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ACE Money Transfer Hits a Record-High $1 Billion in Remittance Transfers in 2022

ACE Money Transfer Hits a Record-High $1 Billion in Remittance Transfers in 2022

30 Dec 2022

2022 marks two significant milestones achieved by ACE Money Transfer, one of the leading providers of international money transfer services. The firm has celebrated its 20th anniversary this year while reaching a major landmark of successfully transferring over $1 billion in remittances. This achievement is a testament to the company's commitment to providing fast, reliable, and secure money transfer services to its customers around the world.

Since its founding in 2002, ACE Money Transfer has grown to become one of the most trusted and respected names in the industry. The company has a strong presence in more than 100 countries, with a network of agents and partners that spans across five continents. This global reach allows ACE to offer its customers a wide range of options for sending and receiving money, regardless of location.

Let’s look at what mainly contributed to the firm achieving such a notable breakthrough.

2022 in a Nutshell - ACE Money Transfer’s Global Expansion Continues

Since its inception in 2002, the firm got on track to exponential growth by boosting its performance through constant innovation, customer-centric policies, and expanding its network for better customer outreach. Here are a few key events in 2022 that helped the firm reach its unparalleled objectives.

ACE Money Transfer’s Expanding Payout Network

Its global payout partner network kept expanding, and the firm reached onboarding a massive number of 375,000 payout locations worldwide in 2022. With such a vastly spread network, the firm successfully enabled millions of customers to transfer funds back home from overseas via its services.

Such an expanded payout network eased the process of sending and receiving money on both ends, i.e., the senders and the receivers. Global expats living across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland enjoy great peace of mind since they can quickly transfer money to their loved ones, and the beneficiaries can receive funds instantly with the availability of multiple payment options.

New Sending Corridors Added to the Network

ACE Money Transfer’s services were already available for expats across the UK, Europe, and Australia to send money online to more than 100 countries worldwide. The firm further expanded its sending corridors by making its services available in Canada, Switzerland, Romania, and Poland, where millions of overseas workers and expatriates from low-to-middle-income countries live and work.

Expats from the Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Ghana, the Gambia, Morocco, Senegal, Uganda, Pakistan, and several other countries living across Canada, Switzerland, Romania, and Poland joined the ACE family. These expats began sending their hard-earned money to their families back home through the firm’s matchless services.

Maintained Highest Exchange Rates with the Lowest Transfer Costs

One of the major contributors to ACE Money Transfer’s $1 Billion landmark is the ensured highest exchange rates yet at the lowest transfer costs in the market. The firm understands that expatriates have to work hard and struggle a lot to manage their expenses in foreign countries while simultaneously supporting their families’ financial needs. To help these expats ensure savings and maximum funds transfer after conversion from a foreign to a local currency, ACE Money Transfer kept offering the highest exchange rates.

ACE’s customers benefitted from the lowest transaction costs for sending money home in 28 different global currencies. Although the firm welcomes its new customers with a Fee-Free money transfer on their first sign-up, it completely waived transfer fees for several sending countries in 2022. Completely free-of-cost money transfers to Zambia, Suriname and the Philippines have been most prominent this year that benefitted millions of customers. In addition to these free transfers, the firm offered wholly free transfers in its “Invite Friends” offer on transferring money from Denmark to anywhere worldwide.

Exciting Promotions & Rewards for Customers in Collaboration with Renowned Financial Institutions

Besides the highest exchange rates and the lowest transfer fees, ACE Money Transfer kept alive its tradition of offering enticing rewards and incentives. In 2022, a few of the prominent reward offers for sending money abroad via ACE’s services were:

  1. 10 Free Return Air Tickets for Pakistani expats in collaboration with Habib Bank Ltd.
  2. A Brand New Suzuki Alto LXi, a Brand New Honda Livo Bike, 4 iPhone 14 Pro, and 4 iPhone 13 Pro for Bangladeshi customers
  3. 6 Brand New KIA Sportage Alpha SUVs for Pakistani expats
  4. 5 Umrah Packages and Free Sugar Bags for the Gambian remittance recipients in collaboration with Yonna Forex
  5. 4 iPhone 14 Pro with unlimited Free Money Transfers for Filipino customers
  6. 4 iPhone 13 128GB and Free Airtime Top-Ups for Ghanaian customers in collaboration with AZA Finance
  7. 1000 DKK cash bonus and exciting rewards of iPhone 13 Mini, Airpods Pro, and Apple Watch Series 8 with unlimited Free Money Transfers on sending money from Denmark to other countries
  8. 100 rupees cash bonus on every remittance received to IMEPAY Wallet in Nepal in collaboration with GME Remittance
  9. 61 Brand New Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for Pakistani expats in collaboration with Allied Bank Ltd.  
  10. Free Airtime Top-Ups for Zambian customers

These promotions encouraged expats from developing countries to help boost remittance inflows and aid economic stability in their native countries while getting peace of mind and mental relief through rewards simultaneously.

Solid Binding Commitment to the Provision of Top-Notch Service Quality

One of the key factors behind ACE's success is its commitment to innovation. The company remains constantly looking for new ways to improve its services and make the money transfer process easier and more convenient for its customers. For example, ACE has developed advanced digital tools and platforms like a user-friendly mobile app and highly interactive website portal that allow customers to transfer money online using their mobile devices or computers. This has made sending money to loved ones easier, even if they are far away or in a different country.

In addition to its advanced digital solutions, ACE also has a strong, talented, and highly professional staff that remains proactive in responding to and resolving customers’ concerns. These trained professionals assist customers with all of their money transfer needs. Whether you are sending money to a family member overseas or paying a bill in another country, ACE has the expertise and resources to make it happen.

ACE Money Transfer Extends Greetings to the Constant Trust and Support from its Customers for Contributing to $1 Billion in Remittances

ACE Money Transfer is one of the top remittance providers that value customers more than others in the market. The firm thanks and appreciates its customers’ trust and constant support that made possible the massive achievement of $1 Billion in remittance transfers in 2022.

As ACE Money Transfer continues to grow and expand, it is well-positioned to continue providing top-quality money transfer services to its customers. Whether you are an individual sending money to a loved one or a student looking to make international payments through part-time earnings, ACE has the tools and resources to help you get the job done. So, consider ACE Money Transfer your go-to provider if you need to send or receive money internationally.

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