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UK Online Banking: Avoiding Fraud and Protecting Your Account as Filipino Expat

18 Mar 2024

Online banking has always been one of the most popular means of making online money transfers from UK to Philippines. The UK stands out as one of the world's most advanced nations, boasting over 350 banks nationwide. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology and higher facility levels catering to the needs of its populace, the UK sets a benchmark for development and innovation. If you are a Filipino expat living in the UK, you should know the best ways to operate your online bank account.         

Expats make international transactions to their homeland for various purposes. They have to use multiple remittance transfer services to clear their financial residues. Prioritize protecting your account using modern lockups and being aware of online frauds and scams. Moreover, you must learn how to operate your online bank accounts carefully to avoid loss. Keep reading and learn the ways to prevent fraud while making huge transactions:    

Techniques for Expats to Protect Bank Accounts from Frauds and Scams  

Online banking has bridged the financial distance between the UK and the Philippines. Now you can apply advanced security locks to protect your account from unauthorized access and send money online to Philipines from the UK without any hassle:         

Choose a Registered Service  

The first and crucial step is to choose an official and registered bank or service for money transactions. Many illegal services can facilitate your money transactions, but they are full of risks that can lead to fraud. Services like ACE Money Transfer are legal, and they are connected with multiple banks in the UK, like UBL.  

Protect Personal Bank Account

Avoid sharing your personal information with anyone. Secure your personal and financial information, including your bank account numbers, PIN, and passwords.

Use Strong Passwords

Using strong passwords comprising lower and upper case letters, special characters, and numeric values is crucial. So that nobody can guess it. Avoid using your DOB as your password.

Keep Your Devices Updated

Always keep a record of all your transactions and keep your devices updated. Monitor your accounts regularly, and if you find any suspicious activity, reach out to customer service to ensure future online money transfers from UK to Philippines.   

Ignore Unofficial Calls

You may receive unofficial emails, messages, or calls. Avoid receiving such calls; never share your info with anyone claiming authenticity. Usually, banks and services call from their official number, so contact customer service and ensure official calls.  

Avoid Clicking on Links

You may see pop-up messages or links while scrolling websites or using apps. Avoid clicking on unofficial links because they can steal your personal information. Be aware of phishing scams, which are common over the internet.  

Apply Smart Locks

Apply security apps on your bank applications. Apply multi-factor authentication, Secure, Socket Layer technology (SSL), and end-to-end encryption. Enable face detection and fingerprint detectors for added security.  

Install Antivirus for Malware  

Install strong antivirus software to protect your accounts from getting crashed. Turn on notifications for detection of any suspicious activity. Use secure devices and avoid using public Wi-Fi. Sign up for bank notification alerts to stay updated about all the transaction activities.

Importance of Understanding the Banking System of the UK

The banks in the UK are easy to operate because of the availability of online bank applications. Almost 97% of the UK's population uses different types of banks for daily payments. As an expat, you must understand the banking system of the UK to send money to the Philipines from the UK quickly and efficiently. Let's learn the banking system of the UK. 

Bank Fee Structures

Always check the detailed fee structure of the banks. Talk about service charges and annual fee structure. Almost every bank deducts a yearly fee. Also, recognize hidden charges and look for companies with transparent fee structures. Choose a bank after comparing the pros and cons and decide on a suitable service so you can send money to Philippines from UK.

UK’s Thriving Fintech   

Fintech, which means financial technology, is a thriving sector in the UK that helps individuals handle their money through electronic devices. Almost all the banks in the UK use Fintech to make the handling process easier.   

Navigating Banking Options

You must know the type of bank you need to avoid scams. There are several types of banks in the UK, such as retail, commercial, investment, and central banks. Expats can choose international banks or digital banks for their convenience.        

●       Retail banks provide services to small businesses. 

●       International banks are specially designed for overseas clients or expats.

●   Digital Banking is the trending bank type in the UK. It doesn't support any physical branch but handles everything digitally.   

With the digital revolution, online banking has become a trend. Now, you can instantly send money to your homeland by using bank accounts or other services. There are many online scams and frauds, which is the biggest fear of expats. But there is a solution to everything. Learn about the ways to stay safe when sending Money Online?     

Apply advanced security techniques to your accounts. Install antivirus software and look for the most authentic services. Although many digital companies are registered with fake protocols, thus you need to research carefully before opening an account. Look for multiple services, compare the differences and benefits, and choose the most authentic.  

Secure Money Transfers: Protecting Your Finances from UK to the Philippines

While sending money to your homeland, your first concern should be the security of your account—thoroughly research banks and their types. Choose a company that protects your security. ACE Money Transfer is renowned for its advanced security features. They have introduced a new security feature, SSL(Secure Socket Layer). SSL ensures a secure connection between the user and the company and keeps them updated about all the activities.  

Look for security measures to have a safe way to send money online to Philippines from UK. Use strong passwords, avoid clicking on unofficial links or attending stranger calls, keep your devices updated, and turn on notifications to monitor all the activities. Use secure channels to make safe money transactions in the Philippines from the UK. Look for reliable services that guarantee your security, such as ACE Money Transfer. It allows you to have insights into your money-tracking process. Learn about the advanced techniques and enjoy safe online banking.


How does ACE Money Transfer support online security?

ACE Money Transfer has introduced advanced security features. You can use the mobile application of ACE to enable all the security features such as SSL, 2FA, fraud monitoring, identity verification, and end-to-end encryption.  

How to protect your online banking?  

You can protect your online banking by taking appropriate measures such as using strong passwords, avoiding clicking unnecessary links, and avoiding answering unknown calls and messages. Also, use secure devices and avoid using public Wi-Fi to enhance your online security.

What are the advanced security features?   

Advanced security features include face detection, fingerprint enabler, app lock, multi-factor authentication, device recognition, and biometric authentication.   

What are the common types of banks in the UK?

There are multiple account types in the UK, such as digital, retail, and international banks. Also, you can choose a legal remittance transfer company to make successful money transfers to the Philippines.  

Why is it important to learn about the banking system of the UK?

Understanding the banking system allows you to have insights into the operations of a bank system. It teaches you how banks protect your money and personal information so you can recognize if something doesn't seem right. 

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