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ACE Money Transfer Secure an Investment of 1.5 Million Pounds

05 Oct 2020

ACE Money Transfer has secured an investment of £ 1.5 million from a London based investment firm.

The investment that ACE acquired will be used to strengthen the network of the company by extending the current operations of the cross-border payments. ACE always aims to broaden the present range of their product for both the sender and recipient.

ACE Money Transfer Shows Exceptional Progress

The exceptional progress shown by ACE has amazed many investors. Your trusted money transfer partner ACE Money Transfer has entered into a business relationship where a London based investment firm has given it £ 1.5 million amid its promising growth.

This is well-deserved by ACE because it has shown exceptional performance in 2020. Its finance jumped from a sum of £ 3.49 Million in the 1st quarter of the year to £ 10.22 Million in the 2nd quarter.  

The company had a profit of £1.195 million in 2018 that rose to a commendable level of £1.68 million in December 2019. 


ACE Money Transfer Delivering Your Promises

ACE Money Transfer is a Manchester-based online money transfer service provider that has extended its customer family since its launch. It has been a very competent money transfer option for the United Kingdom and other EEA based financial institutes since 2010. The network of its services was extended to the different parts of the world in 2016.

The company earned a reputation around the globe for its services. Currently, it offers the money transfer service in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Bahrain, Thailand, Kuwait, Nepal, India, and a lot more countries. A high majority of people is choosing it because:

  1. It costs a relatively less and easily affordable transfer fee. 
  2. The transfer time is fast transfer enough to make your reach your recipient within minutes no matter how far the receiver is from you. 
  3. Various money transfers options such as credit card, debit card, Apple pay Giro pay, and bank transfer. 
  4. The number of cash pick up locations is over several thousand for the ease of recipient. 
  5. The process of money transfer is super smooth and can be completed from the comfort of one's house. 
  6. Multi-currency exchange is the most favourite service of ACE. 
  7. It allows both the recipient and the sender to get rid of the money exchange in the whole transfer process. 

ACE stands by its motto of delivering your promises in the hard times also. The customers are no less than an extended family whose happiness and contentment are essential for the company.

Wrap up

It is 2020, the year highly affected with Covid-19 outbreak. Most of the companies are facing financial crises and in this crucial time getting business investments is a big deal. Being able to achieve another investment in this crucial tenure to extend services is no-doubt a milestone. All this shows the confidence of investors in ACE - your most trusted money transfer platform.


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