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Turning App Notifications On or Off in ACE Mobile App - A Quick Guide

24 Apr 2024

In today's fast-paced world, keeping up with developments and actions is essential, especially when sending money, which is a continual challenge. Despite this, the ACE Mobile App remains a top service for transferring money. Nevertheless, its notifications may not always correspond to individual preferences.

To help customers handle this situation, this comprehensive tutorial is a fast and effective resource. It offers specific instructions on managing app notifications appropriately inside the ACE Mobile App framework. Whether you want to change notification settings to your preference or embrace complete silence, this article will help you throughout the process.   

Understanding the Significance of Application Notifications

App alerts serve as your assistants in the ACE mobile app. These timely notifications appear on your phone's screen even when the app is not active, keeping you updated on different activities and events. The ACE mobile application sends alerts in real-time to keep users updated on various events and activities.

These notifications serve several objectives, contributing considerably to the application's overall efficacy and user convenience. These messages provide a variety of helpful material, including:                                 

Alert for Exchange Rate Fluctuation  

Given the volatility of foreign exchange rates, the ACE Money Transfer App uses notifications to advise users of significant movements. This proactive strategy enables consumers to make better transaction choices, allowing them to maximize the value of their money transfers based on current currency rates.     

Transactional Updates   

ACE Money Transfer App notifications' major and critical role is to offer users real-time information on their transactions. Users get timely alerts when a transfer is initiated, processed, or completed. This ongoing contact keeps customers informed about the status of their transactions, encouraging transparency and trust throughout the process.

Security Alert        

The ACE Money Transfer App emphasizes the critical significance of security in financial operations by sending users notifications of suspicious activity, unauthorized login attempts from unrecognized devices, or other security-related challenges. These notifications provide a timely warning mechanism, enabling users to take appropriate action to safeguard their accounts and prevent unauthorized access.      

Promotions and Discounts     

Application alerts are also used strategically to update users on unique promotional offers, discounts, and incentives via the ACE Money Transfer App. These notifications allow users to take advantage of special incentives and encourage higher involvement with the platform, which contributes to improved customer loyalty.     

Manage App Notifications in the ACE Mobile App

Managing your notification choices in the ACE Mobile App enables you to keep informed without feeling overwhelmed. Accessing the notification settings is simple whether you're using Android or iOS.

Customizing your experience is essential, as it allows you to get alerts about app features that are relevant to your interaction with this money transfer service. Additionally, you may entirely quiet the app notifications by blocking all alerts in your device's settings, providing you complete control over your information flow. The process to manage your app notifications is mentioned below:         

Accessing Notification Settings

The technique for managing app alerts in the ACE Mobile App varies based on your device's operating system. Whether using an Android or iOS smartphone, controlling your notification choices is as simple as a few taps.              

By following these simple procedures, you can personalize your experience and create the ideal information flow, ensuring you keep informed without feeling overwhelmed.

On Android Devices                                         

First, open the ACE Mobile App and then open your dashboard. After doing that, tap on Apps Notifications. When you open the tab, you will find three options, “Daily Rates,” ”Discount Offers,” and “Transaction Updates”. Tap either on ‘On’ or ‘Off’ option as per your need.

On iOS Devices       

First, open the ACE Mobile App and then open your dashboard. After doing that, tap on Apps Notifications. When you open that, you will find three options, “Daily Rates,” ”Discount Offers,” and “Transaction Updates”. Either turn it On or Off as you need.

If you are still having difficulty understanding, then you can watch this YouTube tutorial: Turn On Off App Notifications 

Enabling or Disabling Notifications for Certain Features

You may choose to get alerts for certain features or functions in the ACE Mobile App settings, such as “Daily Rates,” ”Discount Offers,” and “Transaction Updates.” This enables you to tailor your notification experience and get only relevant notifications that meet your needs.         

Enable or Disable All App Notifications

If you want to enable all the notifications on the ACE Mobile App, you can do that by allowing the three alerts. If you're going to quiet the ACE Mobile App and do not want any notifications, you may disable all alerts in your device's settings.  

ACE App Alerts: A Guide to Customisation

Application alerts are critical components of the ACE Money Transfer App, providing users with timely and relevant information, strengthening security measures, and simplifying the tough execution of financial operations. This guide lets you personalize your notification experience inside the ACE Mobile App.

The ability to modify notification settings puts you in complete control, allowing you to tailor the app to your unique and changing requirements. It's worth noting that these choices are easily accessible, allowing you to adjust and alter your preferences as your needs to send money abroad change over time.   


Why should I customize my ACE Mobile App notifications?

You can customize your alerts by getting critical alerts about your account, transactions, and other relevant information. You can turn off all notifications and prevent information overload. You may even customize the alerts you get depending on your preferences.

Can I customize alerts for certain app features?

Yes! The ACE Mobile App's notifications are clearly shown in your notification settings. You have full control over your notification options. Choose the most useful notifications and disable the ones that cause information overload. 

Can I change my notification settings later?

Absolutely! Your notification settings are always available in the app's menu, so you may change them as your requirements change.

How can I contact customer support if I encounter issues with app notifications?

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding app notifications, contact our dedicated customer support team through the ACE Mobile App or by visiting our website for assistance. We're here to help ensure your experience with our app is seamless and tailored to your needs.


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