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Where To Go This Summer? A Tour Planning Guide 2022

Where To Go This Summer? A Tour Planning Guide 2022

02 Aug 2022

Most people in today’s digitised world remain busy and on the go. The demand for trips such as summer tours rises when you have worked for so long without a break. Do you ever wonder how many people travel the world yearly to escape the monotonous life routines? The number of international tourists will be billions, especially during summers as various parts of the world turn so beautiful when the weather changes. Besides boosting several other businesses and industries, these tourists add significant value to the money transfer business. An international money transfer is one of the primary needs for international tourists that helps them manage their accommodation, food, travel, and other needs during a tour.

Many individuals plan trips for summer or long-term vacations so conveniently. Yet many others remain uncertain about where to start and what choices they can avail themselves of. 

Summer travel is more popular than ever, which is why ACE Money Transfer has compiled this list of top places where you may plan a trip and depart during the next several months. 

Summer Tour Guide 2022

Summer vacation planning may be a difficult task. Where do you even begin? What is the first step? What is the next step? What is the third step? 

It's easy to become overwhelmed, especially if you've never travelled before, given how much information is available these days. The first thing you might do is search the internet, but taking in plenty of information can deviate you from the plan. It is as if you search the internet for global money transfer services and find great details but not a good service provider.

The first question that haunts travellers planning for a trip is, what things can you do on summer vacations or which destination is the best choice?

Summer Destinations and Summer Activities


Greece's beauties include its ancient history and magnificent islands that enhance the majesty of its historical influence. Visit undiscovered islands and savour the exotic flavours of food fashioned by millennia. Enjoy the joyful atmosphere of cafés while watching the sunset over a volcanic caldera. 

Athens, Rhodes, Crete, and Santorini exemplify Greece's natural and cultural treasures, making you experience the most popular areas of the nation and off the beaten path for the ideal blend of familiar and new.


Think of a unique country that can provide you with adventurous tourist spots and winters in summer. Yes, Australia is the perfect destination for such a unique place. The Bondi beach in Sydney, the adventures of seeing live crocodiles of Corocosaurus Cove in Darwin city and the best tourist spots in Rhode, South Australia, all offer unique and adventurous experiences that can be the cherry on top of your trip.

If you wish to experience a star-studded night, visit the Opera House, a trademark of Sydney, Australia. All these amazing places can become the highlight of your summer vacation. But don’t worry about your funds running out. There’s always an option for you to make a money transfer online.


Spain's summer weather and attitude are both sunny and pleasant. As travellers from all over the world flock to the coasts, the wonders of Spain become more accessible. Flamenco dancers move to a great beat, pilgrims are drawn to the Compostela route, and museums in magnificent cities illustrate Spain's contribution to art and European heritage.

The golden scenery of the south is bathed in southern sunshine, while the lush and green north provides refreshment and relaxation. Enjoy traditional food entrenched in the roots of each area while appreciating the epic nature as it varies from high mountains to stunning cliffs. Don’t worry about not finding an ATM in the ancient city because you can always avail yourself of online money transfer services.


If you have an adventurous side, a summer trip to Tanzania will allow you to experience the safari season. Tanzania defies categorisation as the site of spectacular experiences in the Serengeti and calm absorption on the soft-sand beaches of Zanzibar, providing views of unique animals, vibrant birds, and amazing culture.

Summer offers the opportunity to enjoy the cooler dry season of the outdoors for a more rewarding animal viewing experience or the ideal beach getaway. From lions to elephants, you may relax in beautiful lodges, explore intriguing spice farms, or see the splendour of rhinos and flamingos in a volcano's crater.


Belize is a tropical delight all year, but the summer brings waterfalls, rolling hills, and beautiful sea breezes to cool down. As a charming tropical resort, the summer months fall within the area's wet season, with actual rainfall varying by location and in short bursts that keep the surrounding landscape lush and vibrant.

Belize is the perfect place for adventure, culture, natural beauty, and welcome luxury, with rainforest terrain that reaches the Caribbean Sea. The coral gardens are alive with vibrant marine life, and the lush canopy shelters monkeys, birds, and jaguars while framing fascinating Mayan ruins. In the summer, Belize is a mesmerising location for all travellers.

All the travel may require you to take loads of cash. But international rules and regulations may differ with that decision. That is why you should find the best remittance service so you may access your fund anywhere you are. Want to know the best remittance service?

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