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What's New in the ACE Mobile App for Overseas Filipinos in Ireland?

What's New in the ACE Mobile App for Overseas Filipinos in Ireland?

30 Jan 2024

ACE Money Transfer has taken a significant leap forward in a world where convenience and speed are paramount. The latest update of the ACE mobile app brings innovative features explicitly tailored for the Filipino community in Ireland, proving to be a game-changer, offering a faster, smoother, and more personalized way to send money from Ireland to Philippines. This update is a testament to ACE's commitment to enhancing user experience and simplifying sending money overseas. Let's delve into the exciting new features of this app.                              

ACE Mobile App: Your Gateway to Advanced Money Transfer Solutions      

Let’s delve into the financial solutions offered by AceMoney Transfer in detail.   

Streamlined and Speedier Transactions        

When sending money to loved ones, speed is crucial. Always choose a service that prioritises efficiency to ensure your funds reach their destination quickly and without complications. Streamlined transactions save time and effort, giving you peace of mind and the ability to stay connected with your loved ones.       

Enhanced Performance for a Seamless Experience     

The ACE app has recently undergone a revolution and now boasts significant improvements in loading times and navigation, making it a highly efficient and user-friendly platform. This upgrade is particularly beneficial for busy individuals who value their time and require quick and hassle-free access to the app's features. With faster loading times and smoother navigation, the ACE app provides a seamless experience, allowing users to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently without interruptions or delays.    

Innovative Features for Effortless Money Transfers     

Money transfers from Ireland to the Philippines have become incredibly streamlined.  With fewer steps required, users can easily send money online from Ireland to Philippines, making the process both time-saving and user-friendly. Users enjoy real-time currency views, lower fees, and better rates. The process is now faster, cost-effective, and user-friendly, significantly easing cross-border financial exchanges.

Quick Send: The Future of Money Transfers   

The Quick Send feature is incredibly convenient for users to make transfers instantly. This feature is designed to save time and effort, making it easy for users to send money to their intended recipients without going through a lengthy process. You only need to select the recipient from the dashboard, and the app will take care of the rest. 

It will automatically populate the transfer details, account number, and other relevant information; all left for you to do is confirm the transfer.                       

With Quick Send, you can complete transactions in just a few clicks, saving you time and ensuring that your transfers are executed accurately and efficiently.           

Advanced Search and Filtering   

The latest update introduces advanced search functionalities, including money transfer status and amount filters. With these new features, users can quickly locate specific transactions using the transfer status or amount filters, making it easier to find what they're looking for and saving valuable time.                    

You find yourself spending more and more time scrolling through your transaction history to find a specific payment or to check if a payment has been received. The latest update to the app introduces advanced search filters for transfer status and amount. By using these advanced search filters, you can streamline your experience with the app and save valuable time that you can use for other essential tasks.                

Cutting-Edge Technologies    

Cutting-Edge Technologies by ACE Money Transfer highlights their commitment to leveraging the latest in fintech for efficient global remittances. Focused on fast, secure, and user-friendly digital solutions, they aim to revolutionize international money transfers, ensuring ease and reliability for users while staying ahead in the financial transfer sector.  Their ACE Transfer Numbers (ATN) are examples of their recent technological advancements.                                           

ACE Transfer Number (ATN): A New Era of Transaction Efficiency

ATN replaces the traditional Transaction/Transfer Code, streamlining the transfer process. ACEIT replaces 'Pay Now' and offers a user-friendly design for accessible transaction confirmations. The ATN streamlines the transfer process by replacing the traditional Transaction/Transfer Code, offering a unique identifier for each transaction.  

ACEIT: Revolutionising Payment Confirmations

The new 'ACEIT' button replaces the 'Pay Now' option, presenting a sleek and intuitive design for more accessible transaction confirmations. So the next time you make a money transfer from Ireland to Philippines, you won't just be paying it; you will be Ace-ing it.      

Are you a Filipino expatriate worker living in Ireland? Do you want to know the top 10 life-saving tips to make your life easier and safer? Read the secrets revealed and get the inside scoop on making the most of your time in Ireland.  

Customisation and Accessibility

Customisation and Dark Mode are two critical features of the ACE Money Transfer app that benefit users.       

Personalised Dashboards

By allowing users to customise their app interface and choose from various skins and dashboards, the app caters to diverse user preferences, enhancing user experience based on individual choices and styles.               

Innovative Dark Mode  

The Dark Mode feature of the app is handy for users who prefer a visually comfortable option in low-light conditions, reducing eye strain and improving user experience. Additionally, Dark Mode can increase battery life, especially for devices with OLED 

screens, as it reduces power usage.     

Engagement and Learning: Enhancing User Knowledge

The Ace App stands at the forefront of combining user engagement with educational growth, focusing on enhancing user knowledge in the realm of financial transactions. It’s not just about facilitating money transfers, the app is designed to educate its users about the themes of financial literacy. Through intuitive interfaces and informative content, the Ace App empowers users with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their money. This approach goes a long way in building user confidence, ensuring that each interaction with the app is a transaction and a learning experience, deepening their understanding of global finance practices. 

Stories and Tutorials: Keeping Users Informed and Skilled

Including stories and tutorials on an app dashboard significantly benefits the user experience. Not only does it offer valuable marketing insights and informative content, but it also enhances user engagement and knowledge about the app's functionalities. 

By incorporating these features, users can better understand how to use the app and its various components, leading to increased satisfaction and retention rates. Additionally, these stories and tutorials can serve as a powerful tool for marketing and promoting the app, as they can demonstrate its value and usefulness to potential users.   

The Way Forward: Revolutionising Remittances with ACE     

The latest ACE Money Transfer app update significantly revolutionizes how overseas Filipinos send money to Philippines from Ireland. This enhancement is not just a technological upgrade; it's a commitment to providing a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly remittance experience.

Critical features like Quick Send, ATN, and ACEIT simplify and expedite the money transfer process, ensuring users can support their families back home easily and quickly. Adding personalized dashboards, Dark Mode, and informative tutorials further enriches the user experience, making the app a transaction tool and a platform for engagement and learning.    

ACE's dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in every aspect of the app. ACE Money Transfer sets a new standard in the digital remittance sector by continuously adapting to user needs and industry trends.       

As you look to the future, the updated ACE app is a testament to the company's commitment to connecting communities and fostering financial inclusion. It's a step forward in ensuring that Filipinos in Ireland can send money online to their loved ones in the Philippines confidently and efficiently.    


What are the new features in the ACE Mobile App update for Filipinos in Ireland?  

The ACE Mobile App update introduces streamlined transactions, enhanced performance, a Quick Send feature, advanced search and filtering, cutting-edge technologies like ATN and ACEIT, customization options, Dark Mode, and informative stories and tutorials.   

How does the Quick Send feature benefit users?

Quick Send allows users to make transfers instantly with fewer steps, saving time and enhancing convenience. It automatically populates transfer details for a swift and efficient transaction process.

What is the ACE Transfer Number (ATN), and how does it improve the transfer process?

The ATN is a unique identifier for each transaction, replacing the traditional Transaction/Transfer Code. It streamlines the transfer process by providing a more efficient way to track and manage transactions.

How does the advanced search functionality enhance the app's user experience?

The advanced search functionality, including transfer status and amount filters, allows users to quickly locate specific transactions, saving time and improving the overall user experience.

Can users customise their app interface in the updated ACE Mobile App?

Users can personalize their app experience with various skins and dashboards, allowing them to tailor the app according to their preferences and style.

What is the benefit of the Dark Mode feature in the app?

Dark Mode provides a visually comfortable option in low-light conditions, reducing eye strain and potentially increasing battery life on devices with OLED screens.

How do stories and tutorials on the app dashboard benefit users?

Stories and tutorials keep users informed and skilled, enhancing engagement, knowledge about the app's functionalities, and overall user satisfaction.

Are there any educational resources available in the app to help new users?

Yes, the app includes informative stories and tutorials to help new users understand and effectively use the app's features and functionalities. 


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