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International Money Transfer Is Made Fee-Free + Even Faster On This Friday.

International Money Transfer Is Made Fee-Free + Even Faster On This Friday.

30 Apr 2021

Have you ever wished for a pre-weekend surprise?

Well, things are about to get exciting this Friday.

We bring a fee-free Friday offer, just for you. You need to use the coupon code of "ACEFRI30", & your subsequent transfers with ACE would be fee-free.

This offer is just aimed at assisting our customers as we don't want you to pay the transaction fee on any payment this Friday.

How Much Money Can I Send Through Fee-Free Friday Offer?

When it comes to sending Money through ACE Money Transfer, there is no such limit while doing money transfers. You just need to log in to your app and send as much money as possible. There may be some limitations from the payout, and you may be asked to attach required documents depending on the transfer type. And yeah, the offer is valid on Friday, 30th April 2021. So don't wait. Use the coupon code "ACEFRI30", tap on Send Money, and avail of the offer now.

How to Send money to your Loved Ones through ACE Money Transfer?

Online money transfer through a mobile app is the most convenient & safe alternative to cashier's checks and money orders for immediate payments. Once you've established an online banking account with ACE money transfer, all you have to do now is figure out receiving options that are best for you. If you are not already approved for an online account, create one.  

We make it easy to move money from your mobile app to the recipient's mobile wallet. Ensure that your recipient has set up a mobile wallet with one of our mobile affiliate companies in the country where the service is offered.

  • Choose your recipient's country, enter the amount you want to submit, and choose mobile wallet as your delivery form.
  • For a mobile wallet switch, enter your receiver's name as it appears on their ID and any other necessary information.
  • You can pay with a credit or debit card, or you can make a bank transfer. When the money is sent, you'll get an SMS acknowledgment with the tracking number (MTCN).

Why ACE Money Transfer to Send Money Abroad?

You may be thinking, why not use a check or have another money transfer service to transfer your hard-earned money. Although there are still various options, ACE money transfer transfers have several advantages for both sender and recipient. It would be best if you only trusted a trustworthy business when using online money transfer services.

Every service provider does not guarantee a stable platform. ACE money transfer is known for being the #1 recommended service of hundreds of customers on Trustpilot. ACE money transfer offers a fee-free money transfer service this Friday, so you can easily send all your hard-earned money to your family at a high exchange rate. Ace money transfer is offering services in 23+ sending and 100+ receiving countries across the globe.


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