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Where to Work Across Italy in 2024? A Quick Guide for Gambians

09 May 2024

A UNHCR report stated that over 93,000 Gambians work in Italy to earn a living and send money to Gambia from Italy to offer financial support.

But while you travel abroad for work, you have two options. One is to simply travel to a foreign country, in this case, Italy, hunt for work and jobs, and then lay hands on whatever you can.

And the other?

Any guesses….!

Well, the other is to read this blog to ensure you find prospective jobs in different sectors, such as the Italian cities where you can find these jobs and the benefits of working there.

Let’s begin.

Best and Prospective Jobs in Italy for a Bright Future

No matter how developed a country’s economy is and regardless of how expansive its job market is, you will barely manage to find odd jobs that can, at best, be described as laborious. However, some efforts, including proper education, relevant experience, and the necessary skills, can land you a dream job in a foreign country like Italy.

Below are some of the most prospective jobs in high demand in Italy.


Migrating to Italy as a practicing surgeon is an excellent option for you. Even otherwise, you can find abundant opportunities in the medical profession in Italy. You can find jobs in some of the best Italian medical facilities. This includes Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda in Milan, Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli, Policlinico Sant’Orsola-Malpigh in Rome and Bologna, respectively.

The Salary Range

The salary range for doctors in Italy is relatively high. You can expect to earn a decent income even if you are connected with the medical profession in any capacity. This will allow you to offer substantial financial aid to your family back home whenever you send money online to Gambia from Italy. However, as a doctor in Italy, you can expect to earn between 103,000 and 174,000 euros annually.


The judicial system of Italy is unique in the world. Lawyers in Italy are ranked as the second among the highest-paid professionals and also the most respected. If you want to take up law as a profession in Italy, you must undertake a short course to familiarise yourself with Italian law and jurisprudence.

In addition, the other fantastic benefit of working in the law profession in Italy is that the positions of prosecutors and judges are interchangeable in the Italian judicial system. This is unavailable in any other European country.

The Salary Range

After you graduate in law and undertake the short course explained above, you can earn a fairly handsome salary in the law profession in Italy. A lawyer in Italy can earn between 56,089 and 101,573 euros. Even if you are an inexperienced lawyer, you can still earn around 36,000 euros annually.

Bank Managers

Owing to the robust Italian economy, which has a nominal GDP of $2.05 trillion (2022) and a GDP Per Capita income of $34,776.4, the financial market is thriving. This is why jobs in the Italian banking sector are the most demanding and among the highest paid.

Several banks in Italy with international repute offer multiple jobs and equal opportunities to thrive and excel.

The Salary Range

Since the banking sector in Italy is expanding and thriving fast, the jobs in this sector reflect this rapid growth and development through salaries and other perks and privileges. However, as a bank manager in Italy, you can easily earn about 156,000 euros annually.

With this large salary, you can easily offer substantial financial support to your family through money transfers from Italy to Gambia. Wouldn’t you agree?

University Professors

Becoming a university professor in Italy is emotionally and mentally rewarding. Your education in a discipline can help you become a professor at an Italian university quickly. You will get a chance to teach and guide some of the best minds in Italy, and due to Italy's rich culture, you will have a high chance of teaching several international students.

The Salary Range

Although this job may not be financially lucrative, you can still earn around 122,400 euros annually. However, you must also ensure that you have a PhD degree. On the other hand, if you start as a teacher at an Italian university, you can still earn around 38,200 euros a year.

Marketing Directors

The corporate sector in Italy is also filled with lucrative positions. Therefore, as a marketing director at an organization in Italy, you will oversee the company's marketing operations. Although these positions are demanding, the perks can compensate for your effort.

The Salary Range

As a marketing director, you can earn a handsome salary. Although it may not be as high as the other professions listed above, this position allows you to easily earn around 91,983 euros annually, along with other perks that come with such positions.

But to get hold of any of these jobs, you need to know the essential tips to land your dream jobs abroad as a migrant.

Listed below are some of the Italian cities with work-friendly environments.

Italian Cities to Work in

Always remember that not every city or area in every country is meant for work as a migrant. Regardless of how skilled and educated you are or how developed the country is, certain areas or cities are more suitable than others for work. Take a look below.

·       Milan

·       Rome

·       Florence

·       Bologna

·       Turin

·       Genoa

·       Naples

·       Palermo

·       Verona

·       Trieste

A Quick Look at Employee Benefits in Italy

Every developed country offers jobs in multiple sectors and many employee benefits. Italy is no exception. Look at some benefits you can get in Italy as a Gambian migrant.

·       Tax compliance, legal issues, and employee benefits are ensured by your employer

·       Administration of employee benefits is enshrined in the Italian constitution

·       Employers in Italy have to offer individual contracts to employees

·       Labour unions in Italy are pretty strong

·       Payments are made monthly

·       Wages are relatively high in Italy

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What are the top jobs in Italy?

You can find several jobs in many sectors in Italy. Some of the top jobs in Italy include surgeons, lawyers, bank managers, marketing directors, university professors, English teachers, university teaching assistants, and Italian language teachers.

What is the average salary range in Italy?

Salaries in Italy vary significantly from job to job. While some jobs, mainly those listed above, offer a six-digit salary, others may need to catch up. But on average, salaries remain between 60,000 and 100,000 euros annually.

What are the best Italian cities to work in?

Although Italy is a developed country, some cities offer a more work-friendly environment than others. Therefore, the best Italian cities are Milan, Rome, Florence, Bologna, Turin, Genoa, Naples, Palermo, Verona, and Trieste.

What are the employee benefits in Italy?

Some of the employee benefits you can get in Italy are provided by the employer, and you can sue them if they do not. Employee benefits are enshrined in the Italian constitution: several types of leaves for males and females, relatively high wages, strong labor unions, and so on.

What are the tips for finding a job in Italy?

Some tips for finding a job in Italy are first to select the sector you want to work in, conduct research, and see the job aligns with your education, skills and experience. You should update your CV and design it according to the accepted rules in Italy, understand the industry, prepare for the job interview, and apply.


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