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ACE Money Transfer Leads with Its Fee-Free Offer for Nigerian Expats in Spain and Other Countries

07 Feb 2024

Depending on your financial health, your level of worry fluctuates when it comes to paying fees on your online money transfers. This applies to the Nigerian migrants working in developed countries, including Spain to earn a living to send money online to Nigeria from Spain to offer financial support back home.

Since money transfers are a regular process, the service provider you choose will charge you for that. Because, well, they offer you services!

But this can strain you financially if seen from the perspective of one of the world’s most credible remittance transfer service providers, ACE Money Transfer.

Around 1.5 million Nigerians living abroad can now enjoy unlimited fee-free transfers back home with ACE Money Transfer.

It is not only the fee-free transfers the firm offers but several other benefits that will blow your mind! Let’s unearth the fascinating details after weighing the benefits of working in Spain.

Benefits of Working in Spain for Nigerian Migrants

Apart from offering several benefits to Nigerian migrants working in Spain, the country’s robust economy is the first appeal that attracts migrants to Spain for work. Twin World Bank reports stated separately that the nominal GDP of Spain in 2022 was $1.4 trillion, whereas the GDP per capita income of the country in 2022 was $29,350.2.

This robust economy with an expansive and thriving job market in Spain pulls Nigerians to the country to find employment opportunities to earn a living and send money to Nigeria online from Spain to offer financial aid to their families back home.

The employee benefits you can get in Spain as a Nigerian migrant are discussed briefly below.

Social Security and Pension

Almost all employers in Spain are legally bound to contribute to the mandatory savings plan. Spain offers one of the world’s highest pension rates with several benefits, including disability, retirement, healthcare, unemployment allowance, ailment, paternity and maternity leaves, death benefits, and family allowances.

Spain’s social security is also known as the Sistema De Seguridad Social (INSS).

Vacation Entitlement

Employees in Spain are entitled to 30 calendar days of annual vacations. These are 22 working days. These vacations are paid, and typically, employees in Spain are required to avail of these vacations in the same year in which they are earned.

High Wages

Spain is one of the European countries where you get relatively higher wages. Even the salaries in Spain are fairly higher than most other countries in the region. This comes with great financial comfort coupled with the availability of multiple job opportunities in different sectors.

Low Cost of Living

Another benefit you can get while working in Spain as a Nigerian migrant is that the cost of living in Spain is pretty low and affordable. Renting a house, commuting to food, and so on will not burden you financially while you live in Spain.

Let’s now understand the fee-free money transfers to Nigeria from Spain that ACE Money Transfer has on offer for you.

Fee-free Money Transfers to Nigeria with ACE Money Transfer – A Dream Come True

As mentioned earlier, your migration from Nigeria to developed countries like Spain for work is largely driven by the core purpose of offering financial support to your family in every money transfer from Spain to Nigeria, right? In this, you tend to find ways to transfer cost-effective funds, the basic challenge of which is to pay low fees or get it waived in the first place.

But, as they say, only if wishes were horses!

Yet, taking stock of the financial woes of the Nigerian migrants working in Spain and elsewhere, ACE Money Transfer has waived fees on all money transfers to Nigeria sent from Spain and all other countries Nigerians are working in.

This is great financial comfort you can enjoy, coupled with several other fascinating benefits that are explained next. This will help you save more and add the money saved to your family-bound financial aid.

Learn here the tips to save money on your international money transfers as a migrant.

Do you think that ACE Money Transfer is taking the lead only by offering fee-free money transfers? Well, the firm’s lead is anchored in the following, along with fee-free transfers.

Take a look below for full appreciation.

Live and Market-Competitive Currency Exchange Rates

ACE Money Transfer offers you live and market-competitive currency exchange rates that the firm has linked to the international market, where these keep fluctuating. This allows you to either initiate a transaction right away if the rates are high or wait till they spike.

Multiple Payment Options to Choose From

The firm offers you several payment options to choose from. This is to cater to the different financial needs of different customers. For example, if you want to send funds using a credit card you can or a debit card, you still can. Even if you do not find an option, you can request the firm to add one that subscribes to your needs.

Addition of Different Countries

Realizing that you might, at times, need to transfer funds elsewhere instead of your native country, Nigeria, the firm allows you to place a request to add a country that you do not already find on the firm’s panel.

Speed, Safety, and Efficiency

Your transactions through ACE Money Transfer are swift, secure, and efficient. The firm’s multi-layered security makes transaction penetration- and breach-proof. In addition, the funds are delivered swiftly, in a few hours, for which you do not have to pay extra.

Several service providers charge extra for offering extra speed or safety of the transactions. But with ACE Money Transfer, you do not have to pay extra for this.

Simpler and Quicker

The firm makes it easy and convenient for you to initiate, track, and complete a transaction with a few taps on your smartphone screen. This is less time-consuming and user-friendly due to fewer steps involved in the entire process.

Eyesight-Friendly Dark Mode

Knowing that most people nowadays find it comfortable to spend time on screens, the firm has integrated a dark mode into its app that does not burden your eyesight. So, now you can enjoy a quick money transfer process, and that too in a dark mode that is less harmful to your eyes.

Tutorials and Success Stories

You can now find tutorials on the firm’s app that will guide you amply in navigating your money transfer steps. These are designed in a user-friendly manner. In addition, the firm also shares with you the success stories of others to motivate you and keep you motivated.

All of these features make your online money transfers to Nigeria from Spain with ACE Money Transfer a pleasant and fascinating experience.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

All you have to do to enjoy all the benefits explained above, along with fee-free transfers from just one stop, is simply to send money to Nigeria from Spain with ACE Money Transfer.

Because the firm’s waived fees and live and market-competitive currency exchange rates help you save more the quantum of your family-centric financial aid swells!

Can you ask for more?


Why should I travel to Spain for work?

You should travel to Spain for work because the country has a robust economy with a thriving and expansive job market. You can also find multiple employment opportunities in different fields and also get relatively higher wages coupled with a low cost of living.

Why do Nigerians work abroad?

Over 1.5 million Nigerians live and work in countries other than their own because of Nigeria's flailing economy, which makes it difficult for the government to provide for the people. It perpetuates the cycle of unemployment and poverty.

What does ACE Money Transfer offer? Do they offer fee-free money transfers?

ACE Money Transfer offers fee-free money transfers to Nigerian migrants from Spain and other countries to Nigeria to help them save money as Nigerian expatriates in the first place to earn and offer financial aid back home to their families.

How does a waived fee benefit me?

You can get several benefits by a waived fee on your online money transfers, the least of which is that the money you save by not paying fees can be added to the amount you send back to your family back home in your native country or add it to your savings and emergency fund.

What other benefits does ACE Money Transfer offer me?

ACE Money Transfer not only offers fee-free transfers, but it also offers you live and market-competitive currency exchange rates, speed and safety, a simple and quick process, several payment options to choose from, the addition of countries, dark mode, tutorials, success stories, and so on.


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