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Want Canadian Dual Citizenship or Nationality? Read This Guide

Want Canadian Dual Citizenship or Nationality? Read This Guide

07 Dec 2022

Did you know that Canada is one of the most accessible citizenship-providing countries? 

Around 300,000 immigrants fled to Canada in 2021, hoping to get dual citizenship. The number of immigrants in Canada in 2022 is 431,645, showing upward migration trends to the country from worldwide. Canada is a country of dreams with good governance, a high economy, and a friendly population. It can be your pathway to a better life. Canadian expats tend to upgrade their lifestyle and send money back home to provide financial assistance for their families.

If you are aspiring to get that blue eighth most highly ranked passport in the world, read this guide to familiarise yourself with the process. 

What are the Canadian citizenship eligibility criteria?

Here are the essential factors that will decide whether or not you are eligible for Canadian citizenship.

Be a permanent resident.

Being a permanent resident of Canada is a requirement before applying for Canadian citizenship. You must meet all the terms and conditions of Canadian permanent residency at the time of your application. 

There are plenty of endeavours through which you can become eligible for permanent residency. These might include

  • Applying through a specific province
  • Applying with the help of Canadian family members or spouse
  • Utilise a particular entrepreneur route
  • Live in Canada for three years at least

Permanent residents enjoy almost all the amenities offered to citizens. They can access the free healthcare system along with work and study benefits. However, permanent residents are not allowed to vote or run for office. They are also exempted from doing jobs that require a top security clearance. 

Be physically present in Canada for at least 1095 days in the last five years.

Another requirement before applying for Canadian citizenship is to reside inside Canada for at least 1095 days or 3 years. Minors who apply with a parent or have a Canadian parent are exempted from this condition. 

Provide your income tax filing

You will not be considered a Canadian citizen if you are not a tax filer. Your tax return documents from the previous three years are required for application. The government wants to check if your job is legit. 

Prove your language proficiency 

French and English are the two official languages in Canada. It is a requirement to know at least one to become a citizen. You can be fluent but at least know enough to keep a conversation going. You should be able to describe yourself, give directions, or use basic grammar. If you can do all these, you hold a Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) Level 4.

This requirement is only for applicants aged 18-54. You might have to send the following documents to prove language proficiency

  • Language test scores, even if they are expired.
  • Certificate from a Canadian educational institute that offered courses in English or French. 

A good understanding of English communication will help you easily manage your life in Canada. If you can understand English or French, you can communicate with people around you and conveniently perform different things. This can include moving to your workplace, shopping, visiting places, enjoying the best foods, and making a secure and economical online money transfer to your loved ones.

Be adept in Canadian culture and history.

The Canadian government will issue a formal quiz to test the basic knowledge of applicants on the history, institutions, values, and symbols of Canada. Hence, you should prepare beforehand. The test is typically for applicants aged between 16-64. Most of the time, it is a written test. However, you can also expect the citizenship officer to conduct the test orally. You will be notified four weeks before the test to have ample time to prepare.

Have a clean character

The government does not easily grant citizenship to people who have previously committed a crime. You must have a clear history of the past four years of submitting your application. Otherwise, there are high chances that your application will be denied. 

How to apply for Canadian citizenship?

You must visit the IRCC’s website (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) to start your application. The website has all the forms and a checklist of required documents. 

To apply

  • Download the forms from the website.
  • Fill them out electronically.
  • Print the filled forms.
  • Envelop all the forms and required documents.
  • Submit them to the address provided with your application package.

What documents are required to apply? 

If you meet the eligibility, you can begin your application procedure. Certain documents should be provided to get the application started. The documents depend on your age and situation. However, some public records include the following. 

  • Application form of citizenship
  • Proof of 1095 days in Canada
  • Photocopy of your passport
  • Photocopy of your identification card
  • Documents proving language proficiency
  • Paid fees receipt
  • Two pictures, according to the official requirement
  • Police clearance certificate from Canada or any other country you have lived in for at least six months

What happens after the submission?

Officials will review your submitted application. If all your documents and forms are intact, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt (AOR) and a unique client identifier (UCI). After a few weeks, you will be invited for the interview and citizenship test. 

If you pass that and your application is accepted, you must take an oath of citizenship. 

Need for money transfer for Canadian citizens

As you transition from an expat to a citizen, you will have more opportunities. This means more funds to send back home. Stop using expensive and time-consuming wire transfers to send money back home. Instead, switch to faster and cheaper options like online money transfers. 

Which app is best for online money transfers?

ACE Money Transfer provides the most exemplary remittance-sending service with economical transaction fees and a top-notch security system. You can send money online to hundred-plus receiving countries with market-competitive exchange rates. Make as many transactions as you like in the palm of your hand.

Getting Canadian citizenship might be daunting for you, but once you’ve migrated here, you can open new doors to your professional career. No matter what’s your scope of study and work, Canada offers equal chances of professional growth, learning, and earning for every diaspora coming here from around the world.


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