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Which Study Programs Should You Consider Abroad When Migrating From the Philippines in 2023

05 Jan 2023

International students are welcomed worldwide, and many nations seek people who can contribute to the host country's global competitiveness. Studying abroad is undoubtedly a rewarding and fascinating experience that adds great value to one’s professional life. Like youngsters from several other countries, many Filipino students look for study abroad programs with the flexibility to work part-time. In this way, they can earn to manage their expenses and send money to Philippines to their families to extend financial support from abroad.

But what degrees should Filipino students consider when moving abroad for education purposes? This blog post will tell you all about the best degrees of 2023.

Why Should You Study Abroad?

One of the finest ways to gain global skills and access personal and professional possibilities is to study abroad. For many students, it is a life-changing event, opening their eyes to diverse ways of life and fostering understanding and tolerance. Global participation and exposure may significantly affect a student's life from elementary through post-graduate school. According to studies, students who study abroad have higher grades, less attrition, and graduate from college at a greater rate than those who do not study abroad.

Not just educational experience is gained; some countries offer work while studying, which can benefit Filipino students in many ways. It can help them pursue a part-time career related to their field, or they can save in order t fend for families back home by sending money.

But you might be thinking, which courses are best for you to opt for as an international student?

Best Programs to Study Abroad

Studying abroad changes the lives of millions of students, especially those from developing countries like the Philippines. Recent records show that more than 49,000 Filipino students study abroad in various professional degree programs and courses. If you also tend to move abroad but find it challenging to decide on a particular program, below are a few of the most hyped-up courses for Filipino students.

Management of the Business.

If you view yourself as a future entrepreneur or businessperson, a degree in Business and Management is the appropriate choice for you. Business and management is a vast field with countless future career prospects and roughly 387,000 students worldwide. With such a diverse offering, it's no surprise that this is one of the most sought-after disciplines. Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, and Accounting are some of the most common fields of study within this subject. With a degree, you may work as a manager, market researcher, accountant, tax consultant, and financial inspector, among other things. In this way, you can earn a reasonable income to support your family with a money transfer to Philippines from abroad whenever needed.

Following are some of the best countries to study for a degree in Business Management:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Netherlands

Computer Science and IT

We're sure you aren't shocked to see Computer Science and Information Technology on our list since it's one of the most prominent and widespread fields of study that has become the need of the day for every professional sector. Computer Science majorly involves coding and software, whereas IT is concerned with the maintenance of computer systems as well as the building of networks and databases. Some of the top job opportunities are data analyst, IT consultant, technical support officer, systems developer, and game developer.

It is reported that the students who opt for computer science or IT have the highest earnings after gaining a professional degree. These earners are amongst the highest remitters who make money transfers for their families back home.

Electrical Engineering Degrees

Engineering is a complicated field that includes everything connected to invention, design, building, maintenance, and research, so it's no surprise that we have two Engineering specialisations on our list. Electrical engineering studies will equip you to work with any product or system that requires electrical energy, including gadgets and digital devices. And, let's be honest, who doesn't want a degree that practically pushes you never to look up from your phone again?

Pursuing courses in Electrical Engineering can open new horizons to careers in fields such as telecommunications, aerospace, media, and broadcasting, where you may work as an aerospace engineer, broadcast engineer, network engineer, and, of course, electrical and electronics engineer.

These careers are highly paid and a great prospect if you are thinking of pursuing this degree to earn and transfer funds to your family back home. One of the most trusted remittance providers, ACE Money Transfer, is there to help you make a swift, secure, and affordable online money transfer to Philippines from overseas. You must be excited to learn that the firm has currently waived fees for Filipino customers, so you can make unlimited Fee-Free transfers.


People will always require the services of doctors and physicians. Medicine will never go out of favour; though a Degree in Medicine takes your dedication for at least 5-6 years, it pays off in the end. Students will be able to work in both private and public hospitals and clinics.

The majority of Filipino students opt to study in the following countries:

  • Bachelors/Masters/Ph.D. in Medicine in the U.S.
  • Bachelor, MastMasterd Doctorate in Medicine in the United Kingdom
  • The phrase "electronic commerce" describes the selling of electronic items.

Aside from Human Medicine, you should be aware that Nutrition & Dietetics and Physiotherapy are two increasingly interesting areas.

The rising need for nutritionists and physiotherapists is strongly related to the rising obesity prevalence in the population and the developing difficulties with posture among office workers.

And just like exercise, another thing that should always be a part of moving abroad for every Filipino – A good remittance service!

Selecting the Best Provider to Transfer Money to the Philippines after Employment Abroad

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