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Setting Up Custom Dashboards in ACE Mobile App for Enhanced User Experience

09 May 2024

Dazzling technology has made it easy for global migrants, who number upwards of 281 million, to send money abroad for various purposes.

When you travel to a foreign country to earn a living and offer financial support back home, you are essentially sending money abroad. Right? Where technology has made the process easier, one of the globally reputed and respected online money transfer service providers, ACE Money Transfer, has ensured it adds new dimensions to what technology has achieved so far.

Since online money transfers mainly occur through smartphones and mobile apps, ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app is awaiting your attention, whose unique features will blow your mind away!

This blog will explain how to use the app and set up a custom dashboard according to your needs.

Let’s start!

Setting Up a Custom Dashboard in the ACE Mobile App to Cater to Specific Needs  

Sometimes, technology serves as an open platform offering equal opportunities to all. Those who capitalize on these opportunities stand out visibly, whereas those who miss them become dim memories.

The same happened with the online smartphone money transfer apps, a dazzling technology that helped several companies launch. You now use them to send money back home from abroad to offer financial support.

The ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app has been a unique addition to online money transfers because it allows you to set up its dashboard according to your needs.

Remember that this dashboard setup is apart from the fantastic service features the company offers you in its operations.

The following simple and easy steps will help you set up a custom dashboard in ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app.

·       Install ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app (available for Android and iOS users alike)

·       Create account

·       Log in

·       Hit the 4 dots at the bottom on the right side

·       Hit settings

·       Click ‘Dashboard Layout’

Here, you will enter the dashboard settings and its layout. Go through the several options.

Determine your needs. Many buttons will be on by default, and many will already be off. Turn on as many options as you want, and turn off as many as you want.


You have set up a customized dashboard in ACE Money Transfer’s online mobile app.

An Important Point to Remember

Setting up your customized dashboard in ACE Money Transfer’s online money transfer app is easier than you might think. But the first step is to determine your exact needs. If you can evaluate your needs, all it takes to set up a customized dashboard is the steps listed above. So, make sure to know your needs first and proceed later.

But, have you thought that determining your needs while using the app is based on one important thing?

What is that, you wonder?  

Well, you guessed it right!

It is to know what the firm offers in terms of services and also the unique features that set ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app apart from the rest in the realm of online money transfer apps.

For a better understanding, cast a glance at the short video tutorials about the usage of ACE Money Transfer's mobile app.  

Let’s now journey together through the features of the firm and its app to help you determine your needs quickly before setting up a customized dashboard.

Unique Features of ACE Money Transfer’s Mobile App

As mentioned earlier, technology has offered several opportunities to many companies and firms in every field there is. Therefore, in online money transfers, the opportunities provided by technology have been optimally used by ACE Money Transfer in the following ways, making money transfers more fun than a financially sensitive activity.

Fast and Smooth Money Transfers

Sending money with ACE’s mobile app is faster and smoother than before. The typical hiccups that are integral to the usage of a mobile app, such as slow response, increased processing time, and so on, are nonexistent. It has become highly smooth now, with fewer steps to transfer funds.

Quick Send Option

The app also allows you to send funds quickly by simply selecting the name of the recipient. This means that the days to enter the recipient’s credentials are over now while using ACE’s app. You simply choose the recipient, and the details will be auto-filled.

Enhanced Search and Filters

The app makes it easy for you to quickly select the country and the amounts to be transferred. The amounts have been divided separately. So, for example, if you wish to send GBP100, you will see the amount already in the list. Select it instead of manually entering it which can leave you prone to making an error.

Dark Mode

Taking stock of the fact that screentime can strain eyesight, the firm has integrated a dark mode into its mobile app. Now, if you feel that owing to excessive screentime your eyesight is getting strained, you can switch to dark mode which will relieve your eyesight.

Customised Dashboards and Skins

This feature is already explained above. You can now easily customize your dashboard and select the skin that you like. You will find multiple options to choose from for setting up a customized dashboard according to your needs.

Stories and Tutorials

You can enjoy several stories and tutorials in the app that you can also learn from. In these stories and tutorials, all your concerns and questions are addressed should you have some. Also, these guide you in the holistic usage of the app.

Profile Customisation

Instead of entering your and your recipient’s details each time you plan a money transfer, the app allows you to customize your profile with pictures and names just once. So, the next time you initiate the process, you only have to click the name or picture and leave the rest to the app!

New Payment Method

You can also select a payment method that corresponds to your needs. If you are not satisfied with the available payment methods to choose from, you can request the firm to add another payment method to the app. It will be added in a few minutes only.

Request for Latest Currency Exchange Rates

Given that currency exchange rates keep fluctuating, you can put up a request for the latest rates. It will help you either proceed with the transaction if rates are high or wait until rates spike in your favor.

ACE Money Transfer’s Mobile App Offers Benefits in Cash and Kind

If you choose ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app to send money online back home in your respective countries, you will get all the benefits listed above. 

In addition, the firm’s services are available in over 100 countries worldwide and are accessible 24/7. Its transactions are swift and safe, and it offers you market-competitive currency exchange rates in exchange for a low fee. Surprisingly enough, the fee is applicable only if the amount being transferred reaches a certain threshold below which you are likely to enjoy fee-free online money transfers with a delivery time to Pakistan from abroad of just under 7 seconds!


How has dazzling technology helped online money transfer apps?

It is only through technological advancements that online money transfers across borders have shifted to mobile apps from the typical and conventional ways of money transfers which were monopolised by the banks until not too long ago. They have become easy, smart, and fast now through mobile money transfer apps.

Why does ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app stand out?

Several factors make ACE’s mobile money transfer app stand out visibly. The core reason is that the firm did not stop when money transfers shifted to mobile apps, thanks to dazzling technology. The firm kept innovating its app with the changing needs and evolving times.

How can I set up a customized dashboard in ACE’s mobile app?

Setting up a customized dashboard in ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app is easier than you imagine. You need to log in to the app, hit the four dots at the bottom on the right, hit settings, and enter Dashboard Layout. But before that, determine your exact needs and what you want from customizing the dashboard.

What are the top features of ACE’s mobile app?

Some of the top features of ACE’s mobile app are fewer steps to transfer funds swiftly and smoothly, dark mode, a customized profile, a quick send option, several stories and tutorials, auto-filling of details, and so on.

What are some of the unique service features of ACE Money Transfer?

You will get several amazing service features if you send money with ACE Money Transfer. Some features are speed, safety, low fees, live and market-competitive currency exchange rates, and 24/7 service access and availability in over 100 countries worldwide.


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