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What Job Opportunities the Gambian Expats can find Abroad?

What Job Opportunities the Gambian Expats can find Abroad?

26 Dec 2022

The trend of moving abroad for a lavish lifestyle is increasing day by day. What would you do if you were a part of an underdeveloped country with an unstable economy? You would have no choice but to move to a developed country with a stable economy. Do you know that about 90,000 Gambian expats were abroad in 2017?  According to research conducted at the University of the Gambia, most Gambians go abroad to get a better education or job opportunities. Most of these expats earn in foreign countries and send money to Gambia to support their families back home.

Moving out of Gambia and staying in abroad isn’t enough. You must hunt for job opportunities with reasonable earnings to ensure financial support for your family. Searching for different jobs according to your interest and the scope of the study is recommended before you move outside the Gambia. To help you find a good opportunity, The following guide on “What job opportunities the Gambian expats can find abroad” can significantly help in your job pursuit.

Top 5 Job Prospects for Gambian Expats

The first job you'll acquire in another country will be determined by criteria such as your language abilities, employment experience, studies, and the demand for specific jobs.

Being an expat might be advantageous while seeking certain occupations, such as those that need multilingualism.

Continue reading to find different fields where you can seek jobs abroad.

Tourism & Hospitality

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, tourism is the world's fastest-expanding industry. It is responsible for 330 million employments worldwide, or one out of every ten.

The hotel business allows you to learn about various cultures and traditions. Such positions are typically accessible at hotels, resorts, restaurants, and tourist destinations. Gambian expats may quickly obtain these positions and become a part of a community where they can work, socialise, and learn new traditions. The dynamic and fast-paced environment of the hotel business will undoubtedly appeal to you.

Whatever you do, don't undervalue the importance of networking. Those who work in travel and tourism prioritise social ties, and keeping solid relationships will keep you at the front of their minds when a position becomes available.

As a Gambian expat, it is the ideal industry to try your luck since you can make enough money and support your family back home with an instant money transfer to Gambia whenever needed.


Teaching may be fulfilling, but only if you are enthusiastic about it. You will have to spend additional hours marking, attending after-school meetings, learning various teaching strategies, attending parent-teacher conferences, and so on.

Between 2019 and 2020, hiring for tutoring and support positions increased by more than 20%.

Teaching overseas is an excellent approach to broadening your teaching repertoire by working with students from other backgrounds. Whether you are interested in paid teaching or tutoring, the sky is the limit regarding education.

Working in education overseas is not limited to Gambians with a teaching degree. If you have a bachelor's degree and want to get your TEFL certification, you may join the legions of recent graduates who travel overseas to teach English every year.

Web Development 

When you move abroad as a Gambian expat, it won’t be easy for you to get a stable job. You must show patience and keep searching to reach your goal of sending money back to your homeland.

During the duration of searching for jobs, you can earn from home. If you are already skilled in web development, then there’s nothing to worry about. Even if you are not well aware of it, you can earn it quickly from multiple web developers on YouTube. They will teach you online job hunting as well.

The skill of web development is not only restricted to home boundaries.  Many job requirements include the professionalism of web development skills. Your experience and earnings from home will be a plus, and you will have a high chance of getting selected.


Nursing is a highly in-demand job abroad for Gambian expats. You don’t even need any particular skill for that. Abroad, children usually leave their parents to get financial stability themselves. That's why old parents start looking for someone to nurse them. Before moving to a country as an expat, confirm whether your nursing degree is recognised in that area or not. Several Gambian-born nurses work in foreign countries with good earnings and ensure public service simultaneously. Most of these nurses send money to Gambia online via ACE Money Transfer since it’s one of the most trusted providers.

Any healthcare system is incomplete without nurses. Nurses have been the backbone, especially during difficult times like covid. Being a nurse, you can also look for good job opportunities in schools and urgent health care centres.

Hotel Receptionist

If your luck doesn’t work in any of the sectors mentioned earlier, you can try for the job of a hotel receptionist. As a Gambian expat, you will not have to put in much effort to secure the seat of a hotel receptionist. This is the right job if you love meeting new people and networking.

The only requirement of this job is multilingual proficiency. You will love communicating and getting engaged with multiple people around you, but you will have to follow strict working hours being a hotel receptionist. You need to be passionate about giving people wonderful experiences because the job isn't flexible.

When you fly Abroad from the Gambia, you face many difficult situations. The first challenge is to find a job. After securing a job, the next difficulty is to send payment to the Gambia from Abroad. That’s where the role of ACE Money Transfer comes in. Because of the trust we have maintained in the past years, we are the first choice of remitters around the globe. You can choose us to get fast and safe money transfer services.

Final Verdict - How to Get a Reasonable Job Abroad?

Now that you have learnt “What job opportunities the Gambian expats can find abroad”, you have multiple fields before you to choose from. Finding a job as a Gambian expat abroad depends on your previous work history, language abilities, and the employment market of your destination. To avoid troubles after moving abroad, seeking the desired job and getting hired prior to stepping into a foreign land is recommended. Once you start earning abroad, ACE Money Transfer is there to help you make a quick, secure, and convenient online money transfer to Gambia from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, or Switzerland.


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