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What is the best way to send money to Ghana from UK?

What are the ideal approaches for remittance from Expats in the United Kingdom to Families in Ghana?

29 Nov 2022

The United Kingdom is home to more than 10 million expatriates and overseas workers, whereas above 114,000 people belong to Ghana. Most people move here either for education or better earning opportunities since the UK is one of the most advanced and economically strong countries. Being a Ghanaian expat worker in the UK, if you’re looking for the best way to send money to Ghana for your family’s financial support, you’ve reached the right place. Keep reading to know more.

There can be numerous ways for you to transfer funds back home to Ghana from the UK. But finding the best one depends upon your preferences and the service features you typically look for. Although a vast majority of expatriates worldwide have used conventional money transfer methods for a long, however, people have now turned towards more technological methods like digital remittance service providers for secure, swift, and convenient transactions.

Choosing the best transfer might be challenging, but the following guidelines can significantly help you get to your desired remittance partner. Let’s start.

The Best Method to Send Money to Ghana from the UK

Do you know what factors to consider when choosing the correct remittance service provider? Worry not if you didn’t know earlier since you’ll get complete guidelines here on all the major features, which will help you decide on what method to choose.

Security of a Global Money Transfer

When you send money across borders, the security of your funds remains the top concern. People continued using conventional methods such as the kerb market to transfer money from overseas. However, more secure and advanced methods offer several benefits to customers.

Digital technology provides convenient, economical and secure ways to transfer money to your family. Currently, nearly 3.4 billion people worldwide use mobile wallets to send money to their loved ones. Digitisation is growing swiftly, and it’s anticipated that by 2026 the number of digital wallet users will grow to more than 5 billion, which will be roughly 60% of the global population.

Regulated channels like ACE Money Transfer provide enhanced security with end-to-end data encryption to ensure that the user’s privacy, information, and funds remain secure. Consider sending money digitally to your family in Ghana if you want your money to reach the recipient safely and quickly.

The Highest Exchange Rate for an International Remittance Transfer

After security, the exchange rate is the most critical factor that every Ghanaian expat worker must ensure. Conventional methods like kerb market or banks typically offer fixed rates, which ultimately affect the amount that the end-user (recipient) will receive. If you get the mid-market exchange rate, you can send more money to your family in Ghana after converting it from a foreign currency to Ghanian Cedi.

ACE Money Transfer ranks on top in providing the highest exchange rates to customers sending money abroad. It enables you to check live exchange rates via an interactive calculator available on its website and mobile app. It provides the actual mid-market rates so that whenever you send money to Ghana online via ACE’ remittance services, you can ensure more money received by your beneficiaries.

The Lowest Transfer Fee for Sending Money to Ghana from Overseas

Transfer cost on international transaction remain a cricital issue for every expatriate worker. Overseas workers often end up paying huge prices in terms of hidden charges, transfer cost, and several other fees when transferring funds through traditional methods.

If you want to avoid paying extra cost and send a significant amount to your family in Ghana, go digital that comes with several benefits. You can send money to Ghana with the lowest fees, the highest exchange rates, and an ultimate security if you choose ACE Money Transfer. It has a widespread network of more than 375,000 payout locations worldwide with a 24x7 available service across 100+ countries.

Tracking Facility to Know the Status of Your Money Transfer to Ghana

If you use traditional methods of transferring money to Ghana, you won’t have the facility to track your transaction’s statu. Going digital facilitates you to know where’s your money throughout the completion of your transactions.

ACE Money Transfer has the most user-friendly and interaction mobile app and website that enables you to keep track of your money transfer to Ghana from the UK or any other country. It gives you complete peace of mind when you know the status of your money that it’s in safe hands and when will it reach the recipient.

Incentives on Your Money Transfers Back Home

Although it seems unrealistic to expect incentives when sending money across borders. However, ACE Money Transfer offers enticing rewards and incentives to its global expatriate customers. You can participate in its promotions simply when you make an online money transfer to Ghana with ACE’s mobile app or website whenever any campaign is ongoing.

Considering all these benefits that you won’t find in conventional methods, sending money online to Ghana using a trusted remittance provider like ACE Money Transfer is recommended.

Let’s now glance over the essential reasons people of Ghana move to the UK.

What compels the people of Ghana to travel to the UK?

Lack of required employment opportunities, disturbed economic patterns, and many other typical reasons force people from low-to-middle-income countries like Ghana to migrate to the developed world. Following are some of the key reasons why migration remains common in underdeveloped countries.

People are deprived of their essential needs.

In Ghana and most developing countries, most of the population is deprived of the necessities for life. Societies are divided along wealth and social lines. You can have a privileged life if you have a solid financial background. But not having one can add to your miseries.

Ghana has more than 25.37 million population, and almost 68% of its people live in rural areas. The vast majority rely on agriculture for their survival and have limited facilities for life. Four consecutive dry months in Ghana limit production and farmers must rely on the food already stored. Due to low employment opportunities, they don’t have proper healthcare, modern education, and other necessities for life caused by low income for most families. Ultimately, its people consider moving abroad for better earnings to ensure a better quality of life.

Poor healthcare facilities

Access to quality and equal healthcare services remains a distant dream for the people of Ghana and many other developing countries. Where the service quality is better, its affordability is unimaginable, and where healthcare services are affordable with easy access, their quality is frighteningly poor. People living in rural areas rely on traditional African medicine since they don’t have modern healthcare facilities nearby. For critical emergencies, they have to travel long distances to reach urban areas where they can find expert doctors, medical specialists, and hospitals with all the facilities.

The quality of education is compromised.

Of course, quality education can guarantee a viable career. One of the major concerns of the people of developing countries like Ghana is that the quality of education is poor and compromised. Educating from the existing setup leads students to add up to the number of non-skilled, under-skilled or poorly-skilled people seeking jobs in futility.

So, many people prefer going abroad to get a quality education, become skilled, and earn better to support their families back home in Ghana. Those who settle in the advanced world keep finding a trusted method to transfer funds to their families. Several Ghanaians trust ACE Money Transfer since they can make a secure and instant online money transfer to Ghana using its services across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland.

People suffer from abject poverty.

Lack of work opportunities pushes people further into poverty. They even cannot put food on their tables. Then, it is your fundamental right to go to a country you think can help you with your poverty and enable you to earn and support your family’s financial needs. Ghana’s poverty rate is around 11.2%, where countless people are homeless lacking basic necessities and even suffering from various diseases. To overcome such circumstances, people find it best to move abroad to work and earn a better livelihood.

Ghanaian Economy

  • With a nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $74.26 billion, Ghana is the world’s 75th economy.
  • It is the 72nd economy in the world with a Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of $186.682 billion.
  • Its GDP per capita income is $2,374, and its PPP per capita income is $5,968
  • It has an unemployment rate of about 5.7%
  • Its GDP growth rate was estimated to be around 5.9% in 2021

These figures, coupled with the reasons explained above, show why Ghana's people travel out of their country to find employment opportunities.

Now, let’s look at why people prefer to go to the UK to seek a good education and better earnings.

Top Reasons To Go To The Uk

You can find many reasons to go to the UK depending on your needs and requirements. But the following will relate to you directly or indirectly.

Excellent education system

In exchange for a low fee, you educate at some of the world’s top universities whose degrees are recognised worldwide. Graduating from these institutions helps you secure a good job that, in turn, ensures a sound financial future.

Integrating into the community is easy.  

Community integration in the UK is easy as the government facilitates the process by fighting against racism and related issues. You can find many organisations to help you integrate into the UK quickly.

Excellent healthcare in the UK

The locals and the foreigners have equal access to the UK’s excellent healthcare system. One issue you might face is the long waits you will have to endure before getting specialised treatments.

Citizenship with full rights

The minimum time you have to live in the UK to be eligible for its citizenship is 5 years. As soon as that period is complete, you can apply for citizenship, which will bring you to par with the natives in terms of having access to all the rights the natives enjoy.

Background discussed briefly

The UK has always attracted people to attend the best universities recognised worldwide. It has also fascinated people wanting to find jobs and start businesses due to its robust economy and business-friendly environment.

The people of developing countries, including Ghana, have also been attracted to the UK as it offers immense work and education opportunities lacking in such countries. Many Ghanaian expatriates reside in the UK, earn remittances and send money to Ghana.

A look at the UK economy here is essential.

UK’s Economy

  • With a nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $3.376 trillion, the UK is the 5th largest economy.
  • It is the 8th largest economy with a Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of $3.752 trillion.
  • Its GDP per capita income is $49,761, and its PPP per capita income is $55,301
  • It has an overall unemployment rate of 3.8%
  • Its GDP growth is expected to be around 4.2% in 2022

With such robust economic figures, the UK’s economy always welcomes expatriates seeking future employment opportunities.

So, what do you think is the best of all solutions to send money to Ghana from the UK? Still uncertain?

Let’s help you deciding the service you must opt for when sending money back home.

Best way to send money to Ghana from UK

Many online money transfer companies, including ACE, facilitate secure and swift international money transfers in return for low fees and favourable currency exchange rates.

But if you choose ACE Money Transfer, you can make a fast, secure, convenient, and economical money transfer to Ghana from the UK, Europe Canada, Australia, and Switzerland whenever the need arises. You get the best exchange rates, the lowest transfer fee, the facility to track your transactions from initiation to completion, and several chances of winning exciting rewards, all under one roof of ACE Money Transfer.


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