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10 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Switzerland from India

07 Jun 2023

One of the most popular nations in Europe for Indian expats looking for the best work to send money to India is Switzerland, and it is simple to understand why. The small country is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but its residents also benefit from a high standard of living, respectable salaries, and, of course, all that clean mountain air. Every expat can find something to enjoy in Switzerland, from the charming lakeside cities of Zurich and Lucerne to the multicultural atmosphere of Geneva. 

However, if you're an Indian who has been thinking about moving to the stunning alpine region to start a new life, you should know a few things before making the big decision. Researching housing options, learning about the local way of life, and learning about the local visa requirements are a few examples. Thoughts you should have before moving to Switzerland are all included on this checklist, though, so that it can be of assistance.

10 Essential Things You Must Know Before Moving to Switzerland


Conduct Your Research

It's likely that when you think of Switzerland, you envision towering mountain peaks, verdant valleys, and lakes that are clear enough to drink. But if you're thinking about starting a new life in Switzerland, it's crucial that you look more closely at what normal life is like there. To begin with, it should be considered that household spending in Switzerland is generally much higher than in its neighbours.

Everything from household supplies and dining out to fees for public transportation and private schools is included in this. The great quality of life and some of the highest salaries in Europe more than make up for Switzerland's occasionally eye-watering cost of living. This is particularly appealing to the many Indian expats who live in Switzerland.

Swiss Money

The country's primary currency frequently confuses those who are unfamiliar with Switzerland. You should be aware that Switzerland uses the Swiss franc as its official currency. Since Switzerland is not a part of the EU, the Euro is not its primary currency. Even though you can still pay for some things in euros, carrying francs will be more practical. 

There are a few good options for inexpensive conversions and money storage if you don't already have a local bank account set up, such as ACE, which offers the best and fastest money transfer to India.

Swiss Travel Policy And Transportation

When moving to Switzerland, transportation infrastructure is one of the most important things to consider. The nation is home to a well-resourced transportation network that can meet all of your moving requirements. You won't miss a thing when travelling by public transportation in Switzerland, whether you're going to work or exploring remote regions of the nation.

Using public transportation to get around, you can save money and use ACE to send money online to your loved ones in India. The country connects 150 local transportation services in Swiss cities and towns over 27,000 kilometres of transportation routes. If you want to lower the high cost of transportation, purchasing a Swiss travel pass is required.

Health Insurance

All Indians working or residing in Switzerland must purchase Swiss health insurance. Although there are a few exceptions to this rule, such as for some pensioners, embassy personnel, and cross-border workers, for the most part, you'll need to enrol in public health insurance in Switzerland. However, because these exemptions vary by region, be sure to inquire about them with your neighbourhood commune to see if they apply to you.

Start Your Job Search

Switzerland is a great place to work, offering competitive wages, excellent working conditions, and a low unemployment rate. Some foreigners relocating there will have a job offer in hand before they even set foot on Swiss soil. Many people, though, will travel to Switzerland in search of employment. By beginning your job search before you leave home, you can gain an advantage over your rivals.

The job market in Switzerland is generally strong, and there is often fierce competition for positions. Many international organisations have their headquarters in Switzerland, and fields like engineering and technology, pharmaceuticals, and finance are frequently the most fertile for expat job seekers. Find a job in Switzerland that will enable you to make a sizable income so you can support your loved ones through an economical and secure online money transfer to India.

Excellent Education

The fact that Switzerland has one of the best educational systems in the world will be welcomed news for any parent looking to relocate there. Switzerland's high standard of education is well deserving of its enviable reputation in both public and private schools.

Eating Out

You will be eating in some of the best restaurants in the world when you go out to eat in Switzerland, making it a unique experience. Switzerland has many places to go out to eat because it has a galaxy of Michelin stars. However, since the food can be quite pricey in these settings, you should arrive prepared. You can enjoy your evening with a view of the Swiss Alps or eat outside in some of the wonderful summer restaurants the nation has to offer.

Shopping in Switzerland

You will need to locate some of the many locations where you can shop if you are moving to Switzerland. Most people believe that Switzerland is expensive and that shopping is expensive, but this is not true if you can visit some of the shopping areas. The Swiss generally avoid shopping malls, but they do have excellent shopping areas where you can find furniture, accessories, and markets for specialised goods.

For Indian expats, Switzerland has a lot to offer. There are numerous advantageous reasons for Indians to relocate to Switzerland, in addition to the opportunity to make a sizable income to send money to India. 

Bottom Line 

You won't experience many advantages of living abroad if all of your travels consist of trips back home. Spend time getting to know your new neighbourhood and making friends with locals. Make an effort to celebrate holidays in Switzerland, invite friends from back home to visit, and get to know your new neighbourhood. By doing this, you'll not only feel more at home but also be able to enjoy your time in Switzerland to the fullest. If you need to instantly transfer funds to your loved ones in India from Switzerland, choose ACE Money Transfer to send money to India online, given the competitive exchange rates and absolutely ZERO transfer fee, which you won’t find anywhere else.



What are the Visa Requirements for an Indian Citizen Moving to Switzerland?

Switzerland is part of the Schengen Area and, thus, requires Indian citizens to obtain a Schengen visa for short stays. However, if you plan to move, you need a residence permit or work visa. The requirements and the process may vary depending on your purpose of stay, such as whether you are moving for work, education, or family reunification.

What is the Cost of Living in Switzerland Compared to India?

The cost of living in Switzerland is significantly higher than in India. This includes rent, groceries, dining, and transportation. However, salaries in Switzerland are also typically higher. It's crucial to understand the living costs to budget accordingly.

Do I Need to Learn Swiss Languages Before Moving?

Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. While it's possible to get by in English, especially in larger cities and in the professional environment, learning at least one of the local languages will make your daily life easier and integration smoother.

How does the Swiss Healthcare System Work, and is it Accessible to Expats?

Switzerland has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, operating on a mandatory health insurance policy. Everyone living in Switzerland must have health insurance, including expats. It is important to understand how it works and how to get insured.

What are the Job Opportunities for Indian Expats in Switzerland?

Switzerland has a strong economy with opportunities in various sectors, like pharmaceuticals, finance, and IT. Proficiency in the Swiss language can increase job opportunities. For academics and researchers, Switzerland has some of the world's top universities and research institutions. However, the job market is competitive, so it's advised to secure a job before moving.


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