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ACE Money Transfer Has Enabled Remittance Transfers From Romania Across 100+ Countries

10 Aug 2022

Do you know that ACE Money Transfer has enabled sending remittances from Romania to anywhere in 100+ receiving countries? Customers have already been using ACE’s services to receive international transfers in Romania. ACE continues to expand its most trusted services for worldwide diasporas to send money internationally with great ease. 

Using ACE's matchless remittance solutions, you can make a global money transfer to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and more than a hundred other countries from Romania.

There are multiple reasons why you might want to transfer money from Romania to another country. Unless you're sending money in an emergency, comparing your money transfer providers is essential if you're finding the cheapest money transfer service when transacting between RON and any other currency.

What Are Money Transfer Options Available in Romania?

When deciding how to send money from Romania, some key factors influence choosing the best provider for your needs. There are numerous options available for sending funds out of Romania, but ACE Money Transfer is the best and fastest service. Let’s see a few workable options to send money from Romania to other countries.

Cash Pickup Service

At ACE Money Transfer, providing excellent customer service is its top priority. As a result, it offers the best way to transfer money internationally and various payout options for its customers based on their convenience. You can send money from Romania to over 100 countries using an instant cash pickup service, making it easier for your beneficiaries to receive the funds. 

All you have to do is enter your information and the amount of money you want to transfer. ACE will process your money transfer from Romania instantly via the channel you select, allowing you to send money cross-borders with just a few clicks.

The Banca Commercial Romania and the Romanian International Bank are affiliated with ACE Money Transfer. When sending money to Romania, instruct your recipient to go to the nearest branch of these banks and receive the funds immediately.

Mobile Top-up 

You can instantly add minutes to your loved ones' prepaid mobile phones and share love, smiles, and happiness. It is now easier and more convenient to recharge a phone with ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app or website.

Bank Wire Transfer

For money transfers from Romania, ACE offers its customers the option of using a bank transfer. Your beneficiaries can receive funds in their bank accounts at any time.

It's also worth noting that RON-to-other-currency exchange rates fluctuate significantly between banks and money transfer services. If you're seeking speed, cost-effectiveness, convenience of use, or any combination of the three, ACE would be an excellent choice.

If you want the best combination of low fee, speed, security, and reliability, use ACE Money Transfer for sending RON to any other currency worldwide.

By using ACE's best international money transfer services from Romania, you are likely to save on transfer fees while also benefiting from fast speeds – meaning your recipient will receive more money in less time.

Send Money To The UK From Romania 

If you have been looking for the best way to send money to the UK from Romania, you have found the solution. ACE Money Transfer lets you transfer funds quickly from Romania to the United Kingdom with unbreakable security. Before initiating your international transfer, keep the following in mind:

The Amount You Want To Send

The more money you send to the United Kingdom, the more you save on your transfer and the more GBP the recipient will receive. Any flat fee charged is a smaller percentage of your transfer amount, and many providers allow you to negotiate a better exchange rate margin if sending large amounts.

RON – GBP Exchange Rate Margin

Money transfer providers charge a small percentage to generate revenue on top of mid-market exchange rates. The current mid-market rate is 0.170135, and ACE offers the lowest exchange rate margin above the mid-market rate.

No Hidden Fee

Before sending money to the United Kingdom, ensure that the provider you are using does not charge any hidden fees.

Romanian Currency and International Money Transfers

The Leu is Romania's official currency, represented by the "RON" abbreviation or the "L" symbol. Several options for sending remittances to Romanian bank accounts or cash pickup locations throughout the country have already been available.

Romania's economic freedom score is 67.1, ranking 47th in the 2022 Index. Romania is ranked 28th out of 45 countries in Europe, with an overall score lower than the regional average but higher than the global average. The Romanian economy slowed from 2017 to 2019 before contracting in 2020.

Remittances to Romania fell to 1037 EUR Million in the fourth quarter of 2021, down from 1167 EUR Million in the third quarter.

Now, a native or an expatriate in Romania can make an online money transfer to whichever country is desirable. ACE has allowed completely Fee-Free first transfers to all new customers offering the best exchange rates and the lowest transfer fees.

Essential Considerations to Send Remittance from Romania to other Countries

When making a transfer from Romania, it's usually a good idea to keep the following in mind:

  • Your transfer's size.
  • The payment method you intend to employ.
  • The withdrawal method of the recipient.
  • When you make your transfer.
  • Which money Transfer service you're using?

Send Money From Romania Using ACE Money Transfer

When deciding, the most important factors are the upfront fees, exchange rates, and the time it takes to complete the transfer. 

ACE Money Transfer has started facilitating remittance transfers from Romania to over 100 countries. ACE doesn’t apply any hidden fees to its cross-border money transfer services.

ACE's pricing structure is straightforward, unlike some of its main competitors. You always get a great exchange rate and pay only a low, transparent fee. That usually means you're getting the best overall deal compared to banks and other providers.

Final Thoughts

ACE Money Transfer allows you to send money from Romania to 100+ countries worldwide. When sending money from Romania, ACE provides a bonus offer in which you can initiate your first transaction for free.

ACE offers simple and secure methods such as credit cards, debit cards, online bank transfers, a mobile app for sending money abroad, or any nearby bank when transferring money to and from Romania. 

You can immediately visit ACE's website or use the mobile app to make instant and quick transactions. So, to get the most economical, secure, and swift way to transfer money internationally from Romania, always choose ACE Money Transfer, one of the leading remittance services with a widespread network of more than 350,000 payout partner locations worldwide.

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