incredible study abroad journey but haunted by concerns about your well-being and safe ways to make money transfers to Pakistan?


Studying abroad is the best thing that can happen to a Pakistani kid, especially in the current economic crisis. It can prove to be a thrilling and transformational experience. It provides chances for intellectual development, cross-cultural interaction, and personal progress.


While studying abroad, students need to put their safety and well-being first. This blog covers some essential safety measures for Pakistani students studying abroad.

Quick Stats About Pakistani Students Studying Abroad

  • According to UNESCO statistics, approximately 60,000 Pakistani students are now studying abroad in various countries.
  • During the academic year 2020–21, 66% more Pakistani students attended higher education institutions in the UK.
  • 1297 Pakistani students were studying in the UK in 2021.
  • More than 5,000 Pakistani students annually receive an international student visa.
  • China is the most popular study-abroad destination for Pakistani students, with close to 30,000 of them enrolled in some of the best universities in China.

The Often Miscalculated Pre-Departure Preparations

Pakistani students should thoroughly prepare themselves for the difficulties they may encounter in a foreign setting before starting their adventure.

Researching the Location

Students should learn as much as they can about their study abroad destination to have a safe experience. This includes becoming familiar with the regional customs, laws, and culture. Understanding the country's safety position and potential hazards is also essential. It is important to find trustworthy sources for current travel warnings and security information.

Acquiring Insurance and Travel Documents

Students should check the validity of their passports and meet the country's visa requirements. Before travel, it is advised to get the required immunisations and complete health insurance. It's also a good idea to make photocopies and digital backups of crucial documents to have on hand in case of crises.

Engaging Local Authorities in Conversation

For Pakistani students who are studying abroad, registering with the local embassy or consulate is an essential first step. This makes it easier for the embassy to offer aid in an emergency. Keep loved ones updated by sharing your trip plans and emergency contacts with your family and friends back home.

It's also a good idea to become familiar with your neighbourhood’s emergency services and phone numbers. You should also learn about how you can receive or send money to Pakistan in case of urgent or emergencies.

Do Not Miss Your Safety Measures

Pakistani students should take certain safety measures after they get to their destination to safeguard their safety while they are there.

Being Aware of Your Environment

For personal protection in strange situations, it is essential to be vigilant and aware. Pakistani students should stay away from dark, lonely locations after dark. To avoid potential danger, one should always trust their gut feelings and seek assistance if they feel unsafe.


Careful Social Interactions

Although meeting new people and forming new relationships is an exciting aspect of studying abroad, Pakistani students should be cautious. Understanding cultural norms and conventions about interpersonal interactions helps prevent miscommunication. In all social settings, it's critical to establish personal boundaries and put one's safety first.


Online Safety and Cyber Security

Cybersecurity and internet safety should not be disregarded in a connected society. Pakistani students should only connect to protected Wi-Fi networks instead of unsecured or public networks. It's crucial to create secure, one-of-a-kind passwords for internet accounts. To minimise dangers, caution should be used while disclosing personal information on social media sites.


Keep in mind that you are on your own in the new country, and your safety is your responsibility.


Ensuring Financial Security

Effective money management is essential for the well-being of Pakistani students studying abroad.


Managing Your Finances

It is strongly advised to open a bank account in the target nation. This makes financial transactions simple and secure. It's vital to comprehend transaction costs and banking practices in your area to prevent unforeseen costs. Remittances are reliable and affordable when they are made through secure money transfers online to Pakistan services like ACE.


Monitor Your Financial Activities

It's a good idea to frequently review your bank statements and transaction history to stay financially smart. This makes it possible for students to spot any irregular or suspicious activity quickly. It is crucial to notify the bank and local authorities right away in case of any fraudulent incidents.

Funds for Emergencies and Backup Plans

Keeping adequate emergency money on hand is crucial for unforeseen costs or crises that can occur when studying abroad. In case of unanticipated events, Pakistani students should have access to alternative financial resources through family or friends. It is important to have a backup for all the important numbers for quick and easy access.

In case of an emergency at home, you can quickly send funds through ACE. Learn here how you can make a transaction to Pakistan within 7 seconds.

Final Thoughts 

Studying abroad can be a transformative experience, but it is essential to put safety and well-being first throughout the journey. Students can guarantee a risk-free and secure study abroad experience by adhering to the suggested tactics and safety measures. Additionally, ACE Money Transfer is a useful tool in providing safe financial services that let students easily and confidently handle their money.


ACE Money Transfer is dedicated to helping international students with their financial needs. The convenient and safe money transfer services make sure that your money gets to you quickly and safely, allowing you to concentrate on your education and general well-being. Make the most of your study abroad experience by keeping yourself safe and informed while relying on ACE for your financial needs. Sign up on ACE for free to send money online to Pakistan at unbelievable rates and lightning-fast speed.




Is it compulsory to learn the local language before I go abroad for studies?

Even though it is beneficial to know a little of the native tongue, many colleges offer courses in English and offer assistance to overseas students.


What should I do if I encounter prejudice or abuse abroad?

Report such cases to the proper authorities or the international office of your university and ask for their advice and support.


Can I have a part-time job and study abroad?

It depends on the laws of the nation in which you are attending school. Verify the rules on work permits and international students' visa needs.


How can I combat homesickness while I'm studying abroad?

To combat homesickness, keep in touch with friends and family, take part in cultural activities and groups, ask other students for advice, and explore your new surroundings.


What should I do if a medical crisis arises while I'm studying abroad?

Immediately call the local emergency services and let your university's international office know. Also, make sure that you have comprehensive health insurance to cover any medical costs.

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