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Work Abroad Strategies for Nepalese: Maximizing Opportunities in Germany

16 May 2024

According to the Official Portal of the Government of Nepal, around 4,000 Nepalese live and work in Germany. They earn a living and send money to Nepal from Germany to offer financial support back home.

You can also find job opportunities in Germany with ease and convenience.

Wait. Don’t jump the gun in excitement!

Germany’s nominal GDP in 2022 was $4.08 trillion, with a GDP Per Capita income of $48,718 in the same year.

It means that the country has a robust economy with an expansive job market where you can also find jobs if:

·       You have the required education, relevant experience, and requisite skills

·       You prepare for the German job market appropriately

Where you know better about your education, skills and experience, this blog walks you through the essential steps to maximize your chances of employment in Germany.

Essential Steps to Increasing Your Chances of Employment in Germany as a Nepali Migrant

Do you know why most Nepalese traveling to developed countries like Germany fail to get a proper job? Why do they end up getting odd jobs?

What is it that stops them from finding prospective jobs in Germany?

No. You need to guess it right.

They have the skills, education and experience, but they grapple with odd jobs to earn enough to offer financial support back home in every money transfer from Germany to Nepal.

They seem to lose sight of the following steps while hunting for jobs in Germany.

Deeply Understand the Culture of the German Job Market

The first and essential step is to understand Germany’s job market culture. Remember that every country has a different culture regarding finding a job. Looking closely, you will realize that applying for a job in Nepal completely differs from applying in Germany or elsewhere.

Your application is rejection-bound if you applied in Germany’s job market, which is what you do in Nepal or your native country.

Therefore, ensure that you deeply understand the culture of Germany’s job market before embarking on your job search.

Understand Your Education, Skills, and Experience Realistically

When asked about your education, skills, and experience, how much is your answer exaggerated?

Think about it!

Most of the time, when answering this question or projecting it, you rely on some exaggeration, if not completely. Right?

Don’t get it wrong yet.

Most of the time, you do it because the market demands it.

But in Germany, be realistic about everything, and it will do the trick. Understand the extent and strength of your skills, education and experience fully realistically. Project your skills, education, and experience as they are, and you will be appreciated.

It will help you get employed, earn a living and send money online to Nepal from Germany for your family’s financial support.

Find the Appropriate Industry to Work

Finding a relevant industry that is aligned with your education, experience, and skills is necessary. It serves you in multiple ways. A job that is aligned with your interests and education never tires you but rather adds to your creativity and efficiency.

The Chinese philosopher, politician and teacher Confucius once said, ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a single day in your life.’

Prepare Your Application According to the German Norms

When applying for a job in Germany, send your documents in PDF form via email or upload them directly on the company's website. Applying for jobs in Germany by post with a special application folder is almost redundant.

Make sure to read the job advertisement with rapt attention. You might find a sentence or two at the end about the required documents, which usually include a cover letter, CV, and additional references or the exact way to apply.

Prepare Your Cover or Motivation Letter Carefully

The next step is to prepare your cover or motivation letter properly. Remember, your cover letter is your employer's first impression of you, and you must be told that first impressions are everlasting!

Introduce yourself appropriately in the cover letter and state why you are interested in the job you are applying for. Also, describe your strengths in detail.

Express yourself in a distinguished manner and create brief yet convincing arguments. Remember to mention why you want to render services to this company. Blend all these arguments finely with each other so that they do not seem separated or joined forcefully!

Prepare Your CV According to the Local Job Market Standards

Your CV gives an overview of your life, education, and professional career. While CV formats change from country to country, it is essential to add your photo to your CV in Germany. Keep your information on the CV in the following sequence:

·       Personal data

·       Work and professional experience

·       Education

·       Language skills

·       Interests and hobbies

In addition to all of this, add different types of certificates to your application.

Preparing for the Interview after Selection

You deserve applause for sparking the company’s interest with your job application!

You have been invited for the interview. You will be asked about the contents of your CV, education, experience, salary expectations, and so on.

As a language, English will suffice, but you can do best if you can master the basics of German.

These strategies can increase your chances of landing your dream job in Germany or elsewhere.

What are the Top Highest Paying Jobs in Germany with High Demand?

In Germany, you will find innumerable work opportunities in almost every sector, thanks to the robust German economy. But listed below are some of the jobs in Germany that are in high demand and pay far better than most.

·       Software Developers (€80,000 to €85,000)

·       Doctors/ Surgeons (€93,000 to €150,000)

·       Management Consultants (€70,000 to €75,000)

·       Data Scientists (€60,000 to €70,000)

·       Neuroscientists/ Biotechnologists (€69,000 to €85,000)

·       Pilots (€70,000 to €83,000)

·       Legal Consultants (€70,000 to €78,000)

·       Project Managers (€60,000 to €70,000)

·       Actuary (€70,000 to €75,000)

·       Product Engineers (€80,000 to €85,000)

Remember that these salaries are the average annual salaries and are subject to upward or downward revision based on your skills, education and prior professional experience.

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Why do Nepalese work in Germany?

Around 4,000 Nepali migrants have been living and working in Germany for the past few years. The reason is the robust German economy, which has an expansive and thriving job market big enough to accommodate job-seekers in several financial fields and professions.

What are the benefits of working in Germany?

Working in Germany offers several benefits. These include flexible working conditions and timings, pension contributions by the employer, job security, and health insurance paid for by the employer. They also include relatively higher wages, on-the-job training and courses, a low cost of living, access to and availability to equal opportunities, and so on.

How can I increase my chances of employment in Germany?

You can quickly increase your chances of getting employed in Germany if you understand the German job market culture, know your skills, education, and experience well, find the appropriate industry. You can also prepare your job application cover letter and CV according to German norms and prepare for the interview properly.

What are the highest-paying jobs in Germany?

Some of the highest-paying jobs in high demand in Germany are software developers, doctors, surgeons, management consultants and data scientists. It includes neuroscientists, biotechnologists, pilots, legal consultants, product engineers, project managers, and actuaries.

How can I save money in my online money transfers back to Nepal?

If you choose ACE Money Transfer for your online money transfers, you can easily save money. The firm charges you a low fee and offers you live and market-competitive currency exchange rates, which can compensate for the small fee you pay. This is essential because repeated money transfer expenses can throw your financials into disequilibrium.

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