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Attention Nigerian Customers! Grab A Chance to Win a Free iPhone SE 2020

07 Oct 2020

ACE Money Transfer announced an exciting opportunity for their Nigerian customers to WIN a brand new iPhone SE at the cost of nothing. Make maximum online transactions, and grab your chance.


Send money to your family and friends in Nigeria. ACE money transfer gives you a chance to win iPhone SE. ACE Money Transfer is one of the most authentic and secure sources to send money to Nigeria.

Similarly, every person wishes to win this lavish phone, which is impossible to buy at once, but ACE money transfer offers this ample opportunity to the customers. If you would like to be one to win this phone, send money through ACE Money Transfer.

How to Get a Chance to win iPhone SE?

It is a fantastic offer which people should know. This offer is just for those customers who often send money to their family and friends living in Nigeria. Undoubtedly, several sources are available to transfer the money to Nigeria, but ACE money transfer has always been a supporting source to the customers in all scenarios.

It forever provides outstanding offers to the people with the facility to send money, and give a chance to win something that people wish.

Customers who have more entries by sending money would get more chances to win it. It is pertinent to mention that the lucky draw opens after every 15 days. So, ACE lets customers get a chance to win iPhone SE twice in a month. Apart from this, the exciting thing that the winner will get his gift on his mentioned address once it is announced.

Policies of ACE Money Transfer for Consideration 

It is necessary to keep in mind some ACE money transfer policies for getting a chance to win iPhone SE. If you wish to get this phone, you need to make more and more transactions to Nigeria using ACE Money Transfer.

On the other hand, a paid transaction will provide an opportunity for the qualification of lucky draw. Besides, if the iPhone SE winner is not reachable until 14 days, then the company will redraw. It means that ACE money transfer will announce a new name.

Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that it is the offer you get what you pay. So, the number of entries for sending money daily to Nigeria will enhance your chances of winning this outclass iPhone SE.

ACE money transfer is an authentic and secure source of online money transfer. It always provides customer's best services and matchless offers to achieve double facilities. Thus, one who wants to send money to the loved one should not miss this opportunity to win this fantastic iPhone SE.

ACE money transfers validated this offer till 31st December, so people who wish to be eligible for this offer should send money to their relatives or friends before 31st December would get a chance to win this lavish phone.


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