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Navigating the Global Workforce: Essential Tips for Landing Your Dream Job Abroad

30 Jan 2024

If you look closely at global migrants, you will realize that almost all migrants belong to developing countries with poor economies and travel to developed countries to find work. They earn a living in developed countries with robust economies and offer financial support back home to their families by sending money online, using several online money transfer channels.

An IOM UN Migration report stated that in 2020, the number of total global migrants was around 281 million. Almost all of them belong to developing countries, and almost all of them can be found in the developed states because the world is divided into two economic halves – the haves and the haves-nots. The first half offers the second half what it lacks - the financial benefits among many other advantages.

Their collective financial contribution to the economies of their respective countries was $656 billion, according to a World Bank brief, in 2023. 

While finding work in a foreign country is relatively easy, landing your dream job abroad is not. This blog, therefore, will walk you through understanding your dream job and how to get one while working in a foreign country as a migrant.

Understanding Your Dream Job

Everyone wants to achieve something big in their life, and you are no exception. And when you have the responsibility of supporting your family financially back home, your aspiration to do big gets more important.

In this context, you wish to lay hands on your dream abroad instead of finding work of any type. Right? But, to find your dream job, you must first understand a dream job so that its search becomes easy and precise for you.

Your dream job should, therefore, combine a hobby, passion, and talent with the possibility of earning a living for which you travel to a foreign country so that you can send financial support back home online through a money transfer service, many of which you can find easily nowadays.

A dream job can be attractive and thrilling, such as working in the music industry or acting, or your dream job can be lucrative and prestigious, such as working as a doctor, lawyer, or engineer.

While your dream job will be different from someone else’s dream job, the following features are found commonly in almost every dream job.

Common Features in Dream Jobs

A dream job itself varies from person to person. For you, maybe becoming an actor is a dream job, but for someone else, becoming a finance manager in a big firm, for example, maybe a dream job. But regardless of it all, the common features in every dream job include the following.

Dream Jobs are Interesting

A dream job is interesting, which is why it is considered a dream job. It throws certain challenges at you that other jobs cannot, and even if they do, you will find it difficult to overcome them, unlike in your dream jobs whose challenges you face and overcome with interest and joy.

Optimal Use of Your Abilities

A dream occupation has the potential of bringing out the best from inside you. Since your dream job is interesting for you, your hidden abilities come to the fore while dispensing your responsibilities in your dream occupation.

Let’s now look at the points to consider while planning to work in a foreign country.

What to Consider While Searching for a Job Abroad?

Whether you end up laying your hand on your dream job or not, consider the following, but remember that finding your dream job abroad is a tricky business and depends on several factors like education, experience, country of origin, skills, and so on.

Look at jobs and work programs that you can find abroad as a migrant.

Monetary Benefits

This is the foremost important factor and the basic reason for traveling to a foreign country. You earn a living and offer financial support through every money transfer online. Right? So, you must deeply consider the monetary benefits before starting one.

Living Costs

Even if you find your dream job abroad with exponential living costs in your host country, you might want to revisit your choice and decision. Because ultimately, the monetary benefits you wish to seek will be compromised.

Cultural Differences

When you are traveling to another country, the first challenge you encounter after arrival is the acceptance and understanding of the culture of your host country, including its language. Right? How would it feel if you find a country's culture too complex to understand, accept, and navigate? 

Well, the answer is clear.

Let’s now look at the tips for finding your dream job abroad.

Tips to Find Your Dream Job Abroad

Given below are the tips that you can follow to find your dream job abroad. But remember that the factors explained above while finding a job opportunity abroad are critically important lest you ignore them in a bid to get your dream job.

Summary Sentence is Important

Your CV essentially has a summary sentence you can understand as a one-liner describing your professional personality. Focus on it and ensure that it is crisp and brief, describing where you were, where you are, and where you wish to go next.

Describe Your Dream Job

Before embarking on your journey to find a dream job, you must define and describe what your dream job is. Specify its ideal, logic, and why you want to get one clearly, and then begin your search for it.

Choose a Country

You can find your dream job in almost every developed country worldwide. But make sure to choose one country specifically by considering the factors explained above. It will help you narrow down your search and be specific.

Effectively Use Google and LinkedIn

Google and LinkedIn have made job hunting easy and convenient. If you know how to use these platforms effectively, you can succeed in your job search. But the question is: do you know how to use these platforms effectively?

Establish a Professional Network

Make sure to create a professional network and try to expand it. Sometimes, a mere referral can do what your experience, skills, and excellent CV cannot. Therefore, establishing a professional network is critically important to finding your dream job abroad.

Do the Right Thing; the Thing Right; at the Right Time

You might find several opportunities in life that are up for grabs. Right? But do you know the trick to getting these? Well, it is simply to do the right thing, at the right time, and also to ensure that you do the thing right! This is the key to success in getting your dream job abroad.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

Regardless of getting your dream job or settling down with whatever you get, your objective is to offer financial support back home. Right? So, if you send money online to your home with ACE Money Transfer from abroad, you will have several advantages including speed, safety, live and market-competitive exchange rates, and much more for a low fee, which will help you save and send more back to your family from just one stop.


How many global migrants are working in foreign countries?

An IOM UN Migration report revealed that the number of total global migrants in 2020 was 281 million. However, the rising economic challenges of developing countries are pushing more and more people abroad to find jobs.

What is the collective financial contribution of global expatriates through inward remittances?

A World Bank brief in June 2023 stated that with an increase of 1.4% in global remittances, the inward remittances to low- to middle-income countries, where almost all the migrants come from, totaled about $656 billion.

What is a dream job?

A dream job combines your talents, hobbies, and passions with the possibility to earn a living. But everyone has their different dream jobs. Any dream job commonly offers several interests and benefits, allowing you to use your best abilities and a fine work-life balance. 

What factors should be considered while finding a job abroad?

While trying to search for your dream abroad, you must consider the monetary benefits, the living costs of the country you want to work in, the culture of the host country, and the language barrier. Revisit your selection if you find all of these too complex to understand and navigate. 

What are tips for finding a dream job abroad?

Some of the tips for finding your dream job abroad include focusing on your CV’s summary sentence, establishing the network, effective usage of Google and LinkedIn, clearly describing your dream job, choosing the right country, and doing the right thing, the thing right, at the right time.


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