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Traveling to Ireland - What to Arrange when Moving from the Philippines?

07 Feb 2024

The estimated number of Filipino expats has reached 10 million across the world. These expats serve a major role in earning and sending money back to their home country, contributing significantly to its economy. Traveling from the vibrant islands of the Philippines to the scenic landscapes of Ireland is an exciting adventure that promises new experiences and cultural exploration. Whether you're moving for work, education, or a change of scenery, there are essential arrangements to consider for a smooth transition.  

In this guide, we'll explore the key aspects of relocating to Ireland, ensuring you're well-prepared for the adventure that lies ahead. From navigating the intricacies of a money transfer from Ireland to Philippines to practical tips on settling in seamlessly, let's step on this journey together. 

Essential Guide for Filipinos Relocating to Ireland

Following are some factors that need to be considered before moving from the Philippines to Ireland. 

Legal Documentation and Visas

Before traveling to Ireland, laying the groundwork with the proper legal documentation and visas is crucial to ensuring a smooth transition into your new life.  

Visa Requirements

Check the visa requirements for moving to Ireland from the Philippines. Depending on your purpose of stay – be it work, study, or family reunion – ensure that you have the necessary visas in place. Consult the Irish embassy or consulate for up-to-date information and application procedures.  

Legal Documentation

Prepare and organize all essential legal documents, including passports, visa approvals, academic or professional certificates, and any other paperwork required for your specific situation. Keep both physical and digital copies for easy access.  

Finances and Currency Exchange  

Managing your finances seamlessly during the move is essential. Discover the best ways to send money back to the Philippines from Ireland with ACE Money Transfer and navigate the currency exchange landscape effectively.  

Money Transfer 

When managing your finances during an international move, one of the first considerations is how to send money to Philippines from Ireland. ACE Money Transfer provides a reliable platform for transferring funds from Ireland to the Philippines. Explore the easy-to-use interface and competitive exchange rates to ensure your loved ones receive the financial support they need.

If you want to know more about managing the exchange rates of the Philippines, consider reading our blog.

Currency Exchange

Understanding the currency exchange process is crucial. Look for local banks or currency exchange services in Ireland to get the best rates. Consider setting up a local bank account to simplify transactions and daily expenses.     


Finding the right place to call home is a key factor in your relocation. Let's explore temporary and long-term accommodation options to make your move to Ireland comfortable and stress-free.     

Temporary Accommodation   

Arrange for temporary accommodation for the initial days after your arrival. This could be a hotel, Airbnb, or guesthouse. It provides you with a base while you search for a more permanent living arrangement.  

Long-Term Housing       

Research the local housing market and explore different neighborhoods. Consider factors such as proximity to work or educational institutions, public transportation, and amenities. Contact local real estate agents or use online platforms to find suitable long-term housing.


Whether you're relying on public transportation or considering driving in Ireland, understanding the local transportation system is key to moving around effortlessly in your new environment.  

Public Transportation

Familiarise yourself with Ireland's public transportation system. Understand the routes, schedules, and payment methods. Public transport can be a cost-effective and efficient way to navigate through the country.  It will help your daily commute and manage your finances cost-effectively, especially if you regularly send money abroad to your loved ones. 

Driving in Ireland

If you plan to drive, familiarise yourself with Irish driving regulations. Check if your Philippine driver's license is valid in Ireland or if you need to obtain an international driving permit. Research local road rules to ensure a smooth transition to driving in Ireland.


Prioritize your well-being by enrolling with a local General Practitioner, exploring healthcare options, and securing health insurance coverage that aligns with your needs in Ireland.

Registering with a General Practitioner (GP)

Enroll with a local GP to access healthcare services. Research healthcare plans and understand the coverage they provide. Familiarise yourself with emergency services and the nearest hospital in your area.   

Health Insurance

Explore health insurance options in Ireland. Some employers may offer coverage, or you can choose a private insurance plan. Ensure that your insurance covers pre-existing conditions and meets your healthcare needs.  

Education and Childcare

Ensuring a smooth transition for your children into Irish education is crucial. Discover your new community's school enrollment procedures and childcare options. For added convenience, consider utilizing an online money transfer from Ireland to Philippines, making financial support accessible with ease during this exciting chapter of your life.   

School Enrollment

If you have children, research and enroll them in suitable schools. Understand the Irish education system and the specific requirements for enrollment. Plan school visits to get a feel for the environment and meet with teachers or administrators.    

Childcare Services

For younger children, explore childcare services available in your area. Research local daycare centers and consider the options that align with your work or study schedule.

Cultural Integration

Accept the diversity of Irish culture by actively participating in local events and community activities, fostering connections that will enrich your experience and help you seamlessly integrate into your new surroundings.        

Language and Cultural Understanding

While English is the primary language in Ireland, understanding local expressions and cultural nuances can enhance your experience. Engage with locals, participate in community events, and consider joining cultural exchange programs.

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Community Involvement

Join local clubs, organizations, or community groups to meet people and build a support network. Embracing the local culture can make your transition more enjoyable and enriching. 

Final Thoughts on Your Relocation From the Philippines to Ireland     

In conclusion, arranging a move from the Philippines to Ireland demands planning and organization. You'll lay the foundation for a successful relocation by adeptly addressing crucial aspects. For seamless financial transactions, ACE Money Transfer offers immense support to effortlessly send money online to Philippines from Ireland. As you embark on this new chapter, embrace the opportunities that come with living in the Emerald Isle, and make the most of your Irish adventure. Safe travels!    


What are the common challenges faced when sending money online from Ireland to the Philippines?

Challenges may include fluctuating exchange rates, transaction fees, and choosing a reliable platform. ACE Money Transfer addresses these concerns with competitive rates and user-friendly services.         

Are there cultural integration programs available for newcomers in Ireland?

Yes, many communities offer cultural exchange programs, events, and clubs. Engaging in these activities can enhance your cultural integration experience.

What health insurance options are available for expatriates in Ireland?

Explore private health insurance plans and check if your employer offers coverage. Ensure the insurance meets your specific healthcare needs.

How soon should I start the visa application process before moving to Ireland?

It is advisable to start the visa application process well in advance, typically several months before your planned move. Check the specific requirements for your visa type.

How can I protect my financial transactions when sending money online from Ireland to the Philippines?     

Choose a reputable money transfer service like ACE Money Transfer. Ensure the platform employs secure encryption methods and offers customer support for any concerns.

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